The Walking Tragedy

Have you ever been stripped of everything? Love, Pain, Warmth, Hope... Well, in this story the main character is faced with apocolyptic choices, Pain - along with heart breaks and death. The world is in a fallout setting of sorts, except alot more dangerous, very few humans remain, but enough to make a problem for peaceful people. Almost nobody is trust worthy with information as well as your friend ship, Of course is a work in project, and i take suggestions for my story, i will make the most choices but i shall leave some to you guys(as if anyone would be reading this). When i get suggestions i will work them in but to a degree where it's still a surprising decision, and in the end it will be up to the creator, but allows other people to experiment with the story as well, to make everyone feel as welcome as I can make them! Have fun reading, Peace! :P


8. Surprising aftermaths

  I had passed right out that morning, and I believe I didn't wake up until midday, and I was still tired.

  "Good morning sleepy head!"  Someone was jolting me awake in a frenzy, must be Angelica.


  "Angel! of coarse! come on!"  she had hauled me out of bed and dropped me on the hard concrete floor with a thud against my crainium.

  "Oww! God-damn it Angel! for crying out loud!"  The radiation had returned then, to heal my cracked skull and ripped flesh.  "I already had a Fucking head ache!"

  "Sorry!  But you have to see this!"  She exclaimed, running down the wooden stairs we had constructed out of foundation beams from homes.

  "Better be good."  I say following her down the ricketey stairway, and I was not dissapointed.

  "Right here."  She said, pointing to a girl who had to be in her early teens, maybe fifteen years old.

  "Who's this?"

  "Don't you recognise her?  Come on!  Think hard!"  The girl looked up at me with an attitude of 'what are you doing and why would I care'

  "I really have no idea who she is, and she's going to have to leave.  We already have the seven of us to feed we don't need another."

  "What do you mean 'another'?"

  "I mean we can't support anymore people."

  "But we're not gaining anybody."  Thats when I noticed how stupid I am.  I looked at the teen and I realised who it was.

  "Mary?"  She sighed and sat up straight.

  "Finally, dude, seriously.  That took you way to long."

  "Wait, how did you get so... so..."



  "I don't know.  Why would I?  I woke up like this."

  "I still don't understand.  Angel, when did this happen?"

  "Last night, after you crashed, maybe thirty minutes after.  A huge amount of radiation was pouring out of you upstairs, and then her body reacted with, collapsing, copying the radiation, and then substantially growing while everyone around her bagan to get migraines and collapse as well."

  "Ugh, makes sense after what had happened last night."

  "What had happened last night?"

  "Well it was-"

  "Wait hold on, wait until everyone else wakes up!"

  After everyone was present, I had explained how caling the radiation to my body had made my muscles better after repairing them, and how much further they had matured, how my bones became stronger, and how I wasn't able to die or substain any permanent damage.

  "Well,"  Gracie had said while walking towards me, she grabbed my hand and pulled out her pocket knife.  "We'll test it!"  She then stabbed my hand with all of her might, cutting through my hand completely and shattering bone in the process.  The radiation had almost instantaniously took over my healing process, pushing the blade out of my hand making it fall to the floor,  The radiation had gathered where the stab was and then stitched together muscle tissue, bone, and my veins ending with my skin, toughening my skin in the process.  "And now to test the rest,"  She then again brought the knife to my hand, blade not stabbing me through, but sticking in my skin.

  "Kinda gross, and next time warn me before you stab me."  I say as I pull the blade from my skin, folding it and giving back to her.

  "That kinda defeats the purpose of stabbing you."

  "Nice, that's really nice of you to say y'know."  Everyone shared a small, awquard chuckle at this, still surprised at the growth of Mary.

  "Y'know, Lets test something else."  Angelica said, and charged at me with one of the baseball bats we found.  I had caught the bat, at the expense of breaking my wrist in the process, with the break being healed again to be stronger.  "Aww, that's no fun when you block it.  You let Gracie try!"  Angelica had whined,  "What you have a crush on her or something?"  Angelica jestered.

  "Thats not the reason I blocked you, that blow would have killed me."

  "But we need to test that as well!"

  "Ugh, fine get it over with-"  A bat was then smacked into my skull on the side, cracking and destroying my brain, like before I could feel the pain of death, but came back with radiation.

  "Aaagh!"  Mary had cried falling to the ground, her body joining in the radiation, and her hair growing another inch.

  "Mary!"  Gracie had yelled.

  "I'm all right."

  "Good."  I said,  "Because other wise, Angel would have to pay."

  "What?!  Why me?"

  "Because it was obviously triggered by me 'dying' which was also caused by you smashing my brain!"

  "Oh yeah, right."

  "Yeah, right."

  "Anyone else want to take a damn swing?  No?  Good."  I said as I walked back upstairs,  "Now I'm going to pass out again, dying takes a lot out of me.  Who would have thought?!"  The times are getting weirder, at least now Mary can kind of fend for herself so I don't need to be around as much, but I have a feeling this are getting a lot worse and I think something suspicious is going on.

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