Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


8. Aaron Hotchner 5

~A wise man once said that everything happens for a reason. I never used to believe it, but because of recent events, I’m a believer.
Hi. I’m Ryley Reid. This story is going to help you understand my life, and how I became involved with my BAU boss.
Let’s go back to a year ago, when this all started.
It’s my first day on the job. I’m going to work alongside my twin brother, Spencer Reid. I haven’t seen him in five years, and he doesn’t even know I’m coming. My best friend, Derek Morgan, got some strings pulled through my new boss, Aaron Hotchner, whom I haven’t yet met, and they kept it to themselves so I could surprise the Boy Genius. Let me explain a little about myself. My brother is the genius of the team. Eidetic memory, reads 20,000 words per minute. Knows every single thing he’s ever read or heard. I am a bit different.
Being twins, we do share some things. But we’re faternal.
He got the brains, I got the strength. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy. And I’ve been labeled ‘emo.’ I listen to metal and hard rock, Spencer listens to classical. YAWN! I wear black and leather; Spencer wears cashmere and sweater vests and argyle. UGH! I got our dad’s black hair; Spence got Blonde from mommy dearest. We did both get some signs of schizophrenia. It’s worse than it sounds. When people scare me, I’m like a Chihuahua. Spencer just shakes a little. And I’m not shy at all. I speak my mind. Spence… Well, he… He’s just… Yeah. He is a hermit crab. You won’t see him out of his shell unless he’s around family. And you can forget relationships. I was a player in high school. Spence has… never had one. Poor kid. And yes, I’m 10 minutes older!! WHOO! Ahh yes, one more thing. You won’t believe me. I have psychic impulses. Don’t believe me yet? It’s true. That’s why I’m such an asset to the team. I get little impulses. When it’s about to rain, the hair on the back of my neck stands up. I start to cough violently when something terrible is about to happen. I can’t tell what’s going to happen, but I know its bad. Anyways, back to the story.
I entered the building, and walked straight to a desk. The receptionist was on the phone, so I patiently waited.
When she was off, she turned to me.
"Hi. I’m Allison Garcia, The receptionist. I assume you’re Agent Reid?" She said politely.
I nodded. "It’s nice to meet you. And please, call me Ryley. Agent Reid is my brother." I smiled.
"Of course. We’ve heard a lot about you. Derek Morgan is waiting just through those doors to lead you to your cubicle." She handed me a gun and badge, "And welcome to the BAU."
I nodded and thanked her. Then, I opened the doors to dozens of cubicles, which Derek told me they call the ‘Bull pen…’ I laughed when he told me that. Then, I saw Derek standing there.
‘Well speak of the devil’ I thought.
"Well if it isn’t the Incredible Hulk himself?" I said.
"YO RYLEY!!" He screamed and spun me around in his big bear hug.
"Wassup Buttercup?!?!" He shouted.
"Oh, not much. Just can’t breathe is all. And my eardrums ain’t thanking you much either!" I said.
He laughed and let me go.
"Sorry Baby Girl. Can you forgive me?" He asked.
"On What?"
"Can you show me my cubicle?" I asked.
"Sure." Derek led me to a cubicle right in the middle of the walkway, "I got you the cubicle between me and your brother."
"How did you swing that?" I asked.
"Oh, you know, the usual." He said.
"20 minutes of begging?" I suggested.
"Maybe." He said.
"HEY MORGAN!" I heard from behind me.
I turned to see Jennifer Jureau and Emily Prentiss behind me.
"RYLEY! YOU’RE HERE!" JJ screamed. I’ve known JJ since I was about 15, and I met Prentiss a year ago. And yet, haven’t seen my little bro in 5.
"I am!" I said.
They both hugged me and I heard someone talking to Derek behind me.
"Who’s that girl?" The voice was unmistakable. My little bro.
I turned around to see him.
"Aww… you don’t remember you’re big sister? And they call you a genius? WOW." I smirked.
"Ryley? What are you doing here?" He asked.
"I’ve come to work. Now it’s been five years, so give me my hug!" I yelled.
