How Did We End Up Here

It's been 20 years since One Direction split and started to start a family but when Liam and his wife Gabby decide to invite them over to share stories and remember those days, will secrets be told and people's feelings get hurt... [© 2015 Copyrights go to Gabby W. All rights reserved]


1. Prologue

Gabby's P.O.V


I sighed as I heard the doorbell ring. They're here! I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me before I could go answer it. I could feel my husband of 13 years breathe hit my neck making me shiver.


"Are you nerves? This is the first time we all will sit down and talk about the past," Liam asked as I turned around in his arms. He smiled. We were about to kiss when the doorbell rang again. "You answer the door and I will see if the food is ready. We all know how Niall is," he remarked and chuckled at the last part. I chuckled with him.


"Mommy! Auntie Ruby and Uncle Niall are here!" our daughter Alicia called as she, Jack, and Megan ran to the door to open it. I chuckled and followed. Alicia is five, Jack is ten, and Megan is twelve. Megan opened it and just like that they attacked Niall. Niall laughed as he picked up Alicia and hugged the others. I walked over and hugged him then Ruby. She carried their two year old son, Mark. I brought them into the living room.


"How are you two? Sorry we didn't come to see you guys in the hospital. Jack was sick so we couldn't do much," I explained.


"That's fine! We are just glad you get to see him right now," Ruby replied and handed Mark to me so I can hold him. We heard another ring from the doorbell. 


"I got it!" Liam shouted. When he left I turned back to Ruby and Niall. 


"So... Anything new happened to you guys?" I asked as I sat on the couch with Mark. They looked at each other and smiled.


"We have a surprise but you have to wait until the rest are here," Ruby replied. I frowned.


"What's up everyone!" someone shouted behind us. I didn't have to turn to know it was Louis.I got up and walked over to Louis and his wife, Melissa. Standing by her were their two children. Theo, who is five and Mayra, who is two.


"Hey Louis! Melissa!" I greeted. I gave Theo and Mayra a kiss on the cheek. Then out of no where Harry popped out.


"Hey!" he shouted. Katrina followed along with their baby girl, Darcy.


"I guess we are waiting on Zayn?" Liam asked and I nodded. There was an awkward silence after that. Then the door bell rang. "Oh thank god!" Liam shouted as he ran to get the door. Minutes later Zayn and Jade walked in.


"Okay kids! Go play!" I commanded the kids and they ran off who knows where. "Ruby and Katrina. Follow me. I'll take you where you can get Darcy and Mark settled while we talk."


After everyone was outside and comfortable Ruby stood up.


"Me and Niall have an announcement for everyone," she announced and we waited for her to go on."I'm pregnant!" We all cheered.


"Me and Zayn have announcement too!" Jade said as she stood. "I'm pregnant too!" Me and the girls squealed as the guys patted Zayn on the back. 


"That's funny because me and Liam just found out we are going to have a baby too!" I announced. This is going to be an interesting night.




Avril Lavigne as Gabby 

Liam Payne as himself

Perrie Edwards as Ruby

Niall Horan as himself

AnnaSophia Robb as Katrina 

Harry Styles as himself

Kat Graham as Jade

Zayn Malik as himself

Jade Thirlwall as Melissa 

Louis Tomlinson


Hey everyone! So this is going to be hard to explain what's going to happen so read on and if it is still not clear then I will try to explain it then.



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