Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


14. Aaron Hotchner 10

~Name:Ashley Morgan
Hair and Eye color: black and brown eyes
Occupation at Quantico:Technical Analyst
I stepped off the elevator with Morgan on my heels. "Nervous for your first day?" My brother asked as he put an arm around my shoulder. I shook it off and rolled my eyes. "You know I don't get nervous Derek." I said. "Everyone gets nervous." He said. "Well I don't." I said. He opened the glass door for me and I walked inside. "Nervous yet?" He asked. "Not a chance." I said. "You'll get nervous when you meet the boss....he's quite intimidating." He said. "I'm intimidating remeber?" I asked. "You don't scare me though." He said. "I could snap you like a twig Derek." I said. "I know that....but I could snap you as well." I elbowed him and he led me up to a door. "Hey Hotch........Our new agent is here." Derek said. "Send her in." A very stressed out voice said. "Go on in...Don't be to nervous." Derek teased. "I'm not nervous." I said with my teeth clenched. I walked into the office and Derek disappeared. "Good Morning Agent Hotchner. I'm Ashley Morgan." I said. He stood up and held out his hand. "Just call me Hotch." He said. "Hotch." I said. "I think your just in time....we got a new case and I would love for you to meet the rest of the team and to show you your new office." I smiled and followed him out. "Since your new here we will start you off helping our other anaylist Garcia just until you get the hang of things." He said. "Of course." I replied. He led me down the hall and into a room with lots of computers. I saw a woman with dark hair. She swallowed her noddle then stood up. "You must be Ashley Morgan." She said. "That's me." I said. "Derek has not stopped talking about you since he found out you were going to work here." She said. "That's Derek for you." I said. "Well...I will leave you two to your work." Hotch said. "Thanks for showing me around Hotch." I said. "Anytime." He said.
I've been a Technical Anaylist for the BAU for about a year. I still worked in the same room with Garcia but I still loved it here anyways. After a long day at work Hotch decided that we all go out to chinnese. I liked chinnese but I didn't feel right by going. "Are you coming?" Hotch asked me. "Oh...no...I don't think so." I said. "Why not?" I shrugged. "I just feel weird going." I said. "The team wants you there." He said. "I know but-" He smiled. "I want you there" I stopped talking at his interruption. "You do?" He nodded. "Um...okay...let me just get my bag." I said. "I'll see you there." He said.
I had a great time eating dinner with the team. It was very intertaining to watch Reid try to eat with chopsticks. After dinner I walked to my car and got in. I put the key in and turned it. Nothing. "Damn....stupid old car." I muttered and got out. I popped the hood and smoke poured out. I shut it and fanned away the smoke. "Need a ride?" I turned to see Hotch pulled up in his car. "Do you mind?" I asked. "Of course not." He said. I got in the passenger side and buckled in. "Tell me your address." He said. "Right." I said.
He walked me up to my appartment. "You didn't have to walk me up." I said. "I know...but I thought we could use some time to talk." He said. "About what?" I asked. "How about I just show you." I was about to reply until he kissed me. I was in shock for a few seconds but kissed him back. I managed to get my door open and pulled him in by his tie.
It's been around a month since I've been with Aaron. It's hard keeping it a secret from all the profilers but it got easier everyday. I walked into the office to see another bundle of roses in a nice glass vase. "Third one this week....you must be getting lucky with guys." Garcia said. "He needs to stop spending money on me before I flip out." I said. "He treats you special...I think it's cute." She said. I heard a knock and Derek was at the door. "Hotch wants you both in the conference room." He said. "Oh...alright." I said.
I walked into the conference room and sat on the available chair. Aaron gave me a nod and I gave him a small smile. "We are heading off to Canada this week. No good cell service so one of you two are going with us." I turned to Garcia. "She's going.....since she's never been with the team on cases she goes." Garcia said. "I don't think that's a good idea." I said. "Of course it is....you'll do fine." J.J said. "Um....okay." I said quietly. "Now I think we should discuss this on the plane to give us a head start." Aaron said. "I'll go get my bag." I said. I walked out and Aaron followed. "I think it's good that your coming along." He said. "I don't think I'm ready." I said. "You'll do fine.....you have done fine here." He said. "Because I was with Garcia." I said. "You'll do great." He said. I just gave him a nod then walked into the room. I grabbed my go bag and purse out of the desk then closed it back. "Good luck." Garcia said. "Is it normal to actually be nervous for once?" I asked. "Ha! I told you that you get nervous." I turned to see Derek. "Not helping." I said. "It's just the first time you've ammitted to being nervous of something." He said. "Well it's a big deal now." I said. "Well we have to go....come on sis." He put an arm around me and pulled me out of the room. "Can you let me go now?" I asked. "Of course not." He said. "Your an ass Derek.'' I mumbled. "Yea I know." He said.