Spencer laughed and gave me a big hug with his teeny tiny little arms.
When we pulled away, I grabbed his arm and held it up.
"Derek, you said you’d take care of this!" I said.
"Hey, I can’t help him if he’s not willing." Derek smiled.
I rolled my eyes.
"Have you met Hotch yet?" JJ asked.
"Oh, No. Where be da boss man?" I asked
Everyone laughed. I was always quite the ball-o-fun!
"In his office, come." Spence said, ushering me to an office above the bull pen.
He knocked on the door. We heard a distant "Come in."
He opened the door and a VERY handsome man looked to me, and then to Spencer.
"Ryley Reid, I presume." He said.
"Yes, sir. Its very nice to meet you." I held out my hand and he shook it.
"Likewise. SSA Aaron Hotchner, But call me Hotch. I assume you want me to call you Ryley at least that’s what Morgan said, considering you probably don’t want to be known as Reid #2." He chuckled, which is weird because Derek told me that Hotch never cuts up and laughs with anyone. Maybe he likes me more. Hehe. IN YOUR FACE, MORGAN!!!
"Yupperz. And it’s a pleasure to get to work with you, Hotch." I said.
"Speaking of which, we have a case. Debriefing on the jet. Wheels go up in 20." Hotch said.
He walked out, and Spencer and I followed. I already had a go-bag packed. JJ and I were the first to the jet.
"So how’ve you been, Ryley?" She asked, breaking the silence.
"Good, Good, you?" I asked.
"Great." She said.
"And William and Henry?" I asked.
"Both amazing. Henry’s walking now, and he said his first words." She said.
"Really? And?" I asked. You see, I made a bet with William, whom I’ve known for as long as I can remember; that Little Henry’s first words would be ‘mama’ and he thought it would be ‘dada’… The only thing we bet was gloating rights, because I couldn’t live with myself to bet money on a poor little baby’s first words.
"He said ‘Mama’" JJ said.
"YES! I KNEW IT!" I yelled.
"Yup, William was pretty upset, saying you’ll never let him live it down." She laughed.
"Ahh… I’ve taught him well, he knows me." I winked at her.
"So, how was the first meeting with the ‘boss-man’?" She asked, making air quotes around ‘boss-man’.
"Pretty good. Derek told him to call me Ryley, so he surprised me there. He even made a joke about calling me ‘Reid number 2." I laughed.
"Hotch joked???" JJ asked, obviously surprised.
"Uhh, yeah. You people do that in this job, right? Because if you don’t, I don’t know why im here." I chuckled.
"Yeah but Hotch never cuts up and laughs with anyone." JJ said.
"Cheese-its, you people make him sound like the freaking exorcist or something." I said.
"Well, yeah. Maybe he likes you." JJ winked.
I felt my face turn red. I hope she didn’t see it.
"You’re blushing!"
"You LIKE HIM!" She practically yelled.
"No I don’t! I just met him!" I said.
"I don’t blame you. He’s very handsome." She said.
"Yeah. He’s extremely handsome." I said dreamily.
"HAHA!! I GOTCHA!!!" She said.
I growled playfully.
"You walked me right into that one, Blondie." I said.
"Yes I did. Why? Because im the master." She said.
"Yeah, yeah."
Just then Derek and Spencer walked onto the jet.
"Wassup, Ladies?" Derek winked.
"Ya see why he’s my best friend, JJ?" I asked, pulling Derek down and sitting on his lap.
JJ just chuckled and shook her head.
"Sometimes I think you and Morgan are more twins than you and Reid are." She said.
"HEY!" Spencer said, feigning hurt.
I chuckled.
Just then, Prentiss, Hotch, and an older man with grayish hair walked onto the jet.
The other man walked up to me.
"You must be Miss Reid. I’m David Rossi." He said.
I smiled.
"Nice to meet you, and please, call me Ryley." I said.
He nodded and took a seat next to JJ.
Me, being the loner that I am, went into a corner by myself.
I started to pump my favorite band, Avenged Sevenfold, through my ipod headphones.
About halfway through ‘Scream’, Spencer came to sit with me.
I took my headphones out.
