Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


5. Aaron Hotchner 2

~Name- Lydia Reid
Age- 24
Looks- Black hair (Naturally brown), Blue eyes, Pale skin
Personality- VERY smart just like her brother (spencer) She does have OCD with the number 5
how you meet-
I walked into the bau on my first day of being an angent. i couldnt wait this would be amazing working with my brother.i walked through some doors an came to my job,"lydia your here already"i heard my favorite(and only) brother say. "spencer its great to see you again, how have you been?" " ive been fine come one i want to introduce you". after walking for a short while we came to a confrence room where some people where waiting.spencer:"you guys i want you to meet my sister lydia. lydia this is the team." me:" hi" a tall man with a suit on came over to me. omg hes hott i cant be falling in love so easily." hello iam aaron hotchner its geat to have you on the team" ( 'means thinkin')' god even his voice is hott.' i held out my hand and we shoke. while we did this i counted to 5. after meeting him i meet everyone else. me garcia ,jj,and elle hit it off amazingly and became fast friends. rossi was like another farther to me. while derek may be sweet an a flirt where still a great couple( not like that kind like a brother and sister type). and for aaron well looks like i fell in love with my boss on the first day.
how it happend-
we all had just gotten back from a case in wisconsin. a man was kipnapping women who looked like his exgirlfriend.well lucky for us next week we have off. i was siting at my desk tapping my hand on it 5 times.i had already finished my report on the case an the other files that were on my desk when aaron came up." lydia could you do me a favor, i need someone to watch jack for me becasue i need to finish some paper could you do that for me?" "sure i would love to" " thanks i owe you". after that i left work and went to aarons house. he was already thier with his neighbor. i went up to the door and knocked five times. the door opened and out came this old lady. " oh you must be lydia, well since your her ill just be goin" " alright thanks" "lydie(nickname for lydia) your here can we watcha movie please?"" sure come jackjack" well after getting him his bath eatin pizza and watching finding nemo jack was finaly asleep. andnow i was cleaning up the mess that was left.after finishingi sat down and tapped my foot on the carpet 5 times wen the door opened. " hey lydia iam back" oh hey aaron jacks already asleep" i said while meeting him at the door. " thanks again i really appericate it" "your welcome really. well i should get goi-" i was cut off by aaron kissing and naturally i kissed back.when ended up having a a heated make out whic lead to his room. " lydia ived loved you since the first time we meet" " guess we both have something in comen hu" well letsjust say u guys had to be quite not to wake jack and well the next week off would be amazing
how you told him-
well after about a week i still hvent told aaron iam pregnent. yup thats right iam pregnant with my boss baby and weve been dating ever since its happened.i was going to tell him today but we had to go on a case. someone was killing men and women with a who worked for some type of company that supposely killed people from a poisined drink. after being here for a couple of days we found a suspect an went to check out their house. i went down to the basement.bad choice. i was about to tell everyone clear when i heard 3 gunshots 1 missed me another was in my back and the last was through the supsect head.now iam laying in a hostpital bed in slight pain. luckly the docto told me the baby wasnt harmned. just then aaron come in."hey how are you feeling" " iam fine but theres something i want to tell you" " what is it" " well iam pregnant" " i guess that medicne got to you" "what iam serio-" i was cutt of when spencer came in. " uhm actually hotch she telling the truth. statics say that when a woman has been feeling sick in the moring and vom-" " i think i get it spencer. i guess well be having a new addtion to the family" " oh i love you" i said while jumping up an giving him a hug.well when everyone came in to see me i told them i was pregnant an they were exstatic.
'god eight long months with twins yup twins i swear next ime me an aaron do it hes wearing protection' spencer"lydia what are you doing here?" " well(i said while sitin down) i got tired of stayin at home all te time. jacks at his neighbors and iam bored" jj:(omg first time she talks) lydia your suppose to be at home" " i kno i kno but iam bored" aaron" (of btween the way everyone is already talkin to her) you should really get home" " well ill go but i dont think its good for a woman goin into labor should be driving" everyone just freaks out rushing around while i just sat down and watched.aaron:" come one lets go" --------------well lets just say after 9 hours of hard labor you had two beatiful children.hayden our baby girl and gage our little boy. both of them had black hair and brown eyes.our two little bundles of joy.........................................................
after a year are two babies were smart just like their mom and uncle..
i guess sometimes loving your boss turns out to be good.

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