Hold me//By:Jayde E. Mullins


2. This girl

Caleb's POV

So there is this girl, and I really like her. Sadly, I don't think she likes me. She may be my best friend but she's worth way more than me.


Lexi says anxiously.

She appeared out of no where I swear.

"Oh hey!"

I say excitedly.

I think that she didn't notice me when she scared me.

"I scared you didn't I?"

She says humorously.

Dang it! She did notice.

"Yeah, I guess you did."

I say in a slowed tone.

As I stare, her eyes meet mine. This felt so perfect. However, we quickly departed.

"So I'll see you after school?"

I say.

"Yeah, after school."

She says quickly.

Only if she knew how much she was worth.

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