"Hey Spence." I said.
He was silent for a moment.
"How are you coping?" He asked.
I nodded sadly. "Fine." I lied.
You see, the reason I was gone for 5 years is because I ran away. My boyfriend of 2 years was brutally murdered, and my brother’s team was put on the case. They found out that his murderer was really after me, so I had to go out of country until they found and detained him. And they did, but not until about 6 months later, and I had already given up hope, so I got a job in London working as a profiler there. So I stayed for a while, well, 5 years, but they all really missed me, and Derek pulled some strings and got me transferred here. But spending 5 years in the United Kingdom made me catch a few things. For example, I can’t drink tea without craving crumpets.
"You are not coping fine. You’re boyfriend of 2 years was murdered and you haven’t seen anyone accept Emily, JJ, Henry and William when they came to visit." Spencer said.
"Yeah. They came to visit. Why didn’t you?" I asked sadly.
"You know that my job doesn’t allow the time." He said.
I gave him my famous ‘Yeah, right. Tell me the truth’ look.
He just averted his eyes. I sighed and put my arm around his shoulders and rested my head on his shoulder.
"We should go visit mom." I said.
"Definitely. The guilt of not visiting you and mom both was getting to me." He said.
I knew he wanted badly to visit, but he just couldn’t. I could feel it. Like I said, psychic.
"I love you, Spence." I said.
"I love you, too, Ryles." He said.
"Ryley, Reid we need you guys over here." Hotch said.
We both got up and Hotch handed us some manila folders.
We immediately got to work on the case.
I was paired up in a room with JJ. We were up until 11 o’clock talking about anything but the case. Laughing, admitably, loudly. At 11:03, Derek came banging on our door.
"Hey Derek, what brings you to our humble abode?" I asked.
"I have been asked to switch rooms with you, Ryley. My roommate was ticked because you haven’t fallen asleep yet. So you, grab your stuff and go down the hall to room 309." He said.
I sighed and got my stuff.
"Who’s your roommate?" I asked.
Derek smirked. "Hotch."
My eyes widened and I was about to protest but Derek shut the door in my face. Everyone knew about my badly kept secret of having a thing for Hotch… Except for Hotch of course.
My shoulders slumped and I dragged my bag to room 309.
I reluctantly knocked on the door.
There was a shuffling noise, and then a tired looking Hotch opened the door.
"H-Hey H-Hotch." My voice was shaking.
He stepped aside and let me enter. I took momentary notice of how disheveled his hair looked, and how cute and innocent he looked when he was wearing pajamas.
"We’re not working right now, call me Aaron." He ordered.
"O-Okay A-Aaron." I blushed.
Aaron’s phone went off.
"Hotch? Hey Jack… No, I won’t be home for a while…" He said.
‘Sounds like he’s talking to a little kid.’ I thought.
"Alright… Be good for Casey… I love you too, buddy…" He said.
He hung up and looked at me. "My son." He said.
"Do you have a picture?" I asked. He didn’t answer, he just took out his wallet and handed me a picture of him and a little boy who looks to be about 4 years old.
"He’s adorable. He looks just like you." I said.
"I think he looks just like his mother." He said.
‘I shouldn’t pry, it’s rude.’ I thought.
As if reading my mind, he said "We divorced about a year ago, and she was murdered by the reaper a few months later."
"Oh, I’m sorry." I said.
He just nodded. Then he changed the subject.
"Are you going to be able to sleep alright?" He asked me.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Morgan told me that you have nightmares and have trouble sleeping afterwards. I assumed that’s why you were awake now, because I know you were asleep when you missed dinner." Aaron said.
I stood shocked.
"Wow. Is there anything Derek didn’t tell you?" I asked him.
"Yes. He didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t ask about." He said.
"You were asking about me?" I blushed.
"Yes." He stated simply, "So, is that why you’re awake?"
"Yeah." I admitted.
"When Jack can’t sleep, he has me hum to him until he falls asleep. Would you like to try that?" He asked.
"I’d try just about anything." I said.
