Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


15. Derek Morgan 1

~How you Meet:
“Did you get into his computer, Garcia,” asked Hotch as the team stood behind her watching her work on her computers as she turn to them shaking her head. “I got nothing,” Garcia said frowning as Morgan hit the wall, “I don’t know how’s its possible, but I think I have a friend who can do the job.” “What,” Elle said looking at Garcia as Garcia gave a small smile. “I have a friend who can get into anything, but she’s not really into working with the FBI,” Garcia said as J.J. turn to look at Hotch. “If she can help then we should try,” Gideon said to Hotch as he nodded leaving Garcia to make her phone call to her friend. Thirty minutes later, Penelope left the conference room as the team stood up watching her hug a woman with dark brown hair that touched her shoulders, thin waist, and five eight in height. Wearing a pair of tight dark blue boot cut jeans and a red cami with high heels as she shifted a dark blue book bag farther on her shoulder. Walking beside Garcia to the conference room as Garcia told her what the problem was, “So do you think you can crack it,” Garcia asked as they entered the conference room. The woman shrugged her shoulders as she glanced at the team before going to the table pulling out two laptops and some cords, “Guys, this is my friend Faith,” Garcia said as Faith had started up the laptops as Garcia sat in a chair beside her to watch. “Thank you for coming in,” Hotch said as she continued type as her fingers flow across the laptops and computer keyboards. “Your in,” Faith said as she started to unhook the cords from the computer to her laptops. “Fifteen minutes,” Garcia said smiling at Faith as she looked at the team who all looked shocked. “Impressive,” Morgan said as she zipped up her bag getting up to leave as she wrote something on a note pad handing it to Garcia. “I got to get back to work. I’ll see you later, Penelope,” Faith said leaving the team to finish their case as she went to the bar she worked at.
How it Happen:
Faith walked out of the FBI building feeling kind of good after helping Garcia again with another case. Of course, she’s been doing that for the last three years. Faith walked into the Honey Comb Bar where she’s been working ever since she was twenty-one. Four years and she still got the best tips then any of the other worker cause she was good at what she does. Faith walked up to a booth that one guy was sitting at by himself probably waiting for his friends to join him, “What can I get for you, hon,” Faith asked looking at the stranger surprise to see Morgan smiling at her. “A glass of water would be nice,” Morgan said still smiling as Faith sighed leaving to go get his water. “What are you doing here,” Faith asked sitting his glass of ice water on the table. “Keeping an eye on you,” Morgan said as Faith looked at him as if he’d lost his mind, “Brandon.” As soon as he said the name Faith understood that he was keeping an eye on her because of her ex-boyfriend breaking a restraining order that Faith had filed after he broke into her home twice. “I get off in forty-five minutes,” Faith said as Morgan nodded sitting back enjoying his drink. When Faith was done with her shift she grabbed her jacket pulling it on as she notice out of the corner of her eye Morgan getting up. Morgan drove her home checking the house to make sure nobody broke in. “It seems safe,” Morgan said as Faith stood in the doorway of her bedroom watching him check the locks on the window. “I don’t know how to thank you,” Faith said as they stood there looking at each other in the eye. Morgan bent down kissing her as she grabbed a hold of his shirt pulling him over to her bed. She pulled him down with her as he deepen the kiss making her moan with pleasure. Morgan ran his fingers throu her hair looking in her eyes as they broke the kiss, “I think that was thanks enough,” Morgan said before Faith lift up on her elbows to kiss him again. “I think you should spend the night,” Faith said nipping his ear as he groan.
How she found Out/How she told Him:
