Barry Allen dealt with the life he was given. He hardly complained since he felt spoiled enough dating a girl who probably didn't know the meaning the word "work." But it didn't matter, he had his whole life ahead of him. Drifter Caitlin Snow accidentally fell into that path. Barry didn't know if it was coincidence or why she was the only one making sense of it. Snowbarry. AU.


3. Chapter 3

Barry's head ached where he lay. His abdomen didn't allow him the freedom to move like he wanted. He could only open his eyes, slowly but carefully. Blinking until they were fully open as the rest of his body felt light and airy. It was almost like he lost most of his body weight from the tightly bound sheets across his torso. He touched his body realizing he was still in his work attire. His eyes focused upward, his hand began blocking his vision.

Bright lights, it was too blinding, but he could see clearly. Looking around he saw his mother and father were sitting in the corner of the room, the doctor attempting to explain something he couldn't quite make out coherently. Barry's mind felt asleep but it was like a sting was pulling his brain to not fall completely in calmness.

How could he be calm? What was going on? Where was he? Suddenly he felt like he could move, his mind was dragging behind him as he easily slipped off the heart monitor from his finger. He could walk, but how? Nothing was making sense now.

Barry swallowed harshly as he saw his mother look right passed him, not even glancing his way. Her eyes glazed over as more tears slipped off her cheeks. His father was turning a blind eye to Barry appearing right in front of his face as he wiped his eyes. This never happened. They were never emotional over anything. He was seeing it for the first time in a long time.

How could they not see him? Barry charged forward.

"Guys? It's me. It's-it's Barry! I'm here. I'm fine. G-guys?!" Barry raised his voice even more but it was no use.

His parents were looking toward the hospital bed he laid on. Staring as if hope was on their side. It was like Barry was invisible to them.

"Guys! Mom! Dad! Dad I know you see me." Barry's incredulous voice spiked but the volume was lost on them. "Mom, come on! It's me. You know me. I'm not joking. This is—" he was cut off by them both leaving the room as they took one last look before they left.

Barry turned around in a deadly fashion. They his body lay, the real him, flesh, tone and body in the hospital bed. His mouth was hooked up to a breathing machine, bruises covered his jaw line, and he looked practically gone. Heart monitor barely steady. His vitals were stagnant. What was happening?

"This is not real, I'm dreaming. Oh god, no, no, no! Oh please no, god. This isn't happening. I'm—that's me—I'm dead. No!" He exclaimed.

Barry turned around grabbing the handle but he phased through it. His eyes expanded at the action as he lifted his hand in front of his face.

"No way." He said above a whisper, blinking slowly. "This can't be. Mom!" He stepped forward only to phase through the entire door.

He ran over to where his parents stood as they were discussing Barry's situation. His father tried to be strong but his mother looked weary.

"...Nora you know we are both too strong to give up on him. The doctor just said it was hopeless. But I still believe he could make it. Sweetheart would you look at me please?" Henry Allen spoke to his wife who was looking anywhere but her husband's eyes.

Barry focused on the scene in front of him. What were they talking about just now? What did it have to do with giving up on him? Is he really gone?

Nora Allen's attention was diverted. All she could think about was her only son laying there, hanging onto his life. Was this what Barry would have wanted? For them to keep fighting for him? Seeing them like this tore him up.

"Do you honestly think I am stable enough to discuss this Henry? He's my boy."

"He is our boy. Don't exclude me because you are being so tirelessly negligent. Even to Barry."

"Henry, this isn't the place. Barry doesn't have much time left. We do the surgeries but they won't change anything. He won't be coming back. There is no hope left. I'm not excluding you. I don't want this to be about the affair."

Barry's shocked expression came as a surprise. "Affair? Oh god. It's true. Dad said you weren't around lately."

"It isn't, I don't care anymore what you do or who you do it to. This is our son we are talking about Nora. Can't you have faith in him? You always ignored him as your own. Now it feels like we won't have him in our lives anymore. The one good thing that brought us together and made us a family. Barry needs us Nora, don't abandon him like you had so many times before."

The was all Barry could listen to. He couldn't cry in his form but he wanted to right now. He wanted to sob from hearing the truth of his parents for the first time in years. Now he didn't know what was going on, or why they never told him what happened.

He walked away from the discussion and ran directly to Olivia's apartment. He was surprised to see her home and not at the hospital watching over him. He also found it odd when he heard loud music and what sounded like a party gathering around.

Barry peered into the window before phasing inside. That phasing ability was feeling weird for him. Strange that literally no one noticed him when he walked around her apartment. Olivia never kept their place clean and this was one of the many parties he had to clean up after. Her parents let to do whatever she wanted. People thought Barry was the spoiled one, but he doesn't compare to Olivia.

