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Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


13. Aaron Hotchner 9

~Name : Lydia Miller
Age : 25
Looks : BlackHair&BlueEyes.jpg
Personality : Shy,Sweet,Smart, and has a bit of OCD.
Baby Daddy - Aaron Hotchner
"Lydia. The boss wants you in the office. Now." My friend Christy whispered at me while walking pass my desk.
I sighed and bit on my lip hard. Oh Joy...
I got up and went to my boss's office, Jillan Strickland. And boy was she strict. Just like her last name.
"Lydia. I have great news for you. Please have a seat." Jillian smiled and pointed to the seat right across from her work desk.
I sat down and fiddled with my necklace nervously. A bit of a habit I do when i'm nervous.
"It seems you've been assigned to another unit team. One of the best to be exact." She said happily.
I rasied a eyebrow at her. "Really? Which team?"
"Another BAU unit. But that's not the point. You're working with Aaron Hotchner." She smiled really wide. "He's a excellent chief of his unit. I suggested you to him and now you'll be off tommorow. Congrats."
My mouth dropped in surprise. "Wow. Really? But...why me?" I asked.
She took off her glasses and continued looking at me. "Because you're one of the best. And you deserve to work with the best. Understood?"
"Yes Madam. Thank you." I slightly bowed at her and stood up to leave.
"See you around Lydia. And Good Luck." She waved as i exited her office.
I smiled politely at her and let out a relived sigh.
A promotion huh? Cool. I wonder who that Aaron guy is...
~6 months later~
"Well Lydia once again another case is solved thanks to your logical thinking." Emily Prentiss complimented at me. I smiled back at her.
"Thanks Emily. Without your smart and crafty languages you've learned I would've never figured helped everyone else put the man away."
"Eh No. I think you should'nt thank me. Thank Aaron. He's the one who linked your hypothesis to the people in Brooklyn." Emily chuckled. "He's a lifesaver."
As soon as she said that, he walked up to us. "Hello Ladies." He greeted
I waved back in reply. Trying not to really speak around him. I was so shy whenever he came around. Even before his ex-wife Haley was killed, I had a crush on him but kept my mouth closed.
"Ugh. I have alot of work to do tonight. But I can't seem to get a hold of the babysitter to watch Jack." Aaron groaned in annoyance.
"Well Lydia can watch him for you. Right Lydia?" Emily elbowed my side to get my attention. I nodded in reply. "Sure."
"Thank you Lydia. You're the best." Aaron patted my shoulder and walked elsewhere.
I glared at Emily. Who was grinning ear to ear. "Oh C'mon Lydia. I know you like him. No wait...you LOVE him don't you?" She giggled and teased me while I blushed.
"I don't know what you're talking about." I stammered on my words.
Emily sucked her teeth at me. "You know exactly what i'm talking about."
I shrugged and tried to play it off. But i heard myself mutter under my breath. "Damnit emily. Why do you have to be right?"
~Aaron's house~
~9:30 p.m.~
Aaron's son Jack, was such a sweet kid. Very hyperactive but very sweet. He was so happy and joyful. He kept asking me if I was his dad's girlfriend. But i kept saying no.
I wish I was...
The front door closed and Aaron walked into the living room. I looked up from the T.V. and gazed at him. He looked a bit tired.
