Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


10. Aaron Hotchner 6

~**How You guys met**
I walked into the BAU Unit of the FBI in Virgina. This is my first day as a newbie in the Behavior Annalis Unit, and the first time I get to see my Twin Brother, Spencer in about 5 years. I walked up to the front desk and smiled at the lady. Her name plate said Alison. She looked up and smiled at me. “What can I do for you, Miss?” She asked. I pulled out a piece of paper that said the name of My new team leader, Jason Gidion, and Aaron Hotchner. “Im looking for Either Jason Gidion or a Aaron Hotchner.” I said smiling at the woman. She nodded and typed something in her computer, then picked up her phone. She spke to someone for a moment and puyt it down, writing something on a post-it. “You must me Miss Lysia Reid. We’re all heard nice things about you from Spencer. Hes very proud of you Miss Reid. If you need anything, My name is Alison Garcia.” She said handing me the post it, then motioning for me to go to the left. “The BAU is that way, Agent Hotchner should be there waiting to escort you to your cubical.” I nodded and walked to the left of the lobby, finding a narrow hallway. I walked up about 20 feet to find 3 men convercing about something. I cleared my throat and they turned around. I could only see two of the men. One was a dark man, with kind brown eyes and very built. He must me Derek Morgan. The other was a man with black hair and Hazel eyes. It looks like he hasn’t smiled in years, too. He stepped forward and extended his hand to me. “Hello, You must be Miss Reid. Im Aaron Hotchner, and this is Derek Morgan. And you must know the man behind us, He is your Brother after all.” He said smiling slightly. I smiled and got on my tip toes to look over his shoulder to see Spencer standing there smiling back. “Err, Morgan, can you move so I can see my sister?” Spencer asked. Derek laughed and moved out of the way. “Hi Spence!” I said smiling and hugging him. He hugged me back and then pulled away. “You haven’t changed a bit, Lyd!” He said with a huge smile on his face. I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Erm, I could say the same thing for you Spencer, but I kind of cant.” He laughed and pulled me down the hall to the BAU’s conference room where the Team was waiting. “Ok, Lydia, this is Penelope Garcia, she the Hacker girl I told you about and that’s J.J she is the one who gets our cases and handles the Press and stuff. And you know Derek and Hotch, but that’s Gidion!” He said pointing to all the people in the room. I smiled and waved lightly. “Guys, this is my Twin Sister, Lydia.” he said. Jason got up and smiled down at me. “Hello Lydia, Welcome to the BAU team. Im sorry that we cant give you a full tour and such today, because we have to leave to California right away. Reid may show you where to go, and you can pack your things and meet us at the plane.” He said.
**How it happened(about 1 year later)**
I walked into the workroom to find Spencer, Aaron, Penelope and her Sister Alison, and Derek all talking. Aaron racked a hand threw his already messy hair, and sighed. “Hey guys! What’s up?” I asked. Spencer looked up at me from his extra sugared coffee and shrugged. “We gotta work late for this case. Sucks for you cause your not on it, huh, Lyds?” he asked. I glared at him, and picked up a water bottle from the frigde and turned to look at them all again. “Frankly it does, Spencer, so Hush.” I said. Gidion took me off this case because I got sick and he’s not convinced Im 100% better. He thinks I got Alison and Penelope to fake a Doctors note for me. And so what, maybe I did, Maybe I didn’t Aaron sighed. “Do you guys know of any really great babysitters around here I could use for Jack? Nicole(His babysitter during the day) cant do it tonight. So Im kind of stuck here.” He said. I smiled at him and raised my hand, jumping up and down. He raised and eyebrow at me put just laughed. “If you have to pee, Lydia, just go.” Derek said. I glared at him but turned back to Aaron. “I know of a totally great babysitter, who has nothing to do because her BOSS WONT LET HER WORK BECAUSE HE DOESN’T TRUST HER!” I yelled out the last part a Gidion walked by. He just shook his head and continued walking. “Um, Lydia, are you sure?” Aaron asked. I nodded. “Totally! I love hanging out with the little man. He’s pretty cool for only being like 5!(idk how old he is. Sorry if Im wrong)” I said shrugging. “Ok.” He said, and handed me his house key, and gave me his address.
