The Walking Tragedy

Have you ever been stripped of everything? Love, Pain, Warmth, Hope... Well, in this story the main character is faced with apocolyptic choices, Pain - along with heart breaks and death. The world is in a fallout setting of sorts, except alot more dangerous, very few humans remain, but enough to make a problem for peaceful people. Almost nobody is trust worthy with information as well as your friend ship, Of course is a work in project, and i take suggestions for my story, i will make the most choices but i shall leave some to you guys(as if anyone would be reading this). When i get suggestions i will work them in but to a degree where it's still a surprising decision, and in the end it will be up to the creator, but allows other people to experiment with the story as well, to make everyone feel as welcome as I can make them! Have fun reading, Peace! :P


7. A New Problem

  When I had awoken all I could see was darkness, at first I had thought I had woke up durring the night, but when I had attempted to get off the mattress we had found I noticed that I was bound by what seemed to be rope.

  "Hello?  Is anyone there?"  I had questioned this knowing I would most likely not get a complete answer, if any at all.

  "Well, well.  Looks like your awake."  Ugh, that term just aggitates me.

  "Well no shit Sherlock!  Where the hell am I anyways!?"

  "My my!  Such an un-clean mouth that is!"

  "Shut up!  Stop sounding so damn calm!  Where is Mary!?"

  "She is quite safe I can assure you that, but first we'll have to fix that mouth of yours."

  "Wait, we-?"  My mouth had then been gagged, making me unable of intelligable speach, but that didn't stop my noises.

  "Well, now that I can talk without you interrupting me, why don't we talk about the predicament that you're in?"  In response I had growled and grunted.

  "I'll take your savage answering as a 'yes'.  Anyway, who do you think I am?"  Suddenly the gag in my mouth had been removed, leaving a nasty dust like feeling in my mouth.

  "So, you want me to guess who you are?"

  "Yes."  After a moment of thinking, the answer came to me in a flash.

  "You're Rueby, aren't you?"

  "Ding-Ding-Ding!  We have a winner!!"

  "I knew there was something going on with you, so anyways what's your gain in capturing us?  We don't have a bounty over our heads and I don't think we have met anyone out in this place to have affended you in anyway."

  "Well, call me crazy, but I think you kidnapped my sister!"

  "We kept her safe though!  Why are you still against us!?"

  "Gag him."

  "Wait no-!"  Again a filthy rag had been stuffed back into my jaw.

  "Sorry, but you need to keep your cool, you're on our terms now."  I had garbled a question to her in grunts.

  "Fine, let him speak."

  "Good, now who is we?  Who are these other people you keep refering to?"

  "My race you know!"

  "So other humans?"

  "No silly!  My race is a race of humans that had survived the atomic blast in the worst of the radiation!  We had been given extrodinary powers! or at least the people who kept their minds."


  "Your going to really ask that?"

  "Not really, I'm just kind of doubting your telling the truth.  I mean, Mary says she saw you in the safehouse!  Oh yes quite, but we were the people booted out into the radiation, before it had died down durring the last few months."

  "What are you going to do to Mary?"

  "Well make her one of us of coarse!"


  "By exposing her to the worst of the radiation zones!"

  "So, your going to change her against her will!?"

  "Keep your temper!"  Once again I had been gagged, but maybe this time the rag was more filthy.  "She's my sister!  I can do what I want and what I please!"  That is what had really set me off, I had started struggling against my bonds, I could feel the rope ripping into my flesh, but the radiation changes I had retained had activated.  The rope wounds being healed with the radiation as they were afflicted, ripped muscles began to heal and grow stronger, I didn't even stop when the ropes had broken.  As the bonds had snapped I could hear several footsteps coming towards me, I ripped off my blindfold and charged at the mutants, they had looked completely human.  As they came at me I had reeled up a punch and had landed a comeplete hit on the face of one, my bones in my hand breaking on impact and the radiation healing them instantly, and the heat scorching the skin on my opponent.  "Stop!"  All eyes were apon Rueby now.

  "What do you want?"  I had growled the question more than asked it.

  "It's obvious we can't kill you."


  "Yes."  As she said this she pulled out a pistol, and shot me straight in my skull.  The pain was atrocious, I think my head actually exploded, because I had lost all sight for ten whole seconds.  Again I had felt the hot burning sensesation of radiation where my head should have been, and then I could see again, and I saw the appalled face of Rueby.  "See?  I had just landed a shot that no one else would survive, but you did.  You're immortal."  It was unbelievable, but I couldn't deny it.  "Just leave."

  I had found the base by morning, and everone was relieved, I explained Rueby but not about me.  They don't need that information, although I think Gracie knows, she had comented how much more muscle mass I had.  And she was right, must have been when I ripped muscles, the radiation must have made them better in the process.  Looks like there is more out here than we had origionally thought.

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