Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


36. Bruce Banner "The Hulk"

~Atreyus Was Sitting On Bruce's Desk In His Study.She Hung Out With Him Because She Hated Her Powers,She Could See Glimpses In The Future.Bruce Hated His Power Too So They Got Along Swimmingly.Usually Around Him The Glimpses Wouldnt Be Too Frequent.Atreyus Swung Her Legs,Tapping Bruce's Leg With The Tip Of Her Foot Everytime.Bruce Was Reading A Book,With The Chair Turned Sideways.
She Loved Messing With Bruce.She'd Find Just Little Things To Do To Get His Attention.Bruce Puts Down His Book Down But Atreyus Keeps Tapping His Leg With Her Foot.Bruce Grabs Atreyus' Foot And She Looks Up At Him Shyly.Bruce Smiles At Her And Realeases Her Foot.
"You Have My Attention Atreyus"Bruce Says Folding His Arms And Looking At Her Amused.Atreyus Covers Her Face With Her Hands,Her Face Becoming Hot.Bruce Chuckles And Gently Grabs Her Wrists,Pulling Her Hands Away from Her Face.
"Stop Staring At Me"Atreyus Blushes And Moves A Little Bit Back On Bruce's Desk But Bruce Stands And Stands In Front Of Her.Bruce Lifts Her Head And She Looks Into His Eyes Then Her Eyes Travel Down To His Lips.
"I'm Not Staring At You Sweetheart"Bruce Says As He Leans In And Presses His Lips To Atreyus'.There Was Always Something Between Bruce And Atreyus'.The Kiss Becomes More Heated And Bruce Picks Up Atreyus' Walking Out If His Study To His Room.
Need I Say More?
Atreyus Was At St.Kellan's Hospital,She Was In Labor,In Enormous Pain.The Fling With Bruce Had Resulted In Her Getting Pregnant With His Child.But Bruce Had No Idea,He Went To Taiwan Without Saying Goodbye And She Had No Way To Contact Him.She Was On Her Own With The Baby.
After Excrutiating Contractions And Delivery,Atreyus' Babyboy Was Here.She Decided To Name Him
Dawson Trent Banner.She Was Gonna Give Him Bruce's Last Name Even Though He Wasn't Here.The Nurse Cleans Off Dawson Then Hands Him To Atreyus'.
"H-Hi Dawson,I'm You're Mommy"Atreyus Says Smiling At The Tiny Baby In Her Arms.He Was So Beautiful And Adorable.Dawson Opens His Eyes A Little Then Snuggles Into Atreyus.
Dawson Was 1 Year Old Now,He Looked Just Like Bruce.Atreyus Would Always Try To Maybe Get A Hold Of Him But Never Had Any Luck.Atreyus' Figured That She Would Just Be Raising Dawson On Her Own.
Atreyus Had Dawson In His Walker And Was Feeding Him Some Baby Food.Dawson Was A Good Baby,He Was Really Calm And Loved To Smile.Atreyus Smiles And Scoops Some Food Into Dawson's Mouth.There's A Knock At The Door And Atreyus Wipes Dawson's Mouth Before Walking To The Door.
Atreyus Opens The Door To See Bruce Standing There With A Duffel Bag,Probably Full Of Clothes.Atreyus' Eyes Fill With Tears And Bruce Just Pulls Her Into His Arms.
"I'm So Sorry Atreyus,I Had Soem Buisness To Take Care Of In Taiwan.I Hope You Can Forgive Me"Bruce Says Rubbing Her Back.
"Im Just Happy You're Back"Atreyus Says Holding Onto Bruce Tightly.Bruce Looks Over Atreyus' Shoulder To See Dawson Playing With The Toys On The Walker.
"Who Is That"Bruce Asks Curiously As Atreyus Lets Him Go From The Hug.
"Uhm Bruce, This Is Your Son Dawson Trent Banner.He's 1"Atreyus Says Walking Over To Dawson And Lifting Him Up From The Walker.She Takes Off His Bib And Walks Over To Bruce.
"Say Hi To Your Daddy Dawson"Atreyus Says Holding Him In Her Arms.Dawson Cooes And Babbles Reaching Out For Bruce.
"Hi There Dawson"Bruce Says As Atreyus Sets Dawson In His Arms.
"He Finally Gets To Meet You"Atreyus Smiles Smoothing Out Dawson's Hair.
"Yeah,This Is Just Amazing.If I Wouldve Known I.."Bruce Trails Looking At Atreyus.
"You Didnt But You're Here Now And That's All That Matters"Atreyus Says Gazing At Bruce And Their Son

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