**With Jack/Babysitting**
“Lydia! COME ON! Your soooo slow!” Jack yelled laughing from the Family room. I chuckled as I pulled out the Popcorn and pored it in a bowl and took it and the drinks into the Family room. “So what do ya want to watch, Little man?” I asked. He ran over to the movie case and pulled out Hercules and handed it to me, smiling. I put it in and turned off the lights then sat next to him as the movie started. About half way threw the movie, Jack fell asleep. I smiled down at him, and picked him up as I carried him to his room. I layed him in his bed and turned off all the light in the hall and his room, closing the door. As I went and cleaned up from our little movie night, I heard the front door open. I grabbed my gun off the table and stood against the wall waiting for whoever just walked in to come into the Kitchen. I heard a thump and then curses, then footsteps leading to the Kitchen. “Lydia, you in here?” I heard Aaron’s voice say. I sighed and let my hand drop to my side. “God, Aaron you scared the hell out of me! I thought you weren’t going to be home for another couple of hours!” I said coming from my hiding spot. I glanced at the clock on the wall, and sure enough, he shouldn’t have been home yet, it was only 11:30. “Gidion let us out early. Um, why do you have your gun?” He asked me looking confused. I looked down and sat my gun on the counter. “You scared me. I wanted to protect Jack, so I grabbed my gun.” I said shrugging. He laughed and walked over to the Fridge to get something to drink and turned to look at me. “Well, its pretty late, and the weather’s getting bad, You cant just stay here if you want to.” He said. I thought about it for a minute, then nodded. “Yeah, OK.” I said. “Come, I think I have something old of Hailey’s that you can where to bed.” He said. I followed him into his bedroom as he went threw his closet and then came out. “Here. You can change in there.” He said pointing to the bathroom. I took the clothes and shut the door. As I pulled them on, I thought about how much I care about Jack and Aaron. I walked out of the bathroom to find Aaron looking at a picture of him, Hailey, and Jack. “You know, when Hailey died, I thought that I wouldn’t be enough for Jack, that he would resent me. But then you came along, Like an angle for above.” He said, not turning to look at me. “You make Jack so happy, you make so much easier, Lydia.” He finally turned to look at me, and I was shocked at what I saw. He was crying. He walked to me and was right in front of me. I brought my hand up to his face and wiped away the tears. “I’d do anything for you and Jack, Aaron. I-I love you.” I whispered. He looked down at me and pulled me to him, pushing his lips to mine. “I love you too, Lydia Reid.” He whispered once he pulled away. He led me to his bed, and I was happy that it was thundering, because it covered out moans of passion.(Ok, Lydia, you may make up whatever you wanted to happen there. I don’t do the whole sex scene stuff!)
**How she told him**
I looked down at the pregnancy test and just stared. I couldn’t believe it. “Um, Read the back again, Penelope!” I yelled threw the door. I heard her sigh and pick it up. “Pink Plus means, Hunn your screwed and Preggers. Blue negative mean Nope your not Preggers. So which is it! Tells us already!” she said. I opened the door and handed it to her. Alison peeked over her shoulder and squealed. “OIMYGOSH! Congratulations!” She said hugging me. “Why are you Congratulating my Sister?” We heard. I turned around, snatching the test from Penelope and stuffing it in my pocket. “Ummm, Because Im awesome, Spencer! Why else?” I asked looking at him. He sighed, “Lydia, Im a profiler. Don’t lie t me.” He said. I sighed and told him. He was concerned. “Are you going to tell him? I mean he has a right to know about the baby, Lyds.” He said. I nodded. “Just, not yet. I want to keep it, but what if he doesn’t. I just need to think.” I said. They nodded and we all went off to our work.
**Couple weeks later at Un-subs house**
“Go that way!” Aaron mouthed at me. I nodded and turned to the right, and went down the hall and checked every room. I stood in the middle and sighed. “Clear-AH!” I yelled as I was pulled into a room from behind. “LYDIA! What is it!” I head Aaron and every running up the stares. I was breathing heavily. Shit, Please don’t shoot me, Please! I thought. They got to the door and they all stopped in shock. “Come any closer and I’ll shoot her!” Nick Rodgers said. He’s killed over 10 young men, because his Daughter had been killed by a Collage student 3 years ago. “Mr, Rodgers, please let her go, she’s done nothing to hurt you at all. Just let her- NO!” Aaron had been walking forward when Rodgers pulled the trigger, shooting me in the upper back. I fell to the ground, But before I blacked out I heard gun shots and yelling. I thought I heard Aaron’s voice talking to me before it was gone. “Its OK, Lydia, your going to be fine.” And then I blacked out.
