Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


23. Aaron Hotchner 12

~Spencer and I sat beside eachother, trying to win at chess. He and I went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Derek and Miranda sat beside us, frustrated. "Would one of you just make a move already?!" Spencer furrowed his brow and started to say "Statistics say-" Aaron cut him off, and smiled at me."We've got another case. Briefing room, now!" Aaron slowed down and waited for me.
"Lydia, can I ask youa HUGE favor?" I smiled. I'd do anything for this beautiful hunk of pure manlyness (so not a word. but whatever xD) "Yeah sure Hotch, what do you need?"
He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "It looks like I'm going to be staying after hours today, so I was hoping you could take care of Jack for me? Spencer says your really great with kids?"
I smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I sure am. I'll need your address and stuff." He smiled, "Sure, heres my number and address..."
Jack and I were playing dinosaurs, I had made a pillow fort with the cushions and draped a blanket over the top. "Fi, fi, fo, fum. I smell the blood of a-"
Jack burst out from underneath the fort and tackled me. I squealed, and laughed as he landed ontop of me and proceeded to tickle me to death.
I heard the door open and automatically reached for my gun, but it was just Aaron.
Jack jumped up off of my stomach and launched himself at his dad.
He smiled and sent Jack to bed. He raised his eyebrow at the fort and looked at me questionably.
"I'm sorry...I can fix it." He smiled, and started to loosen his tie. "Don't bother..."
------ a week later-------
Derek was pissed. I could tell. He knew what was wrong with me, because my stupid brother told him.
I know he liked me, and what the heck was I supposed to do?
He sat beside me with a cold expression, and Miranda and Emily jumped up and down excitedly. "Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!" They cheered repetidly, and I growled and whipped my binder at Miranda's head.
She yelped, and looked at me with a hurt expression.
"Well...mood swings are kicking in already."
I opened my mouth to yell at Derek, when my brother burst in. "Guys, we've got an address!"
We all suited up, but Miranda held me back. "Do you want to stay in the car?"
"Hell no. This bastard's killed 4 women. I'm going to send him to hell where he belongs."
Miranda and I stormed the back, I heard a thunk and Miranda went down, I opened my mouth to yell when he clicked a gun in my face.
He held the gun to my head, and smiled.
Derek came around the corner and yelled, and he held the gun out. "Don't you dare! Put the gun down now!"
He held the gun closer, and said "You step closer and I blow her brains out."
Suddenly, I heard Miranda grab him by the knees and body-slam him. He managed to get two shots out.
One into me, and one into Miranda.

I woke up with Aaron staring at me, and everyone else in the room seemed to have been crying.
Aaron smiled, and I yelled at the top of my lungs "MY BABY!!!"
Aaron laughed, "That's a cute pet name for me."
Derek chuckled and he said "No.... thatsthe cute pet you two created together."
The doctor walked in with papers in his hand, "Don't worry Ms. Reid, your baby's just fine. The bullett lodged in your thigh, we administered anesthetic to dull the pain."
My heart skipped a beat.
"What about Miranda?"
The doctor sighed. "The bullet lodged right at the base of her spine, it's too dangerous to remove the bullet. She'll need years of physio-therapy and she'll be in a wheelchair for atleast 2 years. Maybe more."
I started tearing up, and I looked at Aaron.
He looked at me, "are you sure they didnt give you too much morphine?"
I smiled and kissed him. He whispered against my lips "I love you."
--------------------- 8 months later------
Miranda had finally gotten out of the hospital, and she made one extremely pissed off desk jockey.
as her birthday gift, Derek had attached a little tray to it with a diamond ring on it.
He had finally gotten over me.
When I sat beside Miranda eating our salads, I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen.
I cried out, and Miranda wheeled as fast as she couldto Aaron.
4 hours later (thank god) I had a short labour, and I pushed out Spencer Morgan Reid. The uncle and the proud god-dad smiled down at their boy while Miranda rubbed my feet and Aaron cautiously made out with me.
He broke away and rubbed his nose on mine.
"I love you, darling."
"I love you too, Honey."
Perfect life. Perfect friends. Perfect family. Job? Not so much. But it was with him. and that's all that mattered.

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