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"You say you wanna, but do you wanna runaway? Your great escape?" In which two girls meet two boys that totally change their mind.


4. 4


I hit Ally's contact name once again, biting on my chipped red painted nails.



I should give up.

"Hello?" A man's voice said.

I looked over at Michael in shock and shrugged.

"I'm.. Luna. Is Ally there?"

It was quiet on the other line for a bit until i heard a second voice.

"Who is it?"

It was a girl's voice.


"Is that Ally?" I jumped up.

"It's Luna?" I heard again. "Give me the phone, Calum."

I heard some noise on the other line as i heard Ally's voice. "Luna? Everything alright?"

"I called like, 10 times today. Where the hell are you?"

"I'm with Calum. The guy from the party. I'm at my house."

"You live like 3 streets ahead of me. What's going on?"

I looked up, as Michael gave me a worried look.

"We should come over." Was the only thing i heard.

"What, why?" I frowned.

"Because you and Michael are involved in this too. We're coming over with these guys called Ashton and Luke."

"The hell? You gave strangers my address? Are you fucking crazy?"

"Don't worry, you'll like them. Michael knows them too."

I bit my lip and stood up from the couch and walked towards the big window at the back of the house.

"Okay. Is it something bad?"

"Michael probably knows." She sighed.

"What is going on?" I started to feel stressed.

"Come on sweetie, you'll know soon. I just can't tell you on the phone. Not only you and i are involved, you know."

I finally sighed. "Whatever. Just know if it involves drugs or alcohol.." I laughed.

Michael looked at me with wide eyes and Ally was quiet.

"Is it?" My smile dissapeared.

"We're gonna.. go to your house now."

And she hung up.

I ran over to Michael. "What is happening?"

"Don't be stressed."

"I think this is about bad stuff and Ally is freaking coming over with Luke and Ashton or something and i don't even know them."

"You'll love them. They're awesome. Don't worry." Michael pulled a hand through my hair.

"I should dye your hair."