Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


7. Aaron Hotchner 4

~How you met-
i walked in to the F.B.I buliding behind my older brother Spencer Reid, following diligently behind him we entered the B.A.U headquaters. Oh how rude of me my name is Lydia Reid im 24 and Spencer Reids Little sister. we walked in and i shrank back there was a hell of alot of people in here. spencer looked down at me and smiled lightly "come on Lyds its not that bad" he laughed i glared but followed him into a big room with a huge round table like the one he told mom about in his letters. no one was in here yet but they all soon piled in. spencer introduced me to the first person in who was a tall blonde woman. " J.J this is my little sister lydia she is our newest team member"he smiled proudly. she looked at me and smiled "hi Lydia like spencer said im J.J im the media leasion for the team its great having you here"she said politly smiling. i smiled back "its nice to meet you to J.J". she walked to one of the chairs and sat down. in walked a girl around my age with long aubrn hair with red-brown streaks she wasnt very tall thats for sure "h-hi Dannielle this is my Little sister Lydia" spencer stuttered speaking to her `somebodies gotta crush`i sang in my head she smiled at me "hi lydia like spenc said Im Dannielle LaGov though i keep telling him to call me danni. im the criminal pyhscology speacialist for the team & im not to bad with a gun if i do say so myself, well its nice not to be the baby of the team anymore good luck"she smiled walking over to J.J. "you like her dont you?"i asked spencer smirking lightly he turned beet red "AW what do you mean your not the baby of the team anymore Danni ?!" a big man laughed walking though the door danni rolled her eyes "shut up derrek"she laughed sarcasticly "and who do we have here?"he asked looking at me "im lydia Reid spencers little sister"i stated quietly he smiled "im derrek morgan and im the muscle of the team"he smiled flexing Danni burst into a fit of laughter with J.J.
"dont get cocky derrek lydia hes the geological and victimology specialist"danni laughed walking over to derrek reaching up and dragging him off by the ear i laughed she was funny no wonder spencer liked her. i met Rossi and Emily and penelope. but then he walked in "hotch this is my little sister lydia shes the new team member"spencer smiled i was speechless he was so so hell i didnt have words to decribe it well wait HOT yes that is a great word. he smiled down at me "im Aaron hotchner im the Surpervisory speacial agent for the team its nice to meet you"he said gently walking over to the board spencer and i sat down all i did was stare at Aaron he was just so mysterious. i was going to have fun making myown profile of him.
How it happened-

its been a year now since i started at the B.A.U. and honestly i love it here the cases get to me sometimes but ive got Dannipenelope spencer emily derrek not so much rossi J.J and.....Aaron. today was a slow day in the B.A.U no case which is rare but none the less very relaxing. it was time to go homewhen i saw Aaron pacing around his office i got up and went over knocking "come in"he stated gruffly "hey hotch whats wrong?"i asked concerned. "nothing"he sighed then in walked danni who threw her arm around my shoulder i smiled "hey just came to say goodnight"she smiledwalking back to the door "wait dannielle can you watch jack tonight i have to work late and the sitter just canceled on me?"he asked her. her smile turned into a frown "im sorry hotch ive got to go see my brother eric he and his Fianceare having theyre rehearsal dinner tonight im sorry"she sighed sadly "ill do it"i piped up theyre heads snapped towards me "i mean ill watch jack for you hotch its not a problem" i explained he smiled a smile that made my heart stop "thanks lydia here are the directions to the apartment"he said handing me the key and directions. i took themand left for hisplace but before i could get out of the buliding danni caught up with me smiring her devious little smirk "so when ya gonna tell him?"she asked smirking i blushed deep red "tell him what Danni?"i asked innocently hitting the elevator button rapidly to get away. "you know what im talking about Lyds when ya gonna tell him you love hi-" i slapped my hand over her mouth sshhssing her "im not gonna tell him anytime soon but here lets make a deal ill tell him when you tell spencer"i smirked being around her made me more devious.....i liked it. her eyes widened taking my hand from her mouth"how the hell did you knowthat?!"she gasped "i have anIQ of 188 danni im not stupid" i laughed she hmpfed and gave up i laughed more at that. when i got to Aarons i saw the day sitter just about to leave jack came running out "Lydia!!your here !!"he yelled tackling my legs i laughed taking him back inside locking the door i made him dinner mac and cheese by his request and then we watched spongebob until he got tired. he got into his of course spongebob pjs and got into his ofcourse spongebob riden bed and wanted me to read him a story about spongebob. he fell asleep quickly i turned on his nightlight and left the room queitly. i walked back into the living room and fellasleep watching NCIS.
i woke up to someone shaking me. "hey Lydia its late you can stay here if you like i wouldnt mind"he smiled i nodded smiling lightly "i think theres some left over mac and cheese from dinner if your hungry i yawned stretching. "thanks but i already ate...lydia can i talk to you?"he asked looking at me kinda weird like. "uh sure"i stated confused. "okay.....no this is wrong your to young"he said more to himself than me "Aaron whats wrong are you sick ?"i asked touching his arm lightly "im in love with you lydia" as he said that i was suddenly pinned under him "wha-"i was cut off by his lips crashing onto mine i relaxed into the kiss his lips felt like silk againest mine. he left my lips kissing down my neck biting and niping until he hit my sweet spot making me moan quietly since jack was sleeping
he started to unbutton the v-neck blouse i was wearing he pushed it off my pale shoulders leaving me in my surpizingly sexy black lace bra. "i love you to Aaron" i gasped as he moved his hands to the waste band of my jeans i felt he needed to know alittle fact before we went further "Aaron i-im a virgin"i stuttered blushing embarassed. he smiled and kissed down my chest whispering"dont worry ill be gentle"he smirked picking me up andcarring me to his room where we carried out our little session *wink wink*
how you told him-