**12 hours later**
I started to wake up. Ugh, what the Hell is that horrid beeping noise. Beep…Beep…Beep… Shut up! I groaned and opened my eyes to see an overly white room. Where the hell-Oh. I was shot. Hospital. Crap! The Baby! My Baby! I stared to panic, when Spencer walked in. I looked at him. “Is my Ba-” He nodded. “Fine.” He said. I relaxed at that and laid back down. Soon after Aaron came in. “Lydia! Oh God I thought I lost you!“ He said rushing to my side and taking my hand in his. I decided this was as good a time to tell him as any. “Um, Aaron?” I asked. He looked down at me. “yeah?” He whispered. “Im Pregnant.” I said. He looked at me funny and then shook his head. “I think they gave you too much Medication, Lydia. There’s no way-” he was cut off by Spencer. “Um, actually, Hotch, they didn’t give her any pain Medication and When you two, Err, Engaged in Sexual acts, the Condom must have broke, thus letting sperm meet egg, and so-” Aaron cut him off. “Ok Spencer. I get it. No need to tell me how babies are made. Wait! How do you know me and Lydia had sex?” He asked eyeing Spencer. I blushed. “Uh, I told Penelope and Alison and then they told Spencer. So then I kind of had to tell Spencer about the baby.” I said.
**8 Months later**
I wasn’t even aloud to go into the office now, so I stayed at home with Jack a lot now. We were watching Disney Channel’s Jones, when I got a sharp pain in my side. I let out a small yelp. Jack looked at me and crawled over to me on the bed. “Are you OK Lydia?” he asked me. I nodded. “Im fine Sweetie. Its OK.” I said, faking a smile. He nodded and cuddled up to me and continued to watch Jones. The pains kept getting worse and worse though. I was about to get up and go to the bathroom when I felt something wet on the sheets. I looked down to see that my water broke. I looked at Jack, Panic rushing threw me. I took deep breaths to calm my self. “Jack, Sweetie, Go call Daddy, tell him the babies’ are coming, OK?” I asked him. He nodded and got up and went to find my Cell phone. He came back a minute later. “Lydia, He didn’t pick up? What now?” He asked. I held out my hand and dialed again. No Answer. I tried Morgan, Spencer, JJ, Elle, every one. Finally I decided to call the front desk where Alison works. “Hello, This is Alison at the BAU What-” “Alison, its me, Lydia, I need you to find Spencer or-” I yelled and dropped the phone. I was doubled over in pain. Jack picked up the phone. “Allie, I think Lydia’s having the baby! Tell daddy, or Uncle Spencer!” he said and hung up. He crawled to me and laid next to me holding my hand. The pain was un-bearable, I finally started to Black out when I heard Jack yell. “Daddy! I here!” I felt arms scoop me up, and then it was blackness.
**16 Hours later**
I woke up to see a smiling Aaron and Spencer. “Hey there, Mommy.” Aaron said smiling. I looked around for my baby. “Where is she?” I whispered. “Their right here.” he said. “They?” I asked him. He nodded and handed me two little pink bundles. I smiled down at the sleeping babies. “Did you name them yet?” I asked. He shook his head no. I looked around and furrowed my eyebrows. “Where Jack?” I asked. Aaron left and then walked in with a tired looking Jack. He set him beside me one the bed and Jack smiled. “Hey there Buddy. Wanna meet your new Sisters?” I asked. He nodded and crawled over to look at them. “Wow, They were inside you?” Jack asked me. I nodded laughing. “Yeah, Bud, They were. You wanna help me name them?” I asked smiling at him then up at Aaron. He smiled down at me and sat down on the side on the bed. Jack nodded. “Yeah! Can we name this one Sonny?” He asked. I smiled at him and nodded. “yeah, I like that. How did you think of that, Jackie?” I asked. He smiled. She opened her eyes and looked around and then at me and smiled brightly. “Because her smiles like sun! That’s what Daddy said about you, when he talked about you.” I smiled and looked up at him. “How about Lucy, for the other one?” I asked. He nodded. “I love it. Lucy and Sonny Hotchner. With Big brother Jack.” He said smiling. “I like it.” I whispered. Aaron leaned down to kiss me and jack wrapped his arms around my neck, smiling at his little sisters. “I cant wait to teach them how to do cool stuff! Like ride a bike…-” I cant believe it, My families Finally Complete. I have the Whole BAU team, Aaron and Jack, and now my little Baby girls. Life couldn’t be better.

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