I layed down on the bed and Aaron layed next to me. I curled into the covers and closed my eyes as he started to hum. I knew the song from somewhere, but I was too groggy to place it. He was right, I fell asleep a few verses later.
I woke up to the alarm clock. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that Aaron’s arm was around me and my head was on his chest.
Aaron was already awake. He sent a crooked smile down at me.
"How’d you sleep?" He asked.
"Extraordinarily." I smiled.
We were both silent, but we didn’t move from where we were.
Finally Aaron said something. Something that changed my life.
"You know, When Hailey died, she had Jack in the house with her. He hid and she ended up the only one that died. After her death, I didn’t think I’d have feelings for anyone ever again." He said.
‘Did he just admit he has feelings for me?’ I thought.
"But then you came along, and everything I thought I knew was proved wrong. Please say something, tell me I’m not wasting my time."
I was shocked, but snapped out of it.
"You’re not wasting your time Aaron; I have feelings for you too." I said, feeling the dark shade of red creep onto my cheeks.
He breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at his watch.
"If this has any chance of working, we need to keep this away from work." Typical Hotch, straight to the point.
"I know." I said.
He stood up and started to get dressed for work. Soon after I did the same.
When we got to work, we started working on a kidnapping. The day was uneventful. The UnSub wasn’t very well hidden. We found him easily. I did get a nasty stab wound to the leg, though. Long story. Just a scar though… Few days later I was back to work. Anyways, now I’m on my way to Garcia’s cave.
I knocked on the door.
"Enter!" I heard her perky voice from the other side, along with violent typing on keyboards. I opened the door to see my best girl friend on her laptop jabbing away at something she was working on.
"What’s up Sweetness?" She asked.
"Nothing much, my lovely. Just bored." I said.
"Well, lucky for you, the Office Of Supreme Intelligence is always accepting visitors." She said. I chuckled and rolled my eyes.
She went back to working and I just sat on her desk humming and swinging my legs back and forth. She looked at me weird.
"What?" I asked.
"What song are you humming?" she asked.
I then realized that it was the same song Hotch hummed to me that night in the Hotel.
"I don’t know. But it’s been stuck in my head for awhile." I said.
She pondered that for a moment, and then practically screamed, "I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!"
"Yeesh, Its not that important… What is it?" I was curious.
She didn’t answer, she just typed something on her computer and then ‘All Around Me’ by Flyleaf started to play through her speakers.
"You truly are a genius." I said.
"Why is she a genius?" Derek said, entering her cave and sitting next to me on her desk. I flung my legs over his lap and scooted to sit on his lap like a 4 year old.
"She just identified the song that’s been on repeat in my mind." I said.
"Where’d you pick that one up?" Derek asked with an almost knowing smile on his face.
"I’m not sure." I lied. I needed to keep it away from work.
"Uh-huh." He smirked.
I changed the subject.
"I don’t know how I couldn’t tell what it was… Its one of my favorites." I said.
"You know, we’re going to the bar after work tonight… They have open mic… You should sing this…" He said.
"Yeah right. I can’t sing in front of everyone." I said.
"You used to love performing." He said.
"I know…" I blushed.
"So you’ll come?" He didn’t give me much of a choice.
"Fine." I sighed.
That night, I went to the bar, and everyone from work, Even Hotch, was there. I sang ‘All Around Me’ and I got a huge applause. When I got back to the table, everyone immediately started telling me how good I was. I thanked them and took a swig of my Jack Daniels.
That night, I went home and collapsed in bed and didn’t even stir until my phone went off the next morning.
I looked at the ID; it was an unknown number.
"Reid." I said groggily.
"Agent Reid? It’s me, Michaela. You saved me from that kidnapper a few months ago?" She said. She sounded terrified.
"Of course, Honey. What’s wrong? You sound upset." I said.
"There’s a man in my house." She said in a hushed tone.
I started to cough violently. Oh. No. Something bad is about to happen.
"Where are you right now?" I asked between coughs.
"Under my bed." She said.
"Alright, I’ll be right there." I said, grabbing my keys and running for the door. I got in my car and took my second phone and called Hotch.
"Hotch." He said.
