How Did We End Up Here

It's been 20 years since One Direction split and started to start a family but when Liam and his wife Gabby decide to invite them over to share stories and remember those days, will secrets be told and people's feelings get hurt... [© 2015 Copyrights go to Gabby W. All rights reserved]


2. Chapter 1- The Meeting of Gabby and Liam

Quick note: all flash backs will be in Bold Italic letters like this. It will just help you to read it without being confused. Now enjoy!



Chapter 1

The Meeting of Gabby and Liam


"Where should we start?" Jade asked as we all looked at each other, hoping one of us starts. "Gabby, why don't you tell us the story of how you and Liam met?" she asked as she looked over at me.


"Okay..." I said nervously.


"Do you want me to tell it?" Liam asked and I shook my head no.


*Gabby's Point Of View on the story*

Me and my friend, Kimberly had gotten tickets to our favorite singer, Ed Sheeran. Well like every girl about to go to a concert I was freaking out!

"I don't know, Kim," I said as I looked in the mirror. "This outfit doesn't look like a girl who likes Ed Sheeran," I finished.


"That's the point! We should look totally different from everyone else because not everyone is the same," she answered as she appeared behind me in the mirror. "And it shouldn't matter what people think about us. We can wear whatever!" she shouted as she walked into her bathroom. Me and Kimberly live in an apartment together with our other best friend Caitlin. 


"You're right. You always are," I said as I followed her. "Come on, Kim! We need to go!"


"We have like three hours! Chill!"


"I know but the ride is like one hour and it'll probably take us another hour to find a parking spot and we all know you are probably wanting to get food so yeah..." 


"Okay! I see your point! Come on then!" we both said goodbye to Caitlin who can't come because her boyfriend is taking her out to see Shawn Mendes. Me and Kimberly think he is going to propose to her because they have been together for 3 years and he told us that he was planning this for a while and had something else special planned. 


We got into the car and left. I put my playlist on shuffle and I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic!At the Disco started playing. Throughout the whole car ride me and Kimberly sang all our favorite songs until we got there. I found a parking spot pretty close up front and we grabbed a bite from one of the vendors inside then found our seats. There's was a lot of people here already and we still had another hour. After awhile of sitting and chatting a group of guys came over and sat down. They all had sunglasses on which was weird because we were inside a building. I shrugged it off. 


"Hey Gabby. Doesn't those guys next to you look familiar?" Kimberly asked as I looked at them. The one next to me had blonde hair. But he switched seats after one of them whispered something in his ear. There was now a guy with brown hair sat next to me. 


"Hey, I can't help but notice that you are really pretty," the guys spoke up and I blushed which is rare because I hardly blush. "So you like Ed Sheeran?" he asked.


"Uh...Yeah! I love him! And so does my friends," I answered. "I'm Gabby by the way."


"I'm Liam and the one you sat by earlier was Niall," he introduced.


"From One Direction?" I asked which I feel dump for asking.


"Uh-" he said before I interrupted him.


"I'm sorry! That was a stupid and weird question," I said and he chuckled. 


"It's fine! I get that a lot.They seem like pretty cool dudes," he replied. Me and Liam talked until it started and talked when it ended. It's nice to meet someone that has the same liking as you."I have to tell you something Gabby," he said all of a sudden.


"Yeah? What is it, Liam?" I tilted my head.


"I'm Liam Payne. From One Direction," he answered. I started to giggle. He looked at me confused. "What's so funny?" He asked.


"You! I already knew that when you started talking to me. Your accent gave it away," I giggled. 


"You're really smart,Gabby. I'm glad you didn't freak out on me. I like talking to you," he said and smiled. I smiled back. 


"Gabby! We need to go! I'm getting hungry and Caitlin wants to tells us something when we get back!" Kimberly yelled. She was at the exit and the rest of the boys were probably at their bus because they weren't here. I hugged Liam and ran off. Waving at Liam on my way to Kimberly. "He's cute! You guys will make a cute couple," she said when we were walking to our car.


"He's taken," I said and frowned. She patted me on the back.


"It's okay! If he really liked you then he will brake up with her and go to you! Now lets see what Caitlin wants!" she shouted and ran to the car. I followed her.


"That sounded like a fan fiction story," Niall commented and we all looked at him like he was crazy. "Not like I would know what that is or anything..." we all laughed.


"What happens next?" Ruby asked me.


"Uh... Who's next?" 


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