How Did We End Up Here

It's been 20 years since One Direction split and started to start a family but when Liam and his wife Gabby decide to invite them over to share stories and remember those days, will secrets be told and people's feelings get hurt... [© 2015 Copyrights go to Gabby W. All rights reserved]


4. Chapter 3- The Meeting of Ruby and Niall

Chapter 3

The Meeting of Ruby and Niall


Ruby's P.O.V

"Okay! Who's next?" Gabby asked. I raised my hand. "Ruby! You can go next."


"Okay! Well..."


I was working at this sports store (I forgot the name of it) and I was putting up sports shirts. My friend, Ruth was also working there with me. Ruth loved to flirt with guys and go on dates and stuff. I, on the other hand, don't really care. 


"Ruby!" Ruth whispered and nudge me to listen to her. I looked at her and she was pointing at something. At my store we had to go and help customers. Ruth would sometimes make me go help cute boys who would come in but they always stared at Ruth and want her help instead. I looked over to where she was pointing and there was a blonde with a couple of his friends. "I think you should go help them before Madison does," she added. Madison is another girl who works here and also gets all the guys too. Even if I went to help them they will still want her or Ruth.


"I don't know Ruthie. Every time I help out a guy or guys they request for you or Madison instead," I replied. I looked over to the blonde and he was staring at me and Ruth. 


"Look! He's staring at you! I don't think he wants me or Madison so go!" Ruth begged and I gave in. Like always. I walked over there. I looked back to Ruth and she gave me the thumbs up. I sighed. I can do this, I told myself.


"Hello! How can I help you guys?" I asked with a smile small. The blonde smiled back.


"Where is the footballs?" he asked. I can tell he's Irish by his accent. And I also know that football is soccer in a lot of places. 


"Over here," I answered as I lead them the way. I showed them and they thanked me. I walked away so they can look at them but they stopped me before I can.


"Miss?" The blonde asked. I turned and waited for him to continue. "Can you help us find one?" he asked. I nodded. After he find the one he was looking for we headed for the check out. I saw out of the corner of my eye one of his friends nudge him. "Can I ask you something.." he waited for my name.




"Can I ask you something Ruby?" he asked. I nodded. "Can I have your number? You seem like a cool girl to hang around," he asked.


"I don't even know your name," I answered.


"Niall," he answered. His friend paid for his stuff and when the receipt came out I wrote my number on it.


"Well Niall. Here you go," I said as I handed him the receipt. He smiled and left. 


Hello! It's been awhile but here it is! Two more couples to go and then we can get to the good parts! I hope you are liking it so far. I will make Zayn and Jade's longer because I fill bad. 


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