Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


34. Frank Iero

"Umm is this club Tention?", you asked softly as you touch a huge guy in front of you. "Yeah can't you read the sign in front of you?", he asked rudely as he walked on with the moving line. You rolled your eyes in annoyance with his anwser and just moved on in the line. Soon you found yourself at the entrance of the club. "Excuse ma'am can I see your i.d.", the bouncer asked as he held his hand out towards you wanting for you to handhim the i.d. You searched you pocketbook and soon came across it. You smiled as you handed him your i.d., and walked into the club. You guided yourself around the club untill you found the dance floor. You searched around the club to see if your date was here. Sadly there was no sign of him. Suddenly a pair of hands cover your eyes. "Guess who?", the asked as they lead you somewhere. "Andy.", you asked more then said. "Who's Andy? And no guess again.", the person said as you was seated in the chair. "Frankie?", you asked with a sigh. "Yeah, how did you guess?", he said as he removed his hands from your eyes. "I guessed and I was right.", you said coolly. "So what are you doing at the club Ash?', Frank asked as he took a sit next to you. "I was surpose to be going on a date but I think that I got stood up.", you said as you eyes searched the crowded room. "Well whoever stood you up was a jack ass. I mean look at you, you don't look like what you did in high school you look way better Ash.", Frank said as his eyes wondered your body. You was speechless as yuor best friend look at your perfectly shape body."Mmmm thanks Frankie.", you said as a blush went across your tanned skin. "Soo, would you mind if I became your date tonight?", Frank asked as he walked over to you and held a hand out. "I will love for you to be my date tonight.", you said as you put your hand in his.

Its been two months since you and Frank been on the date and you have decided that you liked him more then a friend. Frank surprisely asked you to come to a party that his band will hold while they are in town. You walked down the walkway to the front door and rung the door bell. The door was open right way and you was lead in. "You must be Ashley? I heard alot about you Frank can't stop talking about you. I see why now.", A man with a curl afro said was a smirk came across his face. You blush as you heard him say that Frank couldn't stop talking about and smiled. "Soo where is Frank?", you asked as you walked behind the man. "Oh, I think that's he outside, you can go out through that door over there.", he said pointing to the door. You walked over to the door and open it and went outside. You guided yourself carefully because you couldn't see nothing in the dark. Suddenly you bumped into something. "Ohhh", you said as you back away."It's okay your fine.", a soft voice said to you. "Frank?", you asked confused. "Hmmm", you heard someone say as you moved closer. "Wait, who are you?", you asked the girl. "I'm Sophie and you?", she asked. "I'm Ashley. Frank's best friend.", you said as you walked over to stand next to him. "Ohh", she said. "Can I talk to him alone for a minute or two?", you asked. "Sure.", she said as she walked back in the house. "Soo what's up Ash/", Frank said cool. "Who was that?", you asked getting angry. "A girl I met at a concert.", He said still in the cool voice. "Well do you like her?", you asked getting more angry. "Yes.", Frank said as he went to take seat on the steps. "Ohhh.", you said as you sat down next to him. "Are you okay Ash?", Frank said looking at you. "No, I'm your best friend and you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend", you said as you felt tears forming in your eyes. "She's not my girlfriend and you care anyways?", He asked still looking at you. "I love you Frankie>", you said no higher then a whisper. "What?", Frank asked as he moved over to hear you move easier. "I said I love you.", you said as you started to get up. "Well, I love you to Ashley.", Frank said as he pulled you back down. "Really?", you asked stunned. "I just didn't say nothing because I thought you didn't feel the same way.", Frank said as he pulled you on his lap. "Well I do.", you said as you kissed him softly on his lips. Well lets say that things got steamy on the back porch that night.

"Oh no.", you said sadly as you sat on your bed. You looked again at the pregnency test and fell on your back. "I can't believe this.", you said as you cover your eyes with your hand. Knock Knock Knock "Who is it?", you asked sitting up on your bed. "Frank.", he said said as he enter your room. "So what do you want Frankie?", you asked him as you sat indian style on your bed. "To see you.", he said sitting next to you on the bed. "You see me all the time.", you said looking at him. "Well I was thinking about see you with less clothes on.", He said as a smirk appeared on his face. You blush and turn your head away from him. "Hey Ash what's this", Frank asked as he picked something up off of the bed. "That's my.....", you frozen as you saw what he had picked up. "Are you pregnant Ashley?", He asked concerned. "Yes.", you said as you felt yourself about to cry. "When were you going to tell me?", he asked even more concerned. "Today.", you said in a whispher. "Hmmm." He said as he hugged you. "Well i'm glad you pregnat Ash..." "Me too.", you said smiling. You and Frank was at the supermarket when your water broke. But he rushed you to the hosptial. You sent 10 hours in labor and gave birth to twins and you named them Olivia Trace Iero and Tessa Morgen Iero

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