"Got your work done?" I asked him. He gave me a sliightly tired smile. "Yeah. Thank God. So is Jack asleep?" He asked looking for his son.
"Yeah. He's fast asleep. He's a little angel." I said smiling.
"Thanks again for watching him for me. I apperciate it alot Lydia." He said facing me. His dark eyes gazing into my own. I felt heat rush to my face from blushing. Looking at his handsome face made my heart pump widly and gave my stomach butterflies.
"Well Then...Aaron reached into his wallet pulling out 60 dollars. "I owe you."
I shook my head at him. "No. It's fine. I'm glad I could help. No need to pay me."
Aaron looked at me and smiled. "But I insist. Besides it's a Friday night. And I ruined it for you."
"No you did'nt. I had fun today. I made a new little friend." I giggled at the thought of Jack calling me his friend when he was on the phone with another friend at school.
"Hmmmm..He must really like you." Aaron sat down in the chair across for the couch where I sat.
"Well. I must be going." I started to get up and head for the door but Aaron followed me and placed a hand on my shoulder making me stop.
"Lydia. Can you stay for the night? It's really late. I would'nt want a girl like you to get hurt or anything." Aaron asked me calmly and concerned.
"Well...since you put it that way then okay." I gently smiled at him and went back inside.
I felt him watching me from behind, so I stopped and turned to face him. "Is there something you want?"
He was in a sort of trance but he snapped out of it. "Well...Yes."
"So...what Is it?" I asked raising a eyebrow at him.
"I like you Lydia." He smirked at me, my heart jumped in surprise. What?!
"Wha-What? Like me...? Wh-W-What do you mean Aaron?" I studdered nervously while tugging on my necklace.
"You know what I mean. Exactly what I mean." He inched close towards my face.Placing a sweet kiss on my lips.
I was so stunned at first, but i kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the kiss.
He broke away, but i kissed him again. Placing both hands on each side of his face. He smirked in the kiss, and slipped his tongue in my mouth.
"I don't like you Lydia. I love you." He said in between kisses. I gasped when he starting kissing my neck softly.
"Wait. Wait. Hold On." I pulled him off my neck softly with my hands and looked him deep in the eyes. "Love me? Really?" I whispered to him. My fingers rand through his brown hair.
"I admit it. Yes. Do you feel the same way?" He asked me softly, taking one of my hands and placing it on his face.
"I....do." I blushed and gazed at the ground. But I felt myself being picked up from the ground and being held close in arms.
Aaron took me upstairs and gently placed me on the bed. He walked over to his door and locked it.
I had a feeling he wanted to do this. But I want it to happen...But Why? What makes him want to make love to me?
"You have to keep it down so Jack won't wake up." Aaron kissed my neck softly. I closed my eyes gently and we both fell back on the bed. His sweet kisses were driving me wild and in the mood.
"Just don't hurt me. Be gentle." I told him.
"I will. Don't worry Lydia."
He took off his shirt, then his pants, and soon afterI did the same. Both of us were exposed and we did "It."
That was one of the best unforgetable nights ever in my life.
~2 months later~
~Harlem NY, Crime Scene : Night Club~

