Random Baby Daddys

Baby Daddy one shots about random celebrities and characters.


2. Aaron Hotchner 1

~My name is Anna Lufur. I'm 33 and I am starting work at the F.B.I. As I walked into the big building I looked around. I needed to find a Aaron Hotchner. I saw a girl with bright clothes and reddish hair. I walked up to her. "can you tell me where an Aaron Hotchner would b?"I asked. "Right this way."She said. I smiled. I followed her to a big office. "Hotch there is a girl here to see you."She said. "Send her in."He said and sounded stressed. I walked in. "Oh You must be Anna LuFur."He said. "Nice to meet you."I said. He shook my hand. "This is our technical analists Penelope Garcia."He said pointing to a girl from before. I smiled. "the rest of the team will be here soon we just got a new case."He said. I waited about 15 minutes and a boatload of people walked in. I saw David Rossi. Crap. "Nice to see you again agent LuFur."He said. "You too."I said. The team was amazingly talented. But noonne caught my eye but Aaron Hotchner.
Hotch was in his office again. He was always here later then everyone else. I walked into his office. "Is everything ok?"I asked. "Nope."He sighed. "I can help you if you need it."I said. "Could you go tto my house and watch Jack untill i get home?"He asked. "sure."I said. "Thank you."He said. "No problem."I smiled. I got his key and directions and headed there. He lived in a appartment complex. I walked up to room 209 and unlocked the door. "Jack."I said. I saw a little boy run up to me. I met him before. "Hi anna."He smiled. I picked him up and a girl about 16 walked in. "I'm the babysitter."She said. "I'm agent LuFur i work with Aaron."I said. "Thanks for coming I have to go."She said and rushed out. "Did you eat dinner?"I asked and he shook his head no. I cooked him some chicken tenders and mac and cheese. I let him eat in the living room while he watched spongebob. After dinner he put on his P.J's and I helped him into bed. Soon he was asleep and I wentr back to the living room. The door opened and Hotch put his breifcase and go-bag on the floor. "Thanks."He said again. I smiled. As I turned to leave he grabbed my arm. I turned around and I felt him pull me. I was now pressed up against him. Our lips were now moving with eachothers. Gosh he was good at this. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he started unbuttoning my button up blouse. I felt him pick me up and carry me to his room. I heard the light door shut and he pushed me onto the bed. Then my shirt and his were on the floor. We kissed again. Am I about to have sex with my boss? I undid his pants and them and his boxers fell to the floor. He slid my slacks off and they fell onto his. He undid my bra and it fell. He kissed my chest and nipped at my breasts. I moaned litghtly and quietly. He slid my underwear down my legs and entered me. I sighed deeply. "Aaron."I whispered. I bit my lip as he thrusted again.
3 Years Later
We had a beautiful daughter now. She looked alot like Hotch. The team was stiil shocked about me and Hotch but oh well. Now we are happy with two kids and a wedding ring.

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