Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


32. Andy Sixx

~Andy_Sixx_by_hellmarry.jpgYour heart was pounding as the time grew nearer for your performance. Doubts begin to fill your mind as you wondered is taking this step in your life was worth it. "Lady and Gents I present Twilight Awakening!!", the mc of the night shout as he dashed off of the stage. You grabbed your guitar and walked unto the brightly lit stage. You around the crowd to see plain faces staring back at you. You looked at your guitar one last time. That's when you became the rockstar you really were. Throughtout the song you looked up a couple of times and was caught staring at a god. "I have to get his number.", you thought to yourself as you started singing again. Soon the song was over and you found yourself backstage with your bandmates. "Did you think they liked us?", Kaley asked as she flopped on the sofa. Soon the 2 other girls went into a chat with her. You decided that you was going to meet the guy that caught your eye. When you walked from backstage you soon found a huge crowd. "I guess I have to navigate through here.", you said as you pushed yourself in. You seen a lot of people, but not him. You went deep in the crowd to search somemore. Then you realize that you bumped into someone. "Sorry.", you started as you turn around to see the victum of your attack. "It's not a problem, be careful next time that's all.", the person said as they started to leave. You quickly looked up to notice that him, the guy that caught your eye. You walked quickly behind him trying to catch up. "Wait.", you called out. He stopped walking and turn around to face you. "Can I talk to you for a minute?", you asked. "Sure why not?", the smiled at you. "Well can we sit down and talk?", you asked looking in the direction where you and your bandmates was at. "Yeah.", he said as the both of you headed backstage. To your surpise your band mates left you for ice cream and cake. You was gald to because this mean that you will have no eruptions while talking to the stranger. "Um..So what's your name?", you asked as the both of you sat on the couch. "You can call me Andy.", he said as he started looking at you. "My name _____>", you siad as you gave him your biggest smile. "Was that smille just for me?",he askewd you with a chuckle. "You and only you.", you said still smiling. "Wow, hey I got to g, but here's my number. Make sure you call me cause if you don't I will be a lonely man.", he said as he got up off the couch. You handed out your hand as wrote his number down on it. "Don't forget now.", he said as he walked away. You was so happy that you danced around the area and fell down on the couch.

You and Andy got together every weekend possible. Weather it was going to the movies, the skating rink, or just at his house watching movies. Tonight was different though. He invited you to a concert. Of course without hesatation you said yes you would be there. At the concert you saw no sign of Andy anywhere.There was only two minutes untill the show begin and still no sign of Andy. You guessed that he would be late, but your eyes told you you something different. There Andy was tall, slim, sexy, adorable self singing on stage. You just realized that you was invited to see your boyfriend at his concert. You didn't know how to feel or react, but that soon ended when you hear Andy singing. His voice was like music to your ears and you couldn't him to awwe at him.Soon after three hours the show was ending and everyone was leaving. You went backstage where Andy was and went to praise him. "You sounded wonderful out there tonight.", you said as Andy gave you hug. "Thanks babe I'm glad you came.", he said as he let you go. "I wouldn't miss a chance to be with you.", you said as you held his hand. Andy smiled and dragged you behind him outside. You looked at him confused. "After party.", was all he said as the both of you disappered in the darkest. Twenty minutes later you found your self at a wild party. Andy left you to smoke because he knew you didn't like it, so you was left in a house of drunk and wild people. Andy soon return and you ran over to meet him. "Hey was the prob?", he asked as he embraced you. "I'm ready to go there's to much people here.", you said walking out. Andy was close behind you and the both of you walked unto you both was at his house. You decided that you send the night over since it was two in the morning. You begin take off your clothes when the door flew open. "Andy!", you skriek as you tried to cover yourself. Andy did do nothing but walked over to you. "Andy please leave so I can get dress.", you plead. "You can get dress.", Andy said taking a seat on his bed. "But..", you started. "But nothing dressed over I do it for you.", Andy said as his eyes roamed your body. You didn't moved. Soon Andy got up and grabbed the clothes out your hands ab=nd started to remove the rest. "Andy.", you started. But you was so quieted by his lips over yours. Let's say things got heated that night.

It has been two weeks since that unforgetable night. And ever since then you been sick. You got the thought that you was pregnant but didn't pay attention that much to it. You and Andy was out taking a walk in the park when you felt the urge to puke. You hurried along to the nearest restroom and did you duty. When you came out Andy was waiting for you with a concerned face. "What's with that look?", you asked him as you started to walk again. "I worried about you _____ I mean you been sick for two weeks and you haven't seen adoctor or anything so yeah.", Andy said still with concern. "Okay fine lets go to the doctor then.", you said headed forwards the entrance. At the doctor office it didn't take to long since you was the only one there. The nurse came back with the results. "Miss_____ congradulations you are pregnant.", she said with a smile of joy about the baby. You turn your headed to look at Andy to see a face you never seen him wear. "Andy...", you started. But it was to late he dashed out of the room and headed out side. "Andy!", you called after him. He didn't look back just kept going on untill he got in his car and drove off. You stood in the middle of the door way in shock. Soon a fresh hot tear came rolling down your cheeck. Soon you collpased on the grond and broke down. When you got to your house you tried to calm down for the safey of the baby and you did and quickly fell a sleep. Nine months late. It was pass your due time and you was ready to have the baby taken out of you. You sat down on a bench in the park and closed your eyes listening to the children play. You smiled at the thought of soon hear the same voice everyday. Soon you delt a liquid flowing down your leg. Your eyes pop open and you soon scream for help to get to the hospital. Soon you was being rushed to the hospital. You was in labor for 10 hours and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and name her ________. You wake up to find a familar face holding your daughter. "Andy..", you bearly whispher getting up. "______ I'm glad to see you are awake.", Andy said with that smilie he always use to give you. "What are you during here?", you asked him looking at him carefully holding the baby. "I came back to see my daughter, no our daughter.", he said putting to baby back in the crib. "Well you have to come back later.", you said turning your head to look at your baby. "I still love you ______.", Andy said turning your head back to him. "If you love me nine months ago maybe I would believe you now.", you said looking away. "I didn't..", he started. "You didn't what?! Know that I was left nine months crying over you. Know that I almost had a miscarriage.", you yelled at him furious. "____ I didn't.", he started. "Yeah you didn't know did you.", you said calming down just a little. "I still love you and if you ever forgive me I will never leave you again.", Andy said as he walked out the room. "Wait.", you called out."I still love you and i never did stop.", Andy turned around with a smile that lit up your face. You couldn't help but smile. "Is that smile for me?", Andy asked. "You and only you.", you said as you crashed your lips into his.


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