How Did We End Up Here

It's been 20 years since One Direction split and started to start a family but when Liam and his wife Gabby decide to invite them over to share stories and remember those days, will secrets be told and people's feelings get hurt... [© 2015 Copyrights go to Gabby W. All rights reserved]


3. Chapter 2- The Meeting of Jade and Zayn

​Q​u​ick not​e: I'm going to do a meeting for all so we can get them over with so I hope you guys don't mind.




Chapter 2


The Meeting of Jade and Zayn


Jade’s P.O.V


“Okay! Who’s next?” Gabby asked and looked at everyone. I started to sink down in my seat. Gabby looked over at me. “Jade! Why don’t you tell us how you and Zayn me!” I felt like I was in a class room where the teacher calls on you to speak.


“I don’t know… Ours was kind of awkward…” I replied slowly. Gabby gave me a warm smile which made me feel a little bit better about talking about how we met. “Okay… This is how it begun….”



“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?” My friend Meg asked me. I shook my head no at her. My boyfriend, Aaron had just cheated on me (cheesy I know) with some blonde at our school. I’ve been cooped up at my house for days and I just want to get out and be by myself. Is that too hard to ask?


“I’ll be back. I’m just going to get ice cream,” I replied in a matter-of-fact tone. She gave me a worried look but let me go. I love Meg but sometimes she needs to stop worrying about me. I walked to my car and drove to the store and walked in. I went straight to the desserts isle. I feel like everyone is judging me right now because I’m just wearing sweat pants, a t-shirt, flip-flops and my make-up is probably everywhere on my face. I stood looking at the ice cream before I felt a tap on my shoulder.


“Are you okay?” a guy with jet black hair and piercing brown eyes. He was hot I had to admit.


“Um… Yeah. Sure,” I answered. I hoped he’ll leave but he didn’t. He stood there with me while I choice what kind of ice cream I wanted. I decided to go for chocolate and walked over to pay. The guy that ask if I was okay stood next to me and handed money to the cashier. I looked at him shocked. Why is he doing this? “Thanks. I guess,” I said as he handed me the ice cream. He smiled.


“I’m Zayn by the way,” he greeted. I told him mine and that’s how it started…


Hello everyone! So I decided to do a chapter for each of the couples and how they met just to get that out of the way! Thanks for all the lovely comments.

Chapter goal: 40 likes and 50 favorites

Can we do it? Also comment what you thought on how Jade and Zayn met and who I should do next! There’s:

Ruby and Niall

Katrina and Harry

Melissa and Louis

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