Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


24. Matt "M Shadows" Sanders

~Brian and Miranda, who were just celebrating their engagement, were liplocking before their concert, and Matt held me tightly and kissed me on the lips sweetly.
Val sighed, she and Matt had just broke up a couple of months ago, and I could tell she was a little rough around the edges.
I smiled and pecked Matt on the lips, “ I love you.” He smiled and ran on stage, and I listened to the ridiculous amounts of screaming that echoed through the auditorium.
Miranda motioned me over, and whispered to me, “What did the test say?”
I sighed, and brushed my hair out of my face. “Positive.”
She grinned and said “How are you going to tell him?” I cocked my head to the side. “…..I have no idea.”

4 hours later, we were on the tour bus, headed for New Jersey. Matt rubbed my shoulders gently, and Miranda sat on Brian’s lap. Jimmy and Leanne were making out, and Val and Michelle sat there awkwardly on either side of Johnny.
Miranda widened her eyes and cleared her throat a little, and I knew what she wanted me to do.
“Everyone, I have an announcement.”
Everyone turned their attention to me, except Miranda, who sat bouncing excitedly on Brian’s lap.
I turned to Matt, who was looking at me with wide eyes. “I’m Pregnant.”
Jimmy squealed and ran around the tour bus screaming “FUCK YA!”
Val buried her face into Michelle’s shoulder and Miranda and Matt did a happy dance. Matt scooped me up and held me up tightly. “I love you, Katie Michaels.” “I love you too, Matt Sanders.”

------------------- 9 months later------------
I stumbled around the bus, ready to head out to a signing, when I felt a horrible ripping pain in my abdomen.
“OWW!” I dropped my bag ,and Matt came running.
“Darling? Is it time?” I groaned and yelled “YES!” so we drove as fast as we could to the nearest hospital.

----------6 hours later------------
I smiled at my baby girl, Rose, as she looked at her father with a confused look on her face. Matt smiled happily and gently kissed her on the forehead. Val had come into the room, jealousy written all over her face, but her expression softened when she saw Matt cooing over the baby.
“Congratulations.” She said stiffly, and shuffled awkwardly behind Miranda and Brian. Brian smiled and handed Matt a mini-deathbat shirt. Matt smiled and gently pulled it over Rose’s head.
“Crazy fan girl!”

-------------- 5 years later----------
I stood backstage with my baby girl, Rose, balanced on my hip.
She had her little headphones on and was bobbing her head to the beat.
Matt was talking about how he girls like to throw their underwear at his head and I got a brilliant idea.
I ran to my suitcase, and pulled out my black thong. Then I sent Rose on stage to go give it to her father.
She waddled onstage, holding the underwear and in one hand and Matt’s expression went from horror to humour.
“Thank you love, go tell your mommy I love her.”
Rose screamed “Daddy loves you!” to me and I made a kissy face at her.
She hugged her dad around the legs tightly.
When she came back, I whispered something in her ear, and she ran back out to her dad and yelled to his face, “MOMMY’S PREGNANT!”
Matt screamed with joy and jumped up and down, grabbing Rose and did a little happy dance with her.
Val smiled at me and nodded slightly. Finally, my life was complete.


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