During the case I found out I was having a baby. I was to scared to tell Aaron so I didn't. It was about a week later and I walked into his office. "Here are the files you asked for." I said and set them on his desk. "Thank you." He said. "Your welcome." I went to leave but he stopped me. "I want you to meet Jack tonight." He said. I turned back to him. "A-Are you sure?" I asked. "Of course I am...I think he will love you." I smiled. "I'd love too." I said. He stood up. "Good....let's go." I smiled. "Are you sure you want to go now...you haven't finished your paperwork." I said. "I'm fine....this is more important." He said. "Off we go then."
In the elevator to his appartment I felt nervous. 'Damn...I'm always getting nervous now.' I thought to myself. He led me to his door and got out his keys. "I've never been to your appartment." I said. "We always go to your don't we?" I nodded. He pushed the door open and music flooded my ears. I walked inside and I saw a little boy sitting on the couch. "Did you have a good night at work?" A teenage girl asked as she walked into the room. "Oh....I didn't know you brought a friend." She said. "Aly....this is my co-worker Ashley Morgan. Ashly this is my babysitter Aly." He said. "Nice to meet you.' I said. "He was good tonight......I haven't fed him yet." She said. "Good. I was thinking about taking them out to dinner tonight." She eyed the two of us suspiciously. "Uh huh...well....good night Mr. Hotchner." She said. "Hey Jack...could you come in here for a minute?" He asked. I watched him come into the room. "Jack...this is a good friend of mine....her name is Ashley." Aaron. I got on my knees in front of the boy. "It's nice to meet you Jack." I said. He shly hid behind Aaron's leg. I stood up. "He'll warm up to you." I just nodded. "Are you hungry jack?" Aaron asked. "Yes." Jack's little voice said. "Let's go out then...." He said. "Maybe this isn't the right time yet.' I said. "Of course it is....he will love you." He whispered. "I think I need to tell you something." I said. "Can it wait?" He asked. "I don't know." I said. I looked down at Jack. "You know what.....let's just go eat." I said.
After dinner Jack finally warmed up to me. I was quiet most of the way through dinner though. "Something on your mind?" Aaron asked as we walked towards his place. Jack ran ahead. "I.....Aaron...there's something we need to talk about....like right now." I said. "What is it?" He asked. "I'm pregnant." I whispered. He stopped. "Please say something...I don't like the silence." I said. "How long have you known?" He asked. "A long time....I'm about three months." I said. "Well....looks like we can tell Jack then." He said. "Let's wait." I said. "Alright." He said. "It's just I don't think he would take this very well just yet." I said.
At my ninth month I was huge. Me and Aaron finally told the team about us and Derek got pissed off for a while. When he found out I was pregnant he warmed up to the idea but had a word with Aaron to make sure he would take care of me. I was working at the computers when my stomach started to hurt. "Are you okay?" Garcia asked. "Yeah.....just hurting a bit is all." I said. "How long?" She asked. "A while." I said. "I think your in labor." She said. "No....I'm not due yet." I said. "Your in labor my friend." SHe said. "But Aaron isn't here....he...he won't get here for three days." I whispered. "You can't hold it off. I'll call him for you in the car." She said.
I spent the longest time ever in painful labor. It turns out that I was having two children. I gave birth to my baby girl Amber Hotchner and a boy named Aaron Hotcner Jr. "They look like Hotch." Garcia said as she held Aaron. I heard a knock. I turned to the door to see Aaron. "You weren't supposed to be here for days." I said. "I know...Morgan is in charge." I smiled. "Come meet your children." I said to him. "Is it okay if Jack comes in?" He asked. "Of course." I said. "Jack....come on in...I have someone i want you to meet." He said. Jack's little figure walked in. "Do you want to meet your brother and sister?" Jack nodded. Aaron lifted him up and placed him on the edge of the bed. "Jack...this is your sister Amber." I said. "Hi Amber." He said. I smiled at Aaron. "This is one family huh?" He smiled and took Aaron Jr. From Garcia

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