we were meant to be

Emma had everything she wanted. A cute boyfriend, her best friend by her side, and not to mention, magical powers! She's ready to start the new year off with a bang.

what happened next , well

not even her powers could have predicted that


2. chapter 2

Andi p.o.v

As soon as I saw that new boy take off his helmet my heart fluttered. I just stared at him. He was really really cute in my opinion. I glanced over at Emma and saw her staring at him too. She looked over at me. " look at his bike its so cool!" I said, trying to cover up the fact that I was looking at him too. It was a pretty sick bike, but who would stare at that when the rider looked this good? We stood there for a few more seconds gawking before Emma started to pull me inside." Wait! Can't I just look at it for a few more seconds?" I asked. I pouted as she pulled me through the doors. "Well, here goes our first day of sophmore year" she said, but I was barely listening. That straight black hair, those gray eyes..."stop it andi!" I thought, mentally slapping myself. Since when do I dream about boys?!? " so our lockers should be in the left wing of the school...Andi are you even listening?" She asked, waving her hand in my face. "Yeah, lockers,right wing" I said swatting her hand away. " I said left wing" she said, looking at me with a confused expression. "What's up with you this morning? You usually don't go that nuts over motercycles..." "I'm just....stressed." I said quickly "sorry gotta go, don't wanna be late to class in the first day! "I said, hurrying down the hall, leaving emma with a worried look on her face.

Emma p.o.v

"What was up with andi this morning?" I thought as I sat in my first period history class. I just sat there in silence for a moment until I heard someone calling my name. "Emma Alanzo, Emma Alanzo, please report to the principals office, thank you" I heard over the loud speaker. I groaned and slid out of my chair, grabbing my bag and headed towards the principals office.

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