"Hotch. I need you to get a team rounded up immediately. There’s a man in a little girls house, and she’s hiding under her bed." I said, swerving around cars and gaining a few horn honks and fingers.
"Where do I send them?" He asked.
I turned to my other phone.
"Michaela? What’s your exact address?" I asked.
"8675 North Dakota road." She said.
I repeated the address to Hotch. I got there first and pulled on an extra vest I have and busted inside. I ran up the stairs to Michaela’s room. She wasn’t under the bed. I started to cry and I punched the wall. Hotch and a little team came in and looked at me.
I shook my head at them.
"She’s gone." I said through my tears.
"He can’t be far. We’ll find him." Hotch said, and then ordered to get blocks on the roads everywhere around here.
I went and got into my car and started searching the cars alongside Hotch and a hundred other officers. Then we came upon a van that was trying to get passed the roadblocks.
"Sir. You can’t go anywhere. We’re on a search for a missing child." Hotch said.
"I have somewhere to be." The driver said impatiently.
While he was occupied, I quietly knocked on the back of the van.
"Michaela? Are you in there?" I said to the metal doors.
"AGENT REID?!?! HELP ME, PLEASE!!!" I heard her scream.
I ran to the front where Hotch was still trying to calm down the driver.
"Sir, could you step out of the car, please?" I asked calmly.
"But—" He started to protest.
"You would do well to not argue with a federal agent." Hotch said impatiently.
The driver reluctantly got out of the car and I slammed him onto the side and put him cuffs.
"What are you doing?!?" He screamed.
"Arresting a kidnapper!" I said.
"I never kidnapped nobody!" He said.
Hotch stepped in. "Ryley, We have no proof—" He started.
"Hotch, She’s back there." I screamed desperately.
He opened the back of the van and Michaela came stumbling out. I gave the UnSub to a nearby police cruiser and grabbed onto her for dear life. I kneeled in front of her for an easier access hug.
"I knew you’d save me again, Miss. Reid! I knew it!" She screamed.
I just nodded and held her sobbing form. I picked her up and drove her to her house.
Her mother met us at the door, and it was her turn to grab onto her for dear life.
"Thank you, Agent Reid. Thank you so much." Her mother sobbed to me.
"It’s my job, Ma’am. And Michaela is like my own daughter, I didn’t want anything to happen to her." I said.
She nodded, and they both gave me a hug. I promised Michaela I’d come visit her soon.
I left and was on my way home for more sleep, when I got another call; it was Hotch.
"Yo, Yo, Yiggity Yo, You got Reid here." I said.
I heard him chuckle into the phone.
"Can you come over, Ryley? Jack wants to meet you, and I just need to see you." He said.
"Of course. Hope you don’t mind, but im still in my pajamas. When Michaela got me up this morning, I didn’t have time to change." I said.
"Yeah, I saw that. It’s fine." He said.
"Okay. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes."
I then hung up. 15 minutes later, I was on Aaron’s front porch.
I knocked on the door. The door opened, but nobody was there. I looked down, to see the adorable little boy from the picture standing there.
"Hi there, buddy. You must be Jack. I’m Ryley." I said, kneeling down in front of him and reaching out my hand.
He smiled a toothy grin and shook my hand.
"Hi Ryley! I’m Jack! Are you here to eat dinner with us?" He asked.
Just then, Aaron appeared behind him and put his hand on the little boy’s shoulder.
"She sure is, Buddy. And dinner’s ready, so why don’t you go wash up, and we’ll get to know Ryley." Aaron smiled down at his son, who was looking up at him with wide, excited eyes.
"Okay!" He said, running off to what I expect is the bathroom.
"I’m glad you came, Ryley." Aaron said in a low voice.
"I wouldn’t miss it." I said.
Aaron then let me in and showed me around the house while Jack was washing up. When he was done, we all sat down for dinner. Aaron made some delicious looking spaghetti.
"MY FAVORITE!!" Jack said, digging his fork into the mountain on his plate.
Aaron chuckled, and I smiled at him.
"It’s my favorite too, Buddy." I said, looking at Jack, who already had his mouth full.
