Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


12. Aaron Hotchner 8

~How they met.
I looked up at the huge building before me, taking a deep breath and walking in, I headed down the corridors and obviously I wasn’t looking where I was going because soon enough I was on the floor. I looked up at the person who I had bumped into to see a shocked face, “Lydia?”
“Spence?” I asked my brother, he grinned and pulled me to my feet and hugged me tightly.
“How are you, sis? I didn’t think you would get a job here after you-know-what.” I cringed at the memory before replying.
“Well, I decided that I needed to get over my fear of guns, forget the past and get on with the future,” I said, he wrapped and arm around my shoulder and led me towards a room, as we walked in I saw loads of people sat around all discussing different things.
“Guys,” Spencer said aloud getting everyone’s attention, they all turned towards us taking me in. “This is Lydia Reid, my sister, it is her first day so everyone please be nice.” A few people laughed.
I was introduced to Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan- who had taken a huge liking to me already and immediately started flirting, David Rossi, JJ Jareau, Emily Prentiss and finally Aaron Hotchner who caused me to blush like a young teenager in love.
A few minutes after meeting everyone, a blonde female who was in her early 20’s ran in pushing a double pushchair, I looked in shock as she went straight over to my brother and kissed him full on the mouth.
“Spence, do you think you could look after Dillon and Dakota for an hour, I really need to run into wo...” She trailed off when she saw me and her face mirrored my own. “You’re Lydia Reid aren’t you?” I nodded not knowing how she knew who I was. She reached her hand out and I shook it, “I’m Charlea Reid, Spencer’s wife.”
I turned to my brother, “You got married and didn’t tell me.” Then my eyes caught the pushchair again, “and had kids.”
He nodded and picked up the small baby out of the pushchair who was dressed in pink and Charlea had already picked up the baby boy.
“This is Dakota Whitney,” he said indicating to the baby in his arms “and that’s Dillon Aaron.” He nodded to the baby in his wife’s arms.
“Aaron, but isn’t that his name?” I asked pointing to the man who had caused my knees to go weak.
“Yeah, my brother.”
“Oh” I said in reply to Charlea’s answer.
How it happened.
I had been working at the BAU for a year now and I was stood talking to my brother about some recent murders around this area before I heard cursing coming from Hotchner’s office, I told my brother I would be a minute before I walked to Aaron’s office to see him fiddling with a pile of paperwork on his desk.
“Anything I can help with?” I asked leaning against the door frame, he smiled up at me.
“Actually, would you mind babysitting my son tonight? I have a ton of work and our normal babysitter is busy,” He explained. I nodded, I had met Jack a few times and had instantly fell in love with the 4 year old boy.
“Yeah sure, we’ll order pizza, watch a movie then when he’s in bed I’ll borrow one of your horror movies and have a late night. I’ll be up when you get back so don’t worry,” he smiled and yelled a thank you as I headed out of the office.
I had been at Aaron’s house for at least 4 hours now, me and Jack had ordered pizza and watched E.T before he went to bed, I was halfway through watching Saw VI when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I jumped and turned to see Aaron stood behind me trying not to laugh, I hit his shoulder and he chuckled.
“It’s not funny, you frightened me half to death!” I whispered to him making sure to be quiet so I didn’t wake Jack.
“Yeah but you should have seen your face.”
He flopped down onto the sofa next to me, and I turned to look at him. His eyes met mine and then everything froze as he leant in and kissed me. Soon enough he was hovering over me on the couch and I pulled away from the kiss to whisper one thing, “You know, I charge for babysitting.” He smirked and kissed me again as I sighed in contentment.
How you told him.
“You’re going to tell him soon, right?” Garcia asked me from her seat in front of the computers. I nodded and sighed laying a hand on my flat stomach, in a few months it will no longer be flat.
“Of course, it’s just that...” But I couldn’t finish my sentence as I was called.
All of us were stood outside a huge building of flats everything was silent as these flats had not been lived in for over a century, Aaron and Spence broke open the door and shot in guns held up in front of them as Aaron shouted clear the rest of us ran in, I headed down the first fall and pushed open the door straight away hearing a gunshot, I screamed as I felt the pain in the top of my back before I collapsed to the floor hearing my name being called a few times.
I woke up hearing a beeping coming from beside me, my eye sight was blurred before I recognized the shapes of my brother, boyfriend and friends. Aaron smiled as he saw me coming around, then everything came rushing back. The raid, the gunshot, MY BABY! The words reached my lips before I could stop them, “I’m pregnant.” Aaron’s head shot up and he frowned, eyebrows creasing in concentration.
“You must be delirious, have they given you too much morphine?” He checked over a few things, I shook my head. He didn’t believe me.
“Hotch I’m not delirious, I’m Se-ri-ous,” I said announcing each syllable separately. I took a look at the other people in the room; my brother- Spencer and best friends- Morgan and Garcia. I wondered where everyone else was before I took a look at the clock noticing how late it was.
“But...” Before Hotch could finish his sentence a young male doctor walked in, he had a clipboard in his hands and he was reading through all the stuff written on it.
“Well Miss. Reid it appears that you and your baby are doing just fine” He smiled “I will go and see when you can be released.” He exited the room again as I nodded, all was silent everyone’s faces showed pure shock, also Morgan ’s showing signs of sadness and jealousy.
“Believe me now?” I asked my stunned boyfriend, he nodded his head his mouth still wide open. I laughed and closed it for him.
The birth.
We were sat around at mine and Aarons house, Jack was sat between me and Hotch and he was talking to my bump, I smiled at Aaron who was watching his now 5 year old son. I gasped as I felt water gather in my pants and make a small puddle on the leather I was sat on.
“Lydia, couldn’t you have held it in?” Morgan joked, he was sat across from us, I glared at him.
“Aaron, get me to the hospital, now!” I said threw my teeth, he helped me stand and Garcia offered to stay back and baby-sit Jack as all the rest of us ran to the car.
8 hours later I was led in a hospital bed with a 7lb 5oz baby boy in my arms, I smiled up at Aaron with tears in my eyes, he smiled back and kissed my forehead before asking, “So any names for out little boy?”
“Spencer Morgan Hotchner”
Across the room; Spencer and Derek both grinned at me and I smiled back before looking down at my son who was a spitting image of his father just with my blue eyes.

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