'omg omg omg omg omg what if he doesnt want her' where the thoughts running through my mind as i waited for the pregnacy test result. "hey lyds its gonna be alright "danni and spencer stated at the same time rubbing my back comfortingly. tears where brimming my eyes. the test beeped i picked it up and burst into tears of joy"im pregnant"i smiled but frowned what was i going to tell Aaron? for the next few weeks i avoided Aaron i could tell he was starting to worry.but i just couldnt face hearing him say he didnt want my baby girl well i hoped it was a girl. today we had to vist a crime scene in D.C. i was examining some broken glass 'this doesnt belong here where could it have come from?'i asked myself. i sighed feeling someone standing behind me. "yes Aaron?"i asked standing brushing off the dust on my pants "why have you been avoiding me Lydia? did i do something wrong?"he asked i sighed but better late than never "Aaron you didnt do anything wrongits just i-i-"istopped feeling a pain in my upper back i feltwarm fluid run down my back i smelt the copper'blood been shot' my hands shot to my stomache as if to protect my babyi fell to the ground "shes been shot get the medics!!"Aaronscreamed holding me in his arms "lydia stay awake dont leave me lydia"he yelled tears brimming my eyes i fell into uncouisness. when i woke up i heard a horrible beeping noise i groaned "make the beeping go away". i heard three laughs i opened my eyes to see Spencer Aaron and ofcourse Danni. "hey sleepy head how ya feelin?" she asked "actually dannielle its how are you feeling"spencer corrected her *smack* dannis hand connected to the back of spencers head "first of all how may times do i have to tell you to call me danni second of all this is not the time nor the place to be correcting my english spencer reid and for that you get no huggs for a week" she growled i laughed so did aaron. "Aaron the reason i been avoiding you was because i was afaid"i sighed it was time to tell the truth"afraid of what lydia?"he asked worried "im pregnant wait is the baby hurt please tell me shes still alive"i started to cry "lydia your just hopped up on pain pills your not pregnant" Aaron said worried "no actually she is she took a pregancy test oh i dont know 4 weeks ago by now she should actually be showing some what you see when you and my sister did it you didnt wear a condom and lydia ran out of birth control 2 months ago so yea shes pregnant"spencer explaine in severe detail. i blushed "your-your pregnant?"he asked disbelivingly hurt shock and happiness were mixed into his expression.i nodded smiling.
8 months later

i sat at home with jack i was on materinty leave from the team. suddenly there was a huge pain in my side i yelped. then my water broke ' no theyre not due for another month!!' i couldnt move "jack honey call daddy tell him babies are coming early and he needs to come home"i said holding my stomache. jack nodded picking up the phone. "daddy lydia says the babies are coming early and you need to come home to help her"jack stated when his dad picked up "alright jack im on my way call 911 tell them what happened ok."i heard Aaron state franticly. jack then called the ambulance. they came and toke me away i started losing blood fast "we`re losing her" the doctor yelled in the surgury room "save-my-baby-"i gasped then i was englufed in he darkness..............2 weeks later......................beep beep beep beep"someone stop the beeping "i groaned i really hate heart monitors. "shes awake!"i heard spencer yell i opened my eyes smiling i sat up 'wait my baby' "my baby where is she!?" i asked fanticlyin walked Aaron. "you mean were are they lydia weve got twins" he smiled handing them to me "what should theyre names be?" he asked "heidi and hadyen"i smiled looking at my two beautiful baby girls. after a few years we learned they had my intelligance i love my family


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