we were meant to be

Emma had everything she wanted. A cute boyfriend, her best friend by her side, and not to mention, magical powers! She's ready to start the new year off with a bang.

what happened next , well

not even her powers could have predicted that


3. chapter 3

Emma p.o.v

" Hi dad I mean.... principal alanzo"I said correcting myself after noticing someone sitting across from him. "Hello Emma, this is Jax a new foreign exchange student, and I need you to schedule show him around school." He said, a little too excitedly. I gasped when the boy turned around (finally) to look at me. It was the same boy on the motorcycle this morning.

"Hi Emma" he said in a (very sexy sounding) Australian accent. "Hi" I mumbled nervously. "Ok jax so here's your schedule and student I,d" my dad said, breaking the awkward moment. "Now both of you out, I've got work to do" he said, shooing us with his hands.

"Ok so where to first?" He asked. "I guess we can start at your locker" I said shyly. "Don't be so shy love" he said, tilting my head up with his finger "I don't bite" he added giving me this adorable little lopsided smirk. "Um so your locker is down this hall" I said gently taking his schedule out of his other hand. He followed behind me like a puppy while I showed him all his classrooms.

As we reached his last classroom, math, we bumped into someone who I particularly didn't want to see at the moment. " hi Daniel" I said blushing a little bit . " hey Emma, who's this" he said looking at jax with a smile. "This is jax, he's a foreign exchange student " I said stepping aside so they could shake hands.


"Um jax this is daniel, my boyfriend" I muttered. I still couldnt get used to calling him that. I thought I saw a flash of disappointment on Jax's face but I guess I just imagined it because when I tuned back into the conversation they were talking about swimming.

" yeah we've got a swimming team" Daniel was saying. They talked for a few more seconds until the bell rang. "Well I guess I'm off to second period" Jax said grinning. "Bye" Daniel and I said as we watched him walk down the hall.

As soon as he was gone Daniel grabbed my hand and pulled me to the deserted hallway that nobody used anymore. "Why are we here" I asked him, confused. "So I can do this" he said and then kissed me. I closed my eyes and tried to feel the spark that I felt every time we kissed but it never came.

When Daniel finally broke away, I looked into his eyes. They had turned gray. "What the hell?" I thought. They were usually hazel. I blinked and they returned to their normal color. I shrugged "maybe it's the lights playing with my eyes " I thought. "I gotta go to class" I whispered.

"Ok see you later" he whispered back I hurried down the end of the hall. "Emma, what were you doing down that hall" I heard my dad from behind me. I slowly turned around. a moment later,  Daniel appeared from the dim lighting of the hallway. My dad looked from me to him with anger in his eyes. " to my office, now. Both of you"

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