My Inked Up Heart


2. Depression

Depression isn't a choice, it's not something somebody can just have when they feel like it.


It's a trap, a trap that can kill you if you allow it, and it never really goes away, it's simply there waiting and watching your every move.


It eases up, but that is just its way of giving you false hope about getting better, because the instant you feel happy it yanks you back into the darkness.


It watches people suffer, seeing them in so much pain makes it stronger, feeding it more motive to weaken the person.


The worst part of it all is when you refuse to back down, because the moment you challenge it, is the moment you never see the daylight again, it makes sure of that.


It simply wants to make sure that you understand that you're under its control and there is nothing you can do about it, and that's how it destroys its victim.

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