He didn't see her anywhere, it looked like she was either in one of the rooms or outside on the balcony. The curtains were open as Barry walked up to the window, looking around and stopped when he saw her sitting on the edge nursing a beer and looking down.

Something was odd about the way she was looking at the ground. Her friend next to her was saying something about getting out more and Olivia rolled her eyes, laughing. Barry couldn't help but listen in. Curiosity got the better of him.

"Girl seriously, I know that Allen guy is like rich and stuff, but he's like in a coma now. How is that any type of relationship?"

Olivia frowned, placing the beer to the side and hoped off the balcony. "It's not, you're right. His parents seem to think he might make it. We've been together for a long time, Bebe, I don't know if it's easy to say goodbye in the condition he's in."

"So you're telling me, what, you actually cared about him? I thought his inheritance was what drew you guys together? Don't you remember that like ages ago? Barry is so noble he wouldn't give you the time of day since you came on strong. Then I swooped in and hooked you guys up with that charity thing Barry used to do. I was the one that started this. Shouldn't I be the one to have a say in it?"

Olivia sighed, she looked like she was considering what her friend said for a moment. Barry was in pain watching his girlfriend give up on him so easily. He should have known it was a set up. She was just like her parents. Barry wanted to give her chance because he thought she was genuine enough.

This was turning out to be the worst thing he'd ever witnessed, knowing what people in his life really think about him when he isn't around. He felt ill, there was nothing he could do, there was no use shouting, no one was going to hear him.

Barry walked out of her apartment and decided to head to his friend's place. They always got along, no reason why it'd be any different. His friend and his girlfriend lived so close. Barry crept up the stoop and phased through the door, feeling that odd tingling sensation again only more amplified; like the feeling you have when your foot falls asleep.

He heard voices, it sounded like a couple of his friends were in the master bedroom. Barry slowly walked inside almost forgetting he was an apparition, and peeked around to see his two best friends lounging on the couch, the TV was turned on as they swung back their usual liquor. Barry felt weird watching them when they couldn't see or hear them. They were in mid-conversation when Barry decided to listen in.

"So Allen is pretty much screwed huh?" Barry made out Todd's voice clearly.

"Barry? Yeah he's fucked. I don't know man, sucks for him. It's too depressing to go back to the hospital. We were gonna hang out more. Not sure, he's changed before all this happened." Eric commented, flicking over the channels.

"Oh you mean he's neglected his best friends for that girl? Don't know why he cares so much about her. It's obvious why she's with him. Barry's too much of a pussy to own that shit."

"Dude, this is Barry, I mean he's done a lot of stuff in the past that we were cool with. It's those fucking parents that fucked him up. The girl didn't help. That was clearly arranged by her dad. I still have no clue why Barry never broke up with her. She's so fucked up." Eric scoffed.

"You know what's gonna happen right?"

"What's that?"

"You know about Allen's inheritance right? Well, she's his girlfriend and I'm pretty sure if he croaks she's getting most of it."

"Seriously? Man, that's shitty. Why would he give anything to her? She was clearly with him for the money anyway. Her father is wealthy enough, now she wants to suck Allen for all he's worth, well, all his parent's worth."

Eric frowned as he stood up and threw away the bottles. "I feel bad for him. He's probably gonna die without knowing his gold digging girlfriend will get everything."

Barry smirked in a sinister manner. "He knows now."

"Don't know, people wake up from comas sometimes, do you think he has it in him?"

"He could surprise us. I wish there was a way we could find that will, maybe have his lawyers destroy it without Olivia knowing she's in it. I don't think she knows yet."

"Something tells me she does. I have a bad feeling about this."

Barry listened to every word before he found himself crouched on the ground holding his face in his hands in agony. The way his best friends talked about someone he trusted for two years, he almost didn't want to live. There was nothing he could do when he's a floating ghost. His friends went back to watching some sports event and Barry picked himself up and left the apartment before he heard anymore.

The fact that his friends knew the truth about her and didn't tell him changed everything. He realized that his whole life has been a lie and the only thing left for him to do is watch his lifeless body barely make it through the final hours.

There was no hope left, Barry walked around until he found his way on the train platform. He aimlessly phased his body through the the MTA fair detector. No way to pay if you're already dead.

He heard something behind him and turned around.

"Excuse me pardon me, running late. Move. Sorry, bye." A woman out of breath and in a hurry rushed passed him and onto the train spot.

Just before the doors open Barry narrowed his eyes. It couldn't be, could it?

"Can she hear me?" The woman turned his way looking directly at him as his eyes protruded. "Can she see me too?"

The doors to the train slid open as Barry looked on with shock and panic. He followed the woman inside the tram, getting to the bottom of this.

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