Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


35. Christian "CC" Coma

~You're Not Gonna Be Anything....
My Grandpa's Words Ran Through My Head.I Had Lived With My Grandparents For Awhile Thinking That They Were Gonna Be My Haven.I Was Wrong,They Would Mentally Abuse Me.I'm Positive They Called Me Every Name In The Boook And I Stayed There And Took It Until I Finally Turned 18 Then I Left To Apply For College.
My Grandparents Yelled How I Would Never Amount To Anything And That I Was Wasting The Government's Money By Getting Student Loans.All Their Hateful Words Just Made Me Work Harder In College.I Would Study Everyday,Learning Material Before We Went Over It In Class.I Was Determined To Get My Nursing Degree So I Could Prove That I Was Something To My Grandparents.
But When I Finally Graduated From Nursing School I Found Out That My Grandparents Had Passed Away.But I Still Knew That I Proved Them Wrong So All My Work Was So Worth It.I Got A Job At St.Joe's Hospital As A Nurse.The Pay Was GReat And I Was Able To Pay Off All My Student Loans And Able To Get Myself A Nice Apartment In A Goood Neighborhood.
It Was A Normal Saturday Night,I Was In The Nurses Lounge With A Few Of My Friends When My Name Is Called Over The Speakers To Report To A Room.I Sigh,Setting Down My Stirofoam Cup Of Coffee And Walking To The Room I Was Requested At.I Walk In To See A Slender Guy Dressed In All Black With Paint All Over Him.He Was Groaning In Pain And Holding His Torso.
"Hello I'm Nurse Layla,What's Hurting You"I say Aw I Walk Over,Gently Taking His Hands Away,Moving His Vest To See Bruising All Over His Rib Area.Broken Ribs.
"My Ribs,I Fell And They Just Hurt Alot"The Man Says Through Clenched Teeth.
"Doctor Simmons Will be In Shortly,But I'm Gonna Give You Something For Those Ribs"I Say,I Set Up An IV And Put Some Pain Killer In.It Would Help Alot,I Had Broken Ribs Before And I Knew How Bad They Hurt.I Walk Out To See 4 More Guys Dressed In All Black But Their Make Up Was Different.
"He Seems To Have Multiple Broken Ribs.The Doctor Is Gonna Check Then He'll Tell You The Damaga For Sure"I Say Before Walking To Make Sure Dr.Simmons Was Coming.I Find Him And He Has Me Take Him To The Room.
Dr.Simmons Walks In And I Akwardly Stand Outside With The Patient's Friends I Was Assuming.Wait,Now That I Looked At Their Make Up And Attire Closer I Knew Who They Were.I Had Seen Them On Youtube A Few Times But Whenever I Went To Click On One Of Their Videos I Had To Go Somewhere.
"Are You That Band Black Veil Brides"I Ask Looking At A Guy With A Bandana On His Head And Make Up Leading Off Of His Eyes.
"Yeah,I'm C.C Or Christian Coma,Thats Ashley Purdy,Jinxx, Jake,And The One That's Hurt Is Andy"He Says Pointing At The Different Members.
"Oh Well,It's Nice To Meet You.I'm Gonna Go See How You're Friend's Doing"I Say As I Walk In The Room.
Over The Time That Andy Was In The Hospital Which Was About A Week Because The Doctor Absolutely Insisted That He Stay So They Could Monitor Him.He Had A Rib That Was Close To Puncturing His Lung.His Friends Came To Visit Him Everyday Which Meant That Me And Christian Got To Talk More And More Sicne I Was Andy's Assigned Nurse.
Christian Was Super Nice And I Could Have The Randomest Yet Fun Conversation With Him.We Talked About How We Wanted At Least Two Kids.He Said That He Wanted A Boy First,So Did I.Once Andy Was Released From The Hospital,They Went Back To Teh Same Venue To Give A Better Concert.
"You Should Come"Christian Says As He Plays With My Hand With His.I Blush,He Was So Cute And Without His Make Up His Eyes Were A Pretty Shade Of Brown.
"Sure I Get Off At 6 Today,I'll Go Change Out Of My Ugly Scrubs And Come"I Smile And Hi Eyes Light Up.
"See You There"Christian Says Handing Me A Ticket And A Lanyard With A Laminated Card On The End.I Look To See It Was A Backstage Pass,He Obviously Wanted Me To hang Out for More Than The Show.
The Band Leaves And I Clean Up The Room To Be Ready For Another Patient.Nursing Actually Was A Good Job You Never Knew Who You Would Meet.
I Looked In The Mirror At My 5 Month Pregnant Stomach.Christian and I Had A Little Too Much Fun And Now I Was Pregnant With His Kid.The Only Thing Was That He Was Off On Tour With The Band.I Had Been Putting Off Calling Him Because I Was Scared Of What He Would Say.If He Would Try To Deny The Baby Or Say That The Only Thing He Was Gonna Do Is Pay Support For It.
But I Had To Tell Him,I Had To Know If I Should Get A Name To Go With Coma Or Brimmingham.I Swiped My Phone From My Dresser And Went To Christian's Number Hitting Talk,Putting It To My Ear.Each Ring Seemed Like A Lifetime But Finally He Picked Up And I Heard Andy Yelling About Something Crazy.
"Hey Layla What's Up"Christian Says Laughing ATt Andy But Then I Hear Him Get Up So It Was SIlent.
"Christian I Have To Tell You Something"I Say Biting On My Fingernail.
"What's Wrong,Did I Do Something"
Christian And I Had Been Dating,Even Though He Was On Tour We Would Video Chat Or Talk On The Phone For A Few Hours.He Always Thought That He Did Something Wrong When I'd Call Not At Our Usual Talk Time Which Was Usually About 10 Until 1 In The Morning.
"No You Didnt Do Anything,But Uhm....I.....I'm Pregnant And It's Yours"I Say Then Being Quiet To Hear His Reaction.He Stays Quiet And I Let A Tear Fall.
"So I'm Gonna Be A Dad"Christian Says Excitedly.
"Yeah,It's A Boy"I Say,I Had Found Out Teh Sex Of The Baby At My Last Appointment.
"Oh My Gosh Layla,I Cant Wait To Finish These Last Few Shows Then I'm Gonna Come See You And Our Little Boy"
"I Thought His Name Could Be Zeke"
"Thats Perfect,Zeke Issac Coma.We Can Call Him Z.C For Short"
"Yeah We Can"
"You Dont Know How Excited I Am To Have A Little One That I Can Say Is My Child"
"I'm Excited Too,I'll See You When You Get Back"
"See You Then"
We Were Gonna Have Our Little One

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