we were meant to be

Emma had everything she wanted. A cute boyfriend, her best friend by her side, and not to mention, magical powers! She's ready to start the new year off with a bang.

what happened next , well

not even her powers could have predicted that


4. chapter 4

Jax p.o.v 

As I walked into my second period class everyone turned to look at me. Well everyone except this one girl who was looking down at her lap. "Hello! You must be Jax, the new foriegn exchange student! Welcome to Iridium high!" She looked at the class and her smile fell. " Class! Have you no manners? Say hello to our new student!" "Hello" the class mumbled. "Alright you can go take a seat next to Andi in the back" she said pointing to the girl who was sitting by herself. I nodded and headed to my new seat.

Andi p.o.v 

I was sitting in second period science when I heard the door open. I looked up but when I saw who it was I blushed and looked back down at my lap. It was that boy from this morning! I ignored his conversation with mrs. Newman until I heard my name " you can sit next to andi" 

My heart started beating faster as he walked down the row. "Hey" he said in an amazing austrailian accent as he slid into the seat next to me. "Hi" I mumbled. "My names jax, nice to meet you Andi." He said sticking out his hand for me to shake. I shook.


"Wow you've got a strong grip for a girl" he said giving me this cute little lopsided grin. "Hey I'm not a girl,well I mean I am but I'm not a girly girl." I said. He laughed. "Ok so you're not a girl you're a boy. Got it." He said, still grinning. "No!" I said, giggling. Wait giggling?!?! I never giggled! Giggling was for prissy, pink-loving, girly girls!


We were silent until jax said "you have a really nice laugh. Why do I get the feeling you don't do it often?" He cocked his head a little, making him look even cuter.


"Um so you're australian. That's cool I've always wanted to go there." I said, changing the subject. " yeah I moved here two weeks ago with my dad" he responded. I almost asked about his mom but I stopped myself. Usually when people left out one of their parents that meant something bad had happened to them.


The bell rang "what class do you have next?" He asked me. I glanced at my schedule. "English" I replied. "Same." He said grinning. 

After school in emma's room 

Andi p. o .v 

Later, after school, i was in emma's room lyinh on her bed while she paced back and forth, ranting about her father. "I can't believe him!" She yelled "I'm not allowed to see daniel for two weeks! I mean we weren't even doing anything,we were just kissing!"


I nodded even though I wasn't paying attention. ( I know we made a deal before about her talking about daniel, but she was really upset so I let her talk.) She yelled on and on but I barely heard a word. I was too busy thinking about Jax. We had a lot of fun together today, since we had almost every class together. I learned that he lived close to school with his father, that he had no pets ( his motercycle was hard enough to take care of) and that his favorite color was navy blue. He had told me at the end of the day that I was really cool and that we should hang out sometime,and he had even given me a hug. I smiled.


"RIGHT ANDI!!" I heard Emma say, breaking me out of my trance. "Yeah totally, whatever...hey i better head home I've got lots of homework." I said pushing my self off the bed and grabbing my bag. "See you tommorow em's" I said, giving her a quick hug and heading out the door.

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