Jack tried to say something, but I couldn’t make out what he said, because it was muffled by the spaghetti.
"Jack, Don’t talk with your mouth full." Aaron warned.
That didn’t stop him, he kept laughing and muffling something but I couldn’t understand him.
After dinner was over, Aaron and I started to wash the dishes. He washed, I dried. Jack was in the living room watching spongebob.
"Dinner was delicious." I said.
"It’s a special recipe sauce." Aaron smiled.
I looked back at Jack who was staring at the TV screen.
"He really is a cute kid." I said.
"Yeah. He really likes you, you made quite the impression." He said.
"Really? All I did was tell him my name." I chuckled.
"Maybe that was all it took. Kids are the best judges of character." Aaron smiled.
I smiled at him. "Well thank god he hasn’t bitten me yet."
Once we were done with the dishes, I dipped my hand into the water and flicked it in his face. In return, He sprayed me with the hose.
"Alright! I give!" I screamed.
Aaron laughed.
"Cheater." I mumbled.
"I didn’t cheat!" Aaron said.
"Yes you did!" I said.
Jack came into the kitchen with a confused look on his face.
"Ryley… Why are you all wet?" he asked me.
"’Cuz your daddy’s a cheater." I said.
"I am not!" Aaron said.
I chuckled. Jack yawned.
"Are you tired, buddy?" I asked him.
"Yeah. Daddy told me you sing good. Can you sing my song?" He asked.
"Sure. Come on…" I said, picking him up and carrying him to his bed. I tucked him into the covers.
"There you go. Snug as a bug in a rug." I said.
"Ryley?" Jack asked.
"Yeah, bud?" I asked.
"Are you going to be my new mommy?" he asked, with an innocent look on his face.
I felt my heart rate speed up to a thousand beats per second.
"I don’t… Nobody can replace your mommy, sweetie." I stammered.
"You don’t wanna be my mommy?" He asked sadly.
"No! It’s not that, honey. But, it’s not all up to me. It’s up to your daddy, too. But I’ll tell you what. I’m not going anywhere until your daddy asks me to leave, okay?" I asked.
"I hope daddy never asks you to leave." He said.
Little did I know, that Aaron was listening to this whole thing from the doorway.
"Get some sleep, bud." I said. He closed his eyes and I started to sing ‘All Around Me’ to him. He was asleep by the second chorus.
I walked out of the room, and into the living room where Aaron was now sitting on the couch.
"Well, I should get going. Got to get up early for work and all." I said.
"Yeah. And thank you, Ryley. For everything." He said, standing up and looking me in the eyes.
"No problem, anytime." I said.
The next thing I knew, Aaron’s lips were on mine in a gentle tender kiss.
When he pulled back, I smiled at him.
"Goodnight, Aaron." I said.
"Night, Ryley." He said.
I got into my car and drove straight home. I jumped into bed and fell asleep instantly.
The next few days were uneventful. We didn’t have any cases, which I was thankful. Thursday night, I was on my way to my car to go home, when I heard my name being called.
I turned around to see a very winded Aaron trying to catch up to me.
"Hey… I have to stay after a couple hours tonight to finish some paperwork, and Jacks babysitter just canceled on me, so I was hoping that you could—" He said, but I cut him off.
"I’m on my way." I smiled.
He breathed a sigh of relief.
"You’re a lifesaver." He said, pulling me into a quick kiss and turning back to the building.
I chuckled and jumped into my car and drove straight to Aaron’s house.
I knocked on the door; Jack answered it.
"Ryley!" he screamed, attacking my legs in a hug. I bent down and gave him easier access for a better hug.
I took him inside and made him macaroni and cheese, and then we started to play in the living room. I made a fort out of couch cushions. Jack was hiding inside of them. I was on the outside pretending to be a giant.
"Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum! I smell the blood of a—" I started to say, but Jack bolted out from under the cushions and tackled me and started to tickle me. I let out a squeal as he just laughed his little heart out.
Then I heard a jingle of keys outside the door and it opened to reveal a tired-looking Aaron. He kicked off his shoes, took off his jacket, and then looked up at our little fort questionably. As I started to clean it up, Aaron sent Jack to bed.
