Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


20. Aaron Hotchner 11

~The man had me at gunpoint, and I watched my husband, Aaron, beg for him to let me go.
”Please. Please, kill me, not her. We’ve got a son, I really don’t want him to grow up without a mother. That’s the reason you’re doing this, because your mother left you. Do you really want another child to have to go through that pain?!” Aaron was crying, squirming, and trying to get loose of the chains that bind him to the wall.
The man squirmed uncomfortably, “She’s not worth having a child. She’s just like her.”
Aaron yelled “You can’t change the past! You’re killing women who look like your mother to fulfil your fantasy of her actually being dead. But by killing my wife, you accomplish NOTHING.”
The man yanked on my hair and I choked back a sob.
“Anything you want to say to your husband before you die?”
the man loaded the gun, and I watched Aaron. I looked deep into his big brown eyes and said what I had been meaning to say for weeks. “I love you Aaron. I’m pregnant.”
Aarons eyes widened, and just as he was about to pull the trigger, the man was shot in the forehead. Our 2nd in command, Miranda David, who was a former sniper, broke the rest of the window in.
“You two okay?” She had poked her head in, looking down at Aaron.
Aaron smiled. “We are now. Good timing, David.” She smiled. “Thank you, boss.”
Derek, her boyfriend, broke in the door, running straight to Aaron. J.J and Prentiss, and Miranda, who had hopped in through the window ran to me. “Did he hurt you? Is the baby alright?”
Miranda was the only one I had told. She’d known Aaron since they were kids, she knew him best.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little shook up that’s all.” Aaron rubbed his wrists briefly, and ran to me.
“Oh god, Allison. Are you alright?” I smiled and kissed his lips. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
He rubbed noses with me. “You’re really pregnant?” I nodded.
“We have to keep them away from this world. I don’t want our child growing up like me and your father, thrown straight into a world of hell and death. I want this baby, and I love you.”
Derek snuck his hand around his girl’s waist, and she rested her head on his shoulder. “Aren’t they adorable?” Derek laughed. “Yes, yes they are.”

-------------------------------------------7 months later--------------
My father, Jason Gideon, was sitting on our couch, with Aaron in the chair and Jack in my lap. Dad smiled. “Any ideas on names?” I smiled. “Yeah, if it’s a girl we’re going to name her Addison. If it’s a boy we’ll name him Jakob.”
Dad stood up, “I’m sorry you two, I have to head out. Let me know when-“
He was interrupted by my screams.
Aaron jumped to me quickly, and Jack looked between me and Aaron. “What’s going on?”
Aaron looked at dad. “I need you to watch Jack. We need to get to the hospital.”
“No time! Bedroom! Now!” I panted, and Aaron carried me up the stairs.
Aaron and my dad delivered my baby girl, and Jack stood on the chair in the corner, screaming “Go Daddy go! Go Grampy go!”
Finally, after what seemed like forever, Addison cried, and I was able to relax.
Dad wrapped her in a little pink blanket, and Aaron washed the blood off of his hands.
Ten minutes later, I was being hovered around by my dad, my husband and my step son.
Jack perched himself on the bed with me. I smiled and handed Addison to him. “What do you think, Jack?” He smiled. “She’s beautiful.”
Aaron smiled, and so did my Dad. This moment was perfect, and I never wanted it to end. But with the world’s best family and friends, it never would.


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