Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


37. David Draiman

~Jessica Was At David's House.She Was Going Over Some T-Shirt Designs She Had Drew Up For The Band.She Was Their Designer And Was In Charge Of All Merch Sold And Distributed.Jessica Sat On David's Lap As She Showed Him The 5 Designs She Drew Up For Shirts,Disturbed Was Heading Out For A Tour And They Wanted To Have New Merch For The Fans.You're Probably Wondering Why Jessica Is Sitting On David's Lap.Well They're Pretty Much Friends With Benefits.But They Kept That To Themselves.
"Those Are Really Nice"David Says With His Chin On Jessica's Shoulder.His Breath Began Tickling Jessica's Neck And She Cringes Away A Little As She Turns To The Next Design Which Was For A Braclet."This Is A-Ahh"
David Moved Her Black Green-Streaked Hair To The Side And Was Now Kissing Down Her Neck With Soft Little Pecks.Jessica Curls Her Hand Into A Fist As She Tries To Speak Through The Pleasure David Was Purposely Causing Her.It Just Wasnt Fair.
"D-David,You Wanted To Look At The Designs"Jessica Says Moving Away But David's Lips Only Follow Her Retreat.
"I Did,Now I Have Something Else On My Mind"David Chuckles As He Hooks His Thumbs Into The Belt Loops Of Jessica's Black Pants.Jessica Gets Off Of David's Lap And Closes Her Design Book Then Puts It Back In Her Bag.
"Come On Baby,Lets Venture Upstairs"David Says Before Pulling Jessica Into A Heated Kiss.
Jessica Wraps Her Arms Around David's Neck As He Pulls Her Against Him Tightly.David Keeps Her Against Him With His Hands On Her Lower Back.Jessica Always Did Like Being Friends With Benefits With David But She Didnt Want To Be That Forever.
"I Dont Wanna Be This Forever"Jessica Says As She Pulls Away From David’s Hungry Lips.
"Dont Wanna Be What"
"Just Friends With Benefits,If Thats’s All We’re Gonna Be Then We Should Stop While We’re Ahead"
"I’m Happy You Said That,I Dont Wanna Be Friends With Benefits Forever Either,So Will You Be Mine"David Asks Looking In Jessica’s Brown Eyes Intently.Jessica Nods And David Kisses Her Once Again As They Head Upstairs To His Room.
*4 Months Later*
Jessica Was Sitting With Her Hands On Her Stomach,Feeling Her Little Ones Kick.She Was Pregnant With David’s Kids.Yes Plural,She Was Having Twins And Couldnt Be Happier.When Her Brothers Sniper,Wolf,Jensin,And Spike Found Out They Were Not Happy At All.
So Sniper Came Up With The Idea That All The Brothers Go To My House And That David Comes Over To So They Could See If David Was Good Enough To Be With Jessica And Raise The Children.Jessica Just Smiled At Her Extended Stomach.
When Jessica Told David That She Was Pregnant He Was Surprised But Assured Her That He Would Help Raise The Baby And Be In It’s Life.Then She Told Him That She Was Having Twins And He Repeated Everything Just With Them.
"Shouldnt He Be Here By Now"Sniper Complained Walking Into The Living Room With A Water In His Hands.
"You Said 4:30,It’s Only 4:00 So Calm Your Ass Down"Jessica Says Rolling Her Eyes.Sniper Kept Looking For Little Things To Hold Against David.
Spike Sits Next To Jessica And Places His Hand On Her Stomach,Smiling When He Feels The Babies Kick At His Hand.Spike Was The Only One That Was Going Crazy That I Was Pregnant.He Was Excited To Be An Uncle If Anything.
"Do You Know What They Are Yet"Spike Asks Looking Up At Jessica Smiling.
"Yeah It’s A Girl And A Boy.I’m Gonna Tell David Today.Hera Is Right Her"Jessica Says Running Her Finger Down One Side Of Her Stomach To Her Belly Button."And Aries Is Over Here" Jessica Adds Doing The Same Thing But On The Other Side.David And Jessica Had Talked Over Names On The Phone The Other Night
"That’s So Cool,I Cant Wait To Meet Them Both" Spike Says As Sniper Opens The Door And Jessica Looks To See David Standing In The Doorway.
"So You’re David"Sniper Growls Looking At David With Angry Eyes.Jesica Huffs As She Stands Up,Walking Over To The Door And Pushing Sniper Out The Way.She Softly Apologizes To David For Sniper And Leads Him Inside To Meet Her Other Brothers.
The Night Went Okay,All Of Her Brothers Approved Of Him Except For Sniper Who By The end Of Night Was Still A Little Skeptical.But Jessica Didnt Care,David Was Already Setting Up A Nursery In His House For The Babies.Once The Babies Were Born,Jessica Was Gonna Let Her House Go And Move In With David.
*After Delievery*
Jessica Was Tired Out But She Wanted To See Her Babies Before She Even Thought About Trying To Rest.The Nurses Clean Off Both Babies And Bundle Them Up In Blankets.Two Nurses Walk Over Handing Aries To David And Hera To Jessica.
Jessica Looked Down At Her Newborn Babygirl And Smiled As Happy Tears Brimmed Her Eyes.Jessica Gently Touches Hera’s Hand And Hera Latches Her Hand Onto Jessica’s Finger,Keeping A Good Grip.Jessica Looks Up At David Who Was Softly Whispering To David With A Smile On His Face.
"They’re Both Perfect"David Says Looking At Hera In Jessica’s Arms.
"Yeah,I Think We Did Okay For Friends With Benefits"Jessica Says Smiling Up At David.He Leans Down And Presses A Sweet Kiss To Jessica’s Lips.
"We’re Not Friends With Benefits Anymore Remember"
"Oh Yeah"

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