When I was done with the couch, I practically collapsed on it.
Aaron chuckled. "Tired?" He asked.
"A bit. Did you get your work done?" I asked.
I picked myself up off the couch and walked up to Aaron who was still standing at the door.
"I should get going. There’s leftover macaroni on the stove if you’re hungry." I said, and then turned to open the door, only to be stopped by Aaron.
"It’s getting late, why don’t you stay?" He asked.
I just nodded and locked the front door and turned back around to sit on the couch, but Aaron put a hand gently on my back and led me to his bedroom. I layed down in his warm and welcoming bed that smelled exactly like his cologne, and cuddled up under the covers, while he went into his bathroom. When he came back, he was shirtless and wearing baby blue sleep pants. He climbed into the bed next to me, and pulled me into his bare chest. I was becoming self-conscious of my rapid heartbeat; afraid he could hear it thumping wildly in my throat.
"Calm down…" He mumbled. I could hear the rumble of his voice deep in his chest as he spoke.
"You can hear it can’t you?" I asked, feeling a red hot blush on my cheeks.
"Your extremely fast heartbeat? Yeah. And, Uhh, your cheeks are giving me heat stroke. " He said.
"Sorry…" I mumbled.
"Don’t apologize, its only natural to be nervous… Just calm down and go to sleep." He whispered.
And with that, I snuggled deeper into him and fell asleep.
The next morning, we woke up to Aaron’s alarm clock. I gave him a passionate kiss before I left to get ready for work. When I got to work, Derek met me at my cubicle. He picked me up in a spin hug and held me tightly.
"I left it in my car last night. I’m fine, Yeesh." I said.
"Where were you? Because I passed by your house and your car wasn’t in the driveway." He said.
"Are you stalking me or something Derek? I’m telling Penelope that you’re stalking another girl!" I said.
"Just tell me where you were." He said.
"I was babysitting." I said.
"For who?" He asked.
"An old friend."
"Just tell me who it is."
"I can’t." I said.
"I thought I was your best friend!!" Derek yelled angrily.
"You are my best friend! And don’t yell at me! I’m a grown woman! I have a right to go out and baby-sit if I damn well please!" Angry tears started to spill out of my eyes before I could stop them. Derek’s expression softened. And he pulled me in and gave me a big, protective hug.
"I’m sorry." He said.
"Me too…" I said.
Derek waited a few minutes before pulling back and whispering to me.
"The whole team knows that you and Hotch are together, Ryley. We see the way he looks at you when he thinks nobody’s looking. And, Reid and I saw you in the parking lot last night. And we just wanted to let you know, that we don’t care, you both deserve someone that will make you happy."
"Really? Everyone knows?" I asked.
"Yeah. But we weren’t going to say anything, because you guys needed to come out with it yourselves." He said.
"What should I do?" I asked.
"Personally, I think you should kiss him in front of everyone." Derek smirked.
"HA-HA!" I laughed humorlessly.
"I’m serious. Come on, baby girl. When he steps off that elevator, run to him and give him a big passionate kiss and see how the office reacts." He said.
I smiled and pulled Derek down and gave him a thank you kiss on the cheek. Just then, Aaron walked off the elevator.
"AARON!!" I screamed.
He looked up at me with a confused face.
I ran up to him and jumped on him and gave him a romantic passionate kiss right in front of all of our co-workers. Aaron was obviously shocked, but he wrapped his arms around me and returned it. I heard cat-calls and wolf whistles and whoops and hollers, a few ‘I knew its’ and clapping and cheering. When I pulled away, I looked Aaron in the eyes. I thought he’d be mad, but he smiled at me and laughed and gave me a big hug.
"They already knew, didn’t they?" He chuckled over the cheering.
I nodded. "What are you gonna do when you work in a building full of profilers?"
Aaron just smirked and gave me another kiss. When we pulled away, I saw JJ smiling and giving me a thumbs up, Prentiss was laughing, Derek was still cheering, Spencer was smiling like a fool, and Rossi was smiling and shaking his head in a way that an old man would use to say "you crazy kids".