Faith had mostly been working at the bar and a few odd and end jobs for the pass three months. Not feeling well she had gone into the hospital and they had told her she was pregnant. This was a shocker since the only person she’s been with was Morgan and that was three months ago. Faith didn’t know how to tell him as she sat there on her couch eating some vanilla ice cream with Penelope talking of ways to tell him. “Just tell him,” Garcia said smiling at her friend happy for her. “God, Penelope, we had sex once and I’m just suppose to walk up to him an tell him I’m pregnant,” Faith said sarcastically as she stood up to get another pop. “That is actually what your suppose to do,” Penelope said following her friend into the kitchen. Then the door bell rang as Penelope went to answer the door Faith was dishing out another bowl of ice cream to dwell her emotions in. “Anyways Penelope, what is Morgan going to do when he finds out I’m pregnant. Propose,” I yelled before turning around to see Morgan standing in the door way. The smile I had at that comment fell as I bit my lip as Morgan and I stared at each other for five minutes. I ran to the bathroom with morning sickness hating the fact he found out that way and that I would be on my own to raise this child. Then I felt somebody lift me up from the floor sitting me on the counter. I knew damn well Penelope couldn’t pick me up and that only left Morgan. I looked up to see Morgan grabbing a washcloth out of the basket I kept them in. I took the washcloth from him wiping my face as he prepared my toothbrush.
8 Months:
I didn’t look that big which always surprise people when they found out I was eight months pregnant. And of course the whole team was very paranoid when it came to me and the unborn child I carried. They were so worried about me that they had security cameras put into Morgan and my house for Penelope to keep an eye on her since I was to freakin’ stubborn to stay in bed when the doctor had me on bed rest. I walked down the hall to Penelope’s office glancing up and down the hall to make sure I didn’t bump into any of the team members. I open the door to find it empty so I sat down in the spare chair going to the computer started to check my emails as I heard a laugh the door open as J.J. and Emily stood there with their mouths hanging open. “Shut the door,” I hissed at them rubbing my lower stomach. “What are you doing here,” J.J. asked shutting the door. “If Morgan found out he’s going to freak,” Emily said looking between J.J. and me. “And Hotch,” I said as smiled. “Rossi,” J.J. said sitting down with a cup of coffee in her hands. “Reid,” Emily said leaning against the back of my seat. “Garcia,” they heard from the door way as Garcia said standing there with the four guys. I sighed turning back to the computer, “So much for staying hidden,” I mumbled to myself. “Your suppose to be in bed,” Rossi said as they all led me out of tech office. “I know, but I couldn’t stay in bed for another second or the house for another hour. I thought a walk would be best,” I said sitting down in Morgan’s chair in the main room. “That’s an hour walk,” Emily stated as she looked at me like I was crazy. “Well, your going straight home,” Morgan said gathering his keys as I rolled my eyes at him. “Then I guess you want to deliver the baby at home. Its kind of dangerous,” I said moving in the chair to take pressure off my lower back as the whole team flipped.
I was laying there in pain as Penelope and Morgan tried to get me to push. “Faith, sweetie, you need to push,” Penelope said glancing at Morgan who smiled down at his girlfriend. Morgan squeeze my hand before kissing my hand as I looked at him, “You can do this, Faith, I know you can,” Morgan said as I sat up pushing with all my might even though I felt weak. Then there was a cry that belonged to my baby. Derek and my baby. Then I started to cry as I watched the doctor hand our baby to Derek as I held on to Penelope’s hand. Penelope kissed my cheek, “You did good, Faith,” she said looking over at her god-daughter as I laid back down. I was sitting up in bed holding my baby daughter as we had some alone time since Morgan was getting the team and Penelope was getting me some proper clothes and food. There was a knock on the door as the door open and Penelope popped her head in. Stepping in she held up a duffel bag and a Milky Way bar, “There is a god and he does love me,” I said kissing her cheek as she sat them on the bed. She took the baby as I grabbed the duffel bag going to the bathroom to change. I sat back down taking her back as the door open and my family entered. “Faith,” Emily and J.J. shouted hurrying over to me looking down at the little angel. “What’d you name her,” Jack asked as he stood near his Dad. Morgan lift him up putting on the bed as he looked at the baby. “Hope Amelia,” I said handing her to J.J. as I open the candy bar to take a bite.

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