The Walking Tragedy

Have you ever been stripped of everything? Love, Pain, Warmth, Hope... Well, in this story the main character is faced with apocolyptic choices, Pain - along with heart breaks and death. The world is in a fallout setting of sorts, except alot more dangerous, very few humans remain, but enough to make a problem for peaceful people. Almost nobody is trust worthy with information as well as your friend ship, Of course is a work in project, and i take suggestions for my story, i will make the most choices but i shall leave some to you guys(as if anyone would be reading this). When i get suggestions i will work them in but to a degree where it's still a surprising decision, and in the end it will be up to the creator, but allows other people to experiment with the story as well, to make everyone feel as welcome as I can make them! Have fun reading, Peace! :P


3. The Rest of The Crew

  My friends consist of 4 people, There is 2 woman and 3 men among my group, we used to have a third friend, but, that was Jenny.  In our little group, the woman are varying in sizes and personalities unlike the men, one of the women, Gracie, is a gorgeous blonde with high intelligence and book-smarts.  She is about a 4'2 in hight and might weigh about 135, she has a pair of blue skinny glasses that she uses for reading her many books, she hits at about 245 pounds per puch if she tried, but she can run a mile in under 5 minutes.  Her level of endurance is the highest of all of us, she could run at a sprint for hours before she was out of breath, furthermore she is also the most intelligent person on our team.

  The other woman's name is Angelica, but we just call her Angel for short.  Angel is a deep black african-american girl who's family was well off, but that didn't ruin her attitude.  She is very sweet and at an average intelligence, she is also very athletic and most likely the strongest hitter of us all.  She might weigh about 145 pounds and at a hight of about 5'8, she can probobly hit at about 780 pounds per hit, she has really muscley arms, any normal man would be intimitated.  Her sense of happiness and great personality always brought us to a smile in the days of hunger.

  Now, the men in my group are Jason, Mark, and Nick, and me.  Jason is a very athletic person, weighing at about 265 pounds, although he is athletic, he's got the worst endurance because he can't run for more than three minutes.  Jason can hit at about 645 pounds per hit and he is a master at nocking someone out with a choke hold.  Many times I've been grateful not to be his enemy, he is also about 5'2, the worst thing about him is that he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but his attitude is great even if he's not the smartest.

 Mark is the definition of gamer, Although his intelligence is quite high compaired to most of ours, he can't hit or run fast, but his endurance is pretty good.  He has no actual muscle mass but he weighs at maybe about 250-300 pounds, his gaming experiences make him a nice source of information, and he probobly knows the most survival techniques out of all of us, and his hight might be around 5'4.

 Nick is very big engineer, he loves to work on hands-on things as well as building structures of any kind, he also loves to help other people as long as they can contribute a bit to his cause.  Nick weighes at about 224 pounds and his hight has to be around 5'4, and he can probobly hit at 600 pounds per hit.

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