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"You say you wanna, but do you wanna runaway? Your great escape?" In which two girls meet two boys that totally change their mind.


5. 5


"So basically.. that's what we have to do." Ally said, ending with a sigh.

"Oh fuck.." I buried my face in my hands, thinking about the decision i'm about to make.

"Look, we really need you guys's help. We would appreciate it. A lot." Calum said.

I removed my hands from my face. "I don't know. I'd rather not get in touch with drugs."

"Especially not selling them. We could get in trouble for it!" I turned my head towards Michael.

He shrugged. "We had the drugs since 2 years and we just wanna get rid of it."

I rolled my eyes. "Why do we get involved in this then?"

It was silent for a bit, until i heard a chuckle from the other side of the room.

My eyes immediately went over to it and i met eyes with Luke.

"Two girls. Two lost girls that don't really have thoughts for their future."

I laughed. "Yeah. How the hell do you know that then? Maybe we have a huge future in front of us. I don't wanna fucking ruin that."

"It's gonna be okay, Luna." Ally said, leaning her head on my shoulder.

"No it's not! We could get in jail."

Ally sighed. "We won't."

"Ally, you aren't agreeing with this right?"

"I think so. We haven't done anything super excited like this before."

I frowned, looking at her. "Excited?"

She was quiet for a while, until Ashton broke the silence.

"How about we all take a chill pill and talk this out like adults?"

This guy..

"Aren't we already talking this out, Ashton?" I asked.

He ignored me and turned around to talk with Michael.


To be honest, i didn't like this situation.

Ally moved over to Calum as they whispered something in each others ears, leaving me as a loner.

That's what i thought.

"But you are." Luke said, sitting down next to me.

"I am what?" I glared at him.

"You're lost. You just don't know it yourself." He raised an eyebrow.

"Are you saying i'm stupid?" I chuckled.


I stared at him and squeezed my eyes together. "I don't fucking like you. Not anymore."

"What we had was real, baby." He whispered in my ear and walked off to Michael and Ashton, leaving me shocked.

Luke and i were in a relationship, and we broke up a few weeks ago.

He was the main reason i didn't want to do all this.

Not because we could get in trouble, because i didn't care one fuck about that.

Ally didn't know i was in a relationship with Luke, she doesn't even know i know him.

A best friend should know that, but i never had the thoughts to tell her.

Luke was also the guy i lost my virginity to.

Oh what a shame.

Why do girls always lose it to a jerk?

I sighed, as Ally and Calum stood up from the couch.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"We're leaving for dinner. Calum decided to go to Chipotle." She smirked.

"Ugh, jealous." I said as they left through the door.

I directly looked at Michael, who was smiling at me.

I smiled back as he walked over to me. "I'm sorry for getting you into this shit. But, do you agree with it?"

I stayed quiet. I didn't want to tell him the main reason i don't want to.

He waited for an answer.

I looked over to Luke, who smirked at me and quickly looked back at Ashton. Fucker.

"Okay." I looked at Michael again. "Just.. don't get me too close to Luke." I paused.

"I don't really like him."



she agreed though

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