I have got to tell him....but what'll he think? What will he do? Will he call me a bunch of horrible names and reject me? Or will he be happy and excited? I have GOT to find out...Today...
Aaron & Derek were observing the body while Emily was touching some of the items the murder left behind. Like a bloody fingerprint on the tile of the floor. Thank goodness she was wearing gloves. The blood was on most of it.
I made my way towards them. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. Then all a sudden I heard a gun go off. A sharp pain went up my upper back of my body. A warm substance went through my shirt.
Aaron & Derek ran after the man who shot at me, tackling him to the ground and putting handcuffs on him. Emily was sitting by me, hovering over me while I layed on the floor in blood.
"C'mon Lydia! Stay with me here!" Emily was worried. A tear was coming out of her eye.
I fought to stay awake but I slipped into darkness in a blink of a eye.
~Aaron's P.O.V.~
We took Lydia to the hospital right away. The doctors said they were operating on her. Now she just got out of the emergency room and was placed into a room.
Emily let me go in first, I entered the room and saw her there. Her jet black hair, plae skin, all i wanted her to do was open her beautiful blue eyes.
I sat down near her and held her hand. Please Wake up Lydia...I don't what I would do without you...I love you very much...I don't want to lose you. My ex-wife is already gone. I don't want to go too...
I heard a sigh and felt her hand move in my mine.
"A-Aaron?" Her warm & soft voice made my head spin in a good way.
"I'm here Lydia. Right here. You're alright. The doctor said you did'nt bleed much and you're going to be okay." I explained to her.
She stayed still for a moment, then looked at me with her blue eyes. "Aaron...there's something I have to tell you."
My heart jumped out of fear. "What? Something wrong? Are you hurting?" I slightly panicked and looked at her body to make sure.
"No. I'm fine. It's not that. It's something...else." She trailed off and sat up a little; she sucked in a painful breath as she did that.
"I'm...pregant." I said in a low voice.
I blinked twice at her. And shook my head. "What? Lydia...I...think you're a little bit overmedicated.
"No I'm not Aaron I swear...." She mumbled under her breath. I think the medicine was making her sleepy and woozy.
Emily,Derek,and the whole team walked in to see Lydia. Behind them was the doctor.
"Well..Miss Miller, I have some very good news for you." He spoke very proudly to her.
"I think I already know doctor. But someone does'nt believe me." She glared at me. Everyone in the room stared at me.
"What?" I shrugged as I looked at all of them.
"Well...in that case. Miss Miller is 2 months and 4 weeks pregant." The doctor said looking at me, with a smug smile on his face.
Emily & Derek exchanged glances at each other. David was smiling at Lydia then he winked at me.
"Well...then. I'll leave you all to talk to Miss Miller. But you've all got 20 minutes till vistor hours are over." He said and walked out the door.
"So now do you believe me?" Lydia asked me, with a smirk on her lips.
"Well...yeah...I just...can't believe it...I'm going to be a father again." I stated in belief. "Wow. Jack is going to be happy to have a sibling to play with."
~7 months later~
~Lydia's P.O.V.~
"AHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Giving birth Is NOT a beautiful thing when you're inpain.
The only person who was in the room with me, was Aaron. Clutching my hand tight. I think I was squeezing his hand hard because it was bright red and looked hurt.
"Push Lydia! You're almost done!" The female doctor with her male nurse said to me. The contractions were very close and was seriously hurting me.
I gave one final push and the pain was gone. A baby's cry filled the room. Aaron finally let go of my hand and watched the nurse wipe the baby off after he cut the cord.
I was so relieved but then pain struck me in my stomach again. I yelped in pain. The female doctor looked and saw that something was wrong.
"Another baby's coming!!!" She exclaimed. Aaron's face went into shock. "What?!"
I yelped again. Something was different about pushing this time. It was hurting me even more. That kind of blinding, crippling pain. Tears were comnig down my eyes.
The male nurse made Aaron let go of my hand and excort him out of the room. "Wait where is he going?!" I panicked as he was forced out.
"Lydia your heart rate is going crazy. You have to push now. Push! Push!" The female doctor urged me on. I pushed hard and stopped for a breath. I was gasping for breath as a matter of fact.
I was crying hysterically at each push, because of the pain I was going through. I thought I was going to die.
When it was all over...I was happy. They gave me both of my babies. Aaron was let into the room again.
"Congrats, You have a boy AND a girl." The doctor smiled at the two of them.
I kissed the boy's hand and kissed the girl's forehead.
"What are their names going to be?" The male nurse asked calmly.
"Well...the boy's name is up to Aaron." I said breathlessly and slightly laughed.
Aaron smiled very happily at the boy. "Gage. His name is Gage."
I giggled at him. "Okay. And the girl's name will be Lucy. My sweet little Gage & Lucy.
Aaron picked Gage up into his arms. Gage wrapped his little hand on his index finger and yawned.
Lucy was cuddled up against my chest. Which was covered in sweat and tears.
I'm so glad Aaron loves me....I have him as a loving husband now. And 3 loveable kids. Including his own child Jack.
Jack was let into the room to see his new siblings. At first he did'nt really seem to mind. Now he's really excited about it.
"Meet Gage & Lucy, Jack." Aaron pointed to the Gage in his arms and at Lucy in my arms.
Jack smiled and looked at them both.
"We're one big happy family again daddy!" He said proudly.
Aaron & I exchanged looks and just smiled.
"We sure are kid." Aaron chuckled and ruffled his hair.

Years later, Gage looked more like me and Lucy looked like her father. I swear they're just like the both of us. Only in switched bodies. I love them both. And Jack too.
Most of all Aaron. My strong and trustworthy husband and my BAU Boss. Ha. That's really funny isn't it?


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