Clyde has a mysterious power, he has the ability to persuade anyone into anything, this power could go magnificent lengths he told himself. Until, he finds out that a small portion of people have the same ability, now it's a war between the absolute best Miracles.

(Current Project) Please suggest anything, or comment any concerns.


1. Clyde, The First Miracle.

A pencil rolled off my desk. It vibrated as it made contact with the marble floor.  No reason to pick it up, this class sucks anyways. My teacher gave me a sharp eye and hinted at the pencil, as if it annoyed him that I was being careless. I sighed, after picking it up the bell rang, and the kids flooded out of the doorway like a mad mob. 

My teacher, his name was Harris, he wore a black coat. He had a gloomy personality overall. Mr. Harris towered over me, "Clyde, you haven't been keeping up with your work lately. What's the matter, you seem more, different."

I grabbed my book bag, "There's nothing different, I'm the same Clyde that walked in that first day of school, Mr. Harris."

I left the room in a hurry.

"That's not what your grades reflect!" he made sure I heard his voice.

There was nothing different about me. I had just, matured. Maybe a little, I lost all of my friends all at once it seemed, and I have trouble making new ones. I walked down the hall, pulling my gray hoodie over my head as I slithered through the drizzle.

I lived right next door to the school, so my mom made me walk. It saved gas too.  

I had made it home, as always the key to the house was in a garden pot up front. I took it and unlocked the door making my way into the empty house. No one was ever home, either they were constantly working, or out doing something.

After finishing my homework upstairs, I slipped into my bed and curled into a ball. Why did everything have to change so fast? Why was I alone? What could I do? 

I wondered these things for some time, until I drifted off into a most unpleasant dream. It wasn't a nightmare, just strange.

It was morning, the light was blinding, and I was wet with sweat. I shook myself awake and fixed myself up to my usual look as always, but did it really matter? I couldn't convince anyone to be my friend.

The walk to school was always a short lived experience. It was always quite, and not long enough. 

I was being slow like a turtle walking to class. Then a ding, of course they rung the bell early. I was tardy. 

I tried to slip into class without being noticed by Mr. Harris. He would always give me a tardy, no matter what the case. When I walked in, he spotted me almost instantly. 'Your late." 

I gritted my teeth, "Come on Mr. Harris, don't make me go get a tardy, I was almost in the door." 

He gave me a look, "Alright, I'll let it slide this time, take your seat." He went back to calling roll. 

This was really a surprise, he never really liked me as a student. A girl sat beside me, her name was Jessie. I had always thought she was pretty, but I didn't have the nerve to really talk to her one on one. 

My pencil rolled off my desk, and under hers. This was a real disaster. I didn't know how to act. 

"Hey, err Jesse?" she was thrown off by my voice. 

She looked at me curiously, more innocent than the earth itself.

I pointed at my pencil, "Can you hand me my pencil?" 

With in little time she had my pencil in my hands, her soft touch was almost sentimental. Things were really changing around here, not only had my teacher let me by, but my crush seemed to notice me today, unlike other days.

I turned back to Mr. Harris, this was sure to be a good year, hopefully. 

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