Clyde has a mysterious power, he has the ability to persuade anyone into anything, this power could go magnificent lengths he told himself. Until, he finds out that a small portion of people have the same ability, now it's a war between the absolute best Miracles.

(Current Project) Please suggest anything, or comment any concerns.


2. Clyde Becomes Aware

Things have definitely changed around here lately, my teacher suddenly starts liking me? Yeah, right. My crush starts paying me more attention, and now I'm trying to save a boy from killing his self. He stands on a rail, on the bridge. What am I, a superhero?

"Don't do it man, there's so much more to see about life, ya' know?" the boy sobs.

"My friend, s-said he didn't want me to be hanging around me anymore." he wobbles.

In a panic I say the truth, "Kid, that guy isn't a real friend, I don't have friends either, but if you end everything..now, then..then you won't be able to make the real friends your gonna have in the future!" He turned towards me, with his red face and wet cheeks from the tears. 

"You really...mean it?" I nodded, giving him a smile. 

I waved him down, "Now, please come down." the boy jumped off the rail back onto the bridge, I sighed in relief. The boy was short, maybe in fifth grade. "What's your name?" he scrubbed the salty tears out of his pink eyes. "Jared."

"Jared? I like that name, now, where are your parents?" he let go of my hand, and led the way. We exited the bridge and entered the pine forests, from the dirt road. Through the forest, a wooden cabin emerged, "This is my house!" The boy said, elated to be here. 

Jared's parents ran out of the house and swooped him into their arms, "Jared, where have you been?!" she cries of joy and anger. The father and mother look me up and down examining me, "Who are you?" the man asked. I looked at Jared, he looked ashamed.

"I found Jared wandering about, he got lost and I helped him get home." They looked at me one good time, and once more. "Thank you for bringing Jared home, your a real hero my friend. We were worried sick for our son."

"No problem sir." I waved them a goodbye and walked out of the woods, back to the dirt road, and the light emitted onto my face as the sun set. Something was different.

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