Well, that was how the office found out about our love. After 5 more months of dating Aaron, we were engaged, and a month after we got married, I found out I had a dirty little secret; I was carrying Aaron’s child.



I’m pretty sure that everyone but Aaron knew I was pregnant. I didn’t want to believe it either, but JJ convinced me to see a doctor, and sure enough, there’s a child in my belly.
I’m on my way to tell Aaron as we speak.
I knocked on his door. I heard him say "Come in"
When I entered, I saw that he was on the phone, so I went and stood behind him and massaged his shoulders. He sighed and ended his call.
"Babe, you need to relax more. You worry little Jackie with how late you work." I said.
He turned in his chair and sat me down on his lap.
"I know, I know. I’ll try to cut back my hours. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Ryley." He said.
"I love you." I cooed into his ear.
"I love you too, Baby." He said, pecking my lips lightly.
"I have a surprise for you." I said.
"What?" he asked.
I picked up his hand and put it on my belly.
"We’re expecting." I whispered, partially terrified of his reaction.
He smiled broadly and picked me up bridal style.
"You’re not kidding, right?" he asked.
"Of course not!" I said.
He kissed me and put me down and walked out of his office and down to the team and said, "I’m gonna be a dad again!"
I stood on his office doorframe, smiling and shaking my head at him. He came back up and grabbed my hand and pulled me down to the team.
"Congratulations, guys." They all said in unison. Even though they already knew…
"I’m going to be an uncle! Whoo-hoo!" Spencer said. I chuckled at him.
Aaron still had a firm grip on my hand. He looked pretty excited.
"Honey, calm down. Your facial muscles aren’t used to that much action." I said.
Everyone laughed. Aaron pouted childishly.
"There ya go!" I said.
"You can never let me win, can you?" He asked.
"Nope" I said, popping the ‘p’.
I didn’t like the smirk that followed on Aaron’s face.
"I don’t like that look. That’s your thinkin’ look! I hate that look!" I screamed, running back towards Penelope’s office.
I busted through the doors, right as Aaron caught me around the waist.
"I didn’t wanna pull this card, Aaron, but I am carrying your unborn child!" I said warningly.
I heard Penelope squeal. "GOODY!!"
I chuckled. Aaron kissed me.
Eight months later, I was admitted into the hospital. After 12 hours of painful birthing, I surprised everyone, even myself, by having twins. A boy and a girl. Currently I’m sitting in the hospital bed holding the girl, while Aaron has the boy.
"What are we going to name them?" Aaron asked, quietly.
"You name the boy." I said.
He smiled very happily at the boy in his arms.
"Alec. His name is Alec Hotchner." He beamed.
I laughed at him.
"Okay. And our daughter will be Katarina Hotchner." I said.
Just then, my brother, and the proud godparents entered the room.
"Hey Guys." I said.
Penelope came up to me and smiled sheepishly down at me. I laughed and handed her my daughter.
Aaron handed Alec to Derek and Derek smiled down at him.
"What are their names?" Spencer asked me.
"Alec and Katarina." I said.
Spencer smiled at me, and then down at Kat, who was just handed off to him. Aaron left the room for a few seconds, and entered again with a tired looking Jack in his arms. He set Jack on the bed next to me.
"Meet Alec and Kat, Jack." I said, pointing to my new kids.
"They were inside you?" He exclaimed.
I laughed. "Yeah Bud, they were. And now you’re their big brother, and you get to teach them everything I taught Spencer." I winked at my brother, who blushed, causing everyone in the room to laugh.
I smiled over at my fiancé, who was looking at me with love in his eyes. He smiled back at me and sat next to Jack on the bed. Derek handed Alec to Aaron, and Spencer gave me Kat back. Alec wrapped his little hand around Aaron’s finger and yawned, which I found adorable. Kat was cuddled up to my chest, looking completely content in her sleep.
My family is finally complete.
A loving fiancé, 2 beautiful babies, my adorable stepson, my nerdy brother, and my children’s godparents.
Everything truly does happen for a reason.

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