The Walking Tragedy

Have you ever been stripped of everything? Love, Pain, Warmth, Hope... Well, in this story the main character is faced with apocolyptic choices, Pain - along with heart breaks and death. The world is in a fallout setting of sorts, except alot more dangerous, very few humans remain, but enough to make a problem for peaceful people. Almost nobody is trust worthy with information as well as your friend ship, Of course is a work in project, and i take suggestions for my story, i will make the most choices but i shall leave some to you guys(as if anyone would be reading this). When i get suggestions i will work them in but to a degree where it's still a surprising decision, and in the end it will be up to the creator, but allows other people to experiment with the story as well, to make everyone feel as welcome as I can make them! Have fun reading, Peace! :P


2. Pain And Hardships

  The lights that have been going for the last month or two have finally burned out completely, atleast the shelter had some candles, if you saw them wheel them in, you would think that their planning on being in the dark for years.  Of course, like I had guessed earlier, the cannibals have started to attck much more frequently, in total it's been a week that we have had the candles, the only thing we are not running out of is the candles basically, but at least that's something.  Now in total their can't be more than 160 people, and most of them are quiet, silently planning to attack the person next to them.  Almost everyone now is actually considering turning to be cannibals, rumors have also been spreading that they have some sort of hierarchy, or government of sorts.  People have been saying that the cannibals don't even attack each other, like they have a certain sense of humanity for other cannibals, but I know for a fact that there are a few rouges, ones that have strayed past sanity of any sorts.


  Many of the overseers have been contemplating giving us to the cannibals, there is obviously more of them, because we have gone from 200 to 160 in about a week, and then starting to ration human meat and just try to save the cannibals.  I know these things because I've heard a couple of overseers talking about it.  I find it sick that someone can even think about cannibalism, but after all, my will isn't the strongest as the overseers, I have some how found the strength to keep eating the soup they have.  The good thing about the cannibals is that are population has finally gotten to the point where we can have more food, and they have also said that the remaining children also get food, which was a relief to me more than anyone.  Mary had been getting way to thin, I was too but I mean for a child, it was sickening to look at.


  They have started it, the overseers took the people with the most meat and had slaughtered them like cow, and the same day had reported that they have meat.  Mary was very excited for something different, and I knew that she was only a child that was trapped in the same hell as I was, but I had to tell her it wasn't cow.


  "Whoohoo!!"  Mary had screamed at what I had believed to be the extent of her tiny voice.  It was going to break her heart, but I had to do it, I had to teach her a new sense of humanity, to not trust anyone.


  "Mary, Sweetheart?"  I had questioned her in a hushed voice.  I was pretty sure that everyone else knew what it was but, me and my friends were the only ones not to take up the offer.  "I don't want you to eat any of that meat"  As I had said this I crouched down to her eye level, so she could grasp the gravity of the situation better.


  "What?"  Her voice seemed quiet, hushed.  I think she was also getting what had happened, she was a smart girl.  "Why can't we have just a little?"


  "Because that meat is not what you think it is"  I said in a curious voice, I was holding onto the right words, testing her abilities to grasp what was happening in front of her, giving her the chance to observe the evidence, I was silent.  After a minute of her humming, probobly pondering the right answer to this question, she spoke again.


  "Is... Is it neighbor Jenny?"  'Wow!' I had said to myself, she had seen Jenny's empty sleeping bag, and I believe that she saw the overseers take Jenny away.


  "Why do you say that?"  I was now openly probing her brilliant mind for more understanding of the situiation at hand.


  "Because we haven't seen neighbor Jenny since morning when she was called up there. and she didn't look very happy about it"  'There it was!'  I had exclaimed to myself, She obviously had a talent, a talent to obsorb the information around her and anylise it.


  "Well you're right about that, but it's also other people, thats why I don't want you eating any."  as I said this the overseers called saying last chance to get some meat.  As I looked at Mary, I had thought to see a longing for the meat that would be imoral to eat, but instead I had seen a cold malice aimed towards the meat, and everyone eating it.  This girl is definitely surviving.


  It's been now a month since the lights have gone out, the cannibals must be fasting compareed to the early weeks, or maybe that was just to stock up on food, but the people have gone from 160 to about 120 in the last month.  My friends and I haven't touched the meat yet, though they definetely have beef now, I know this because you can tell the difference in the soft candle light.  Human meat is more red and instantly makes you think you might not want it, while compaired to it beef is like steak brown, well cooked with no hint of rare.


 While the meat was dangerous and untouchable, we were pretty sure the meat must have been drugged or poisened, because a lot of people had died hours after eating the meat, either it was full of toxins and uncooked or it was poisened, so we've been staying away from all the meat, including the obvious cow meat which our taste buds have been craving for long, but the risk would be way too large, and I don't want to leave mary with my friends, they may be my friends, but I don't trust them with who I now see as my duaghter.


  The overseers are sick, sick men and women, I say this because in the last week they have been dangling the hope of leaving this over sized jailcell in front of our faces like it's funny.  But there is always that hope that they are telling the truth, that they are not as sick as they were when they tried feeding us human meat, or when they had denied the smaller children food, or when the men had raped the women who were still virgins, or when the women sold their friends to the men knowing full well what would happen.


 The men here are sick, maybe the women still have some humanity left in them, but the men are unsavable.  Their minds are completely one tracked, run this prison, eat, rape the women, and then beat them to death.  At least their not killing the remaining children, or the sickest ones violating them, we have that at least.  I only hope that this hell will end soon.

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