Hold me//By:Jayde E. Mullins


1. My Wish

Alexisa's POV

"Hey Caleb."

I say as I gaze into his ocean blue eyes.

"Hey Lexi"

He says with a smile on his face.

Our eyes meet. He reaches in for a kiss and it's magic.

He is so amazing. I would give anything for any for that to ever happen, but of course dreams don't always come true.

"Um hello? Lexi? Anyone in there?"

He humorously says.

"Um, yeah sorry."

Dang! I dazed off to space again. Why do I waste all my time wishing on a wish that won't ever happen? It's pointless.

I catch Caleb looking at me, but after he see's me catching him the staring stops.

He pauses for a moment. Then starts to ask me a question.

"May I ask you something, it's important?

He says quickly.


I say quickly.

"When are the tests for Spanish class gonna be passed back?"

He says even faster.

"I don't know."

I say with a aggrevated smirk.

"Ok see you tomorrow in Spanish." He says as he runs home.


I say quietly.

Oh my gosh! He got me so worked up for nothing! "When are the tests for Spanish class gonna be passed back?" Why couldn't the question be more important? I wish he would've said something relationship related. I guess that's enough proof to prove I won't ever have my wish.

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