My Inked Up Heart


1. She is

She is a story written in brown eyes and passion and long hair which reminds you of the mist on a beautiful fall morning.  So many things about her are naturally lovely that honestly, even I cannot hate her, even if though I have attempted.


And here is me, me with dark eyes, always questioning, and unsure of what I am doing.
 My words are all difficult questions and strange arguments. 


 I am not a story, but a half written poem, leaving unfinished endings as I am going in this life, relying on the wild to keep me alive. 

I live on ideas, full moon nights and insomnia.  I am an open book of the best mistakes I have made and completely, utterly selfish about you.

She is a mustang. And I am a wolf.


I am wild, I howl at the moon and sacrifice my heart away, but only when it comes to you.
 She other hand, is always generous and giving and true.

She has taken my moon from me, but giving you up is the most selfless thing I will ever do. For here is the thing, my darling, here is the truth.

I will love you more fiercely than she ever could. But she is the one who deserves you.

Her heart is cleaner, less polluted than mine. I am only beautiful when I hunt.

She on the other hand is beautiful in an always sort of way.

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