The Walking Tragedy

Have you ever been stripped of everything? Love, Pain, Warmth, Hope... Well, in this story the main character is faced with apocolyptic choices, Pain - along with heart breaks and death. The world is in a fallout setting of sorts, except alot more dangerous, very few humans remain, but enough to make a problem for peaceful people. Almost nobody is trust worthy with information as well as your friend ship, Of course is a work in project, and i take suggestions for my story, i will make the most choices but i shall leave some to you guys(as if anyone would be reading this). When i get suggestions i will work them in but to a degree where it's still a surprising decision, and in the end it will be up to the creator, but allows other people to experiment with the story as well, to make everyone feel as welcome as I can make them! Have fun reading, Peace! :P


5. Worse Than We Thought

  As the group and I had started to head back, it began to get dark again, we had been on the road for maybe six hours since last time, and we were traveling as a group just in case.  Since most of us were not as athletic as Gracie, we had to move a lot slower than her, but we were nearing the entrance to the safehouse, the outside was in twilight and you could hear grumbles and growls from all around, the nocturnal animals are waking up, and are probobly not friendly.

  We had banged on the door pretty hard, and we had heard sounds coming from the inside after we had 'Knocked' on the steel sheated door.  After a while we thought someone was coming to let us in, but it was only to let them out.

  "Hello?"  said a weak raspy voice from the interior of the safehouse.  "Is anyone out there?"

  "Yes! It's the search team that theyhad sent a while ago!"  Gracie had exclaimed, obviously excited at the sound of another person's voice for a change.

  "Oh!  Um, forgive my intrusion but, why did you come back?"  The voice sounded more feminen if anything, either that or it was because of how weak and dry their voice was.  "The Overseers said that all they heard was screaming, minutes after they had let you guys out, they had figured that you were being killed by either radiation or by another creature that new we were in here, and was waiting for us."

  "The screaming was because of the radiation."  I had stated to the person.  I had put an obvious tone of discomfort into the sentence, to warrent off anymore giving of information, just in case they meant harm to us and were acting to be weak and frail.

  "From the sound of everything, you guys had sounded like you were dying out there."  That was what just really made me worry, the fact that earlier she had stated that the Overseers had told them that, and now she's talking like she heard it herself.

  "What do you mean 'by the sound of everything'?"  Mary had questioned the women, aparently she had also noticed the change in perspectives.

  "Huh?  Who else is with you?  Is that a child?!"

  "Yes ma'am"

  "What's her name?"

  "Whats it to you!?"  Gracie had interrupted the back and forth conversation between us.

  "None of your buisness!"  The woman had exclaimed at Gracie, and then started to talk to us again.

  "What is her name? I'm not asking you again."

  "I'm sorry but I would not like to disclose that information to you, we do not even know if you are one of the cannibals or not"  The woman had heaved a heavy sigh, and then proceeded to talk.

  "Her name is Mary, isn't it?"

  "How did you know? Are you her mother?"  I had further questioned this woman, for fear that she was going to try to take Mary back.

  "No, I am not her mother, but I am her bigger sister, I was seperated from her when the Overseers had started to seperate the families."

  "Thank the Lords..."  I had heaved a heavy sigh of relief, she was safe for now, from the clutches of that retched woman.

  "What happened with my mother?"  The person asked

  "Some things, why don't you come out? We can talk in person and we'll introduce ourselves."

  "What about the radiation?"  I knew she would ask that, I mean it's only logical.

  "It'll hurt, but you get used to it."

  "Alright, I'm trusting you then."  And with that she opened the metal door and jumped out, quickly closing it behind her.  I don't even think she felt the radiation, because when the door closed, she collapsed onto the ground unconscious.  The pain must have been too much for her, any ways she'll have alot of explaining to do when she wakes up.

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