Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


27. Don Flack 2

~When I had transferred to NYPD, I never expected to fall in love. Like, at all. Especially with Don. I mean, he was practically soooo out of my league.
Right after I transferred, Miranda transferred too. She and I grew close, but I never expected that I would fall in love, get pregnant, and have a new best friend, and get married, all in less than a year. I know stuff had gone quickly between me and Don, but with him you never know if he would be there the next morning. Our line of work was dangerous, and I didn’t want to miss a minute with the love of my life.
When I found out that I was pregnant, I ran straight to the office to tell him. I swung open the door, but Don was running out, with his gun holstered. “Caitlin?! What are you doing here?”
“ I have some news.”
“Baby, I don’t have time. We’ve got a runner. Can it wait til after I get home?”
“Yeah, I guess. Bye honey, I love you.”
He kissed me softly, but quickly. “I miss you already. I love you too.”

Four hours later, I woke up to pounding on my door.
“Mrs Flack?”
“My name is Special Agent Bronx, I’m with the NYPD, I’m afraid your husband’s been shot in the chest. He’s in critical condition right now at the hospital. I need you to come with me.”
My heart jumped out of my chest, and my throat ached. My baby? “Oh my god, is he going to be alright?”
“We’re not sure yet, ma’am.”

6 hours later, I sat in an emergency room, and waited for Don to be wheeled out of surgery. Finally, after what seemed like forever, a surgeon came out, covered In blood. He removed his gloves and smiled grimly at me. “Your husband’ll be fine, Mrs Flack. We managed to remove the bullet, but he’ll need months of physio-therapy to repair the damaged tissue in his chest.”
My heart began to beat in my chest again. Don was alive!
I ran into his room, and he had an I.V drip and an oxygen mask. I sat beside him, and held his hand until he blubbered awake an hour later.
“Caitlin?” He murmered, and I nodded, the tears flowing freely down my cheeks. “Oh, yeah baby. It’s me.” He smiled, his blue eyes sparkling. He cleared his throat, and I handed him some water.
“What did you want to tell me, Cait?” I smiled. “I’m pregnant, Don.”
He spat his water out, and began to cry. “Oh honey! I’m so happy! Don’t you ever let me tell you to wait like that again!” He reached forward to hug me, but his face contorted with pain.
Nurses came swooping in. “Mr Flack, Mr flack you can’t move your arms, You’re going to need Physio before you do that, sir.”
“As long as I can hold my baby in 9 months I’ll be a happy man.”

-----9 months later------
Sure enough, after driving Don to Physio ever single day, 9 months later he could move his arms perfectly, the only thing he couldn’t do was lift weights. We were driving back from Physio when I felt something rip in my abdomen. I pulled over, and began to scream.
Don started freaking out, and called 911. 4 minutes later, an ambulance screamed outside, and a paramedic yanked me out of the car.
‘Don…” I whispered, before I passed out from the pain.

My stomach felt empty. What’s going on? Where am I? What happened? WHERE’S MY BABY?!
My eyes flew open, and I awoke to a smiling husband with a little pink bundle. “Hey, darling.”
I smiled. “Hey, superman. How is she?”
He leaned forwards, and my little baby was all pink, with a ton of brown hair on her head. “Oh my god. She’s gorgeous.”
Don smiled. “yeah, she’s gorgeous isn’t she?”
“Yes. Can I name her?”
Don’s face grew serious. “Oh yeah, about that…I already named her Iqbal.”
Don shook with laughter. “My god, Caitlin. You can never take a joke. I was kidding, I’m waiting for you to name her.”
“Nickole Jocelynn Flack.” I smiled.
Don smiled and handed her over. After I fed her, and we leaned over her little crib, he put his hand on my waist and whispered “Are you sure we can’t name her Iqbal?”


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