Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


6. Aaron Hotchner 3

~name:Victoria Reid
looks:Long Dark Brown Hair With Red Highlights, Baby Blue Eyes, Tall Slim Figure
personality:Bit Of A Flirt And A Tease
family:her mom an spencer
age:gonna put her in her late 20s
how you meet:
'really its my first freakin mission and i get captured by a unsub' i just had to get caught by this retard cause i fit his profile. All i was doing was some field work with some agent'forgot his name'. "Hellllloooooooo is anywhere there?" "Shut the hell up. cause if you dont i want let those agent friends of yours come find you so quickly"said the unsub."BULL-" *BAM* "EDAN JONES put your hands up an let the woman go"said a surprisingly handsome angent. *grab* "TO HELL I WILL. drop the gun or i blow her freakin brains out."-edan. 'omg hes gonna kill me i dont wanna die i just became an angent and get to see my brother since like 7 years' "if u let me go i wont kill-". the next few things that happened passed by very slowly edan jones was shot by a sinper. victoria fell to her knees in shocked. she was lifted to an ambulance and her chains an tap were taken off. and on her way to and in the hostpital victoria got to meet some nice male doctors and nurses. also victoria got to see her bother again agter 7 years.
how it happened:
(on the airplane)
"Reid man i still cant see how your related to this pice of white chocolate over here."-derek "well you know what they say sometimes the best chocolate is always mixed together'-me "instead of flirting we could actually go over our case you know"-aaron. 'gosh i know hes jealous he needs to just suck it up and come over here and claim me as his own" "ok ok now lets see what we have here"(time skp. 2 hotel) me-"ok you guys this is how the rooms are plus let me remind you they are conjoined.jj your with prentiss.derek your with spencer. rossi ur by yourself. an the me an hotch in the last room across the hall for you guys."(in the room) aaron-"how com you didnt just take the one bedroom?" me-(getting closer to him) because i wanted to get to know you more." then with out even knowing it we were both kissing, and it became more intense. me-"are you sure you wanna do this" aaron-"of course i loved you the day you joined my team" well just to let u know u should be probaly glad that the others were across the hallway and couldnt here you.
how you found out/told him/baby time
well lets just say after that night you and aaron have been dating. your already very close with jack. and it was on your 5th week that you found out that you were pregnant.and it wasnt also till you were 1 month that you told aaron and he was happy that he wanted to marry you right after the babys were born.(time skp. to when your just bout to finish your8th month) i walked into penelopes office.techinacly(sp?) i wasnt suppose to be here cause of my condition but here i was anyway. but her iam am any way just lookin at my email. but suprisingly(sp?0 luck wasnt on my side because everyone just decides to come to garcies office. "VICTORIA what are you doing here?" of course it was spencer and aaron at the same time. " well i was just checkin my email and stuff but i guess i can talk to you" derek-"well baby girl looks like we need to get you home" "uhm i dont think it would be a good idea to have an at home birth" everyone-"YOUR IN LABOR?" "uhmm yah" well to cut it short an not go into detail after 8 hours and giving birth to twins there were now 2 new pround members of the hotchner family.One Girl Called Jennifer Penelope Hotchner And A Boy Call Spencer Arron Hotchner.
afterwards well you and arron got married an you became jacks step mom and he loved you like your own. but i dont think that spencer was happy with the fact that his boss and sister are dating an well the that is that

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