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"You say you wanna, but do you wanna runaway? Your great escape?" In which two girls meet two boys that totally change their mind.


6. 6


"Ugh, look at this." Luna showed me a picture of Calum and the boys of an All Time Low concert they were at last week.

"I wish we could go there once.." I sighed.

"Same.. They only had four tickets though.." Luna grabbed a hand full of chips and stuffed it in her mouth.

"Ew, that's disgusting, Luna." I laughed.

Luna gave me the middle finger and i returned it with a smile.

She giggled and continued scrolling through social media on her phone, until she stopped and her eyes widened.

"What?" I scooted over to her, and locked my eyes on the screen.

"Dear god." We both said at the same time as we looked at the photo on the screen.

It was a picture of Ashton and Luke making out with two girls, the picture was posted by a fan account.

What fan account?

"First of all, why do they have a fan account?" I asked.

"You don't know?" Luna raised her eyebrows.


"They are a band. 5 seconds of summer. Look it up on google."

"Calum didn't even tell me he was in a band with them."

"Neither did Michael, but i got in stalker mode and searched them up."

Her eyes were locked on the picture the entire time.

On.. Luke?

"Why are you staring at Luke?"

"Am not."

I squeezed my eyes together and suddenly i freaked out.

"You fucking like him!"

"No way! I like Michael."

"I know you do but you have something for Luke!" I stood on the couch, shocked at my discovery.

She was quiet until she let out a deep, long breath. "Fine. You wanna know? I was in a relationship with him and i thought he loved me, so i slept with him, which was my first time. It was the biggest mistake ever. When he was here he spoke to me and said i still liked him, and i don't, but i'm just afraid i'll fall for that stupid ass again."

Luna burst out in tears as i jumped over to her and hugged her, hoping to calm her down.

"Why didn't you tell me you two were together?"

"I just.. I don't know.." She cried against the sleeve of my cow onesie that was now completely soaked.

"It's okay. But you don't like him anymore?"

"I promise i don't." She wiped her tears with the sleeve of her big sweater and i let go of her.

"You okay?" I smiled.

She smiled back. "Always."



it was pretty short

ugh i promise i'll be better i'm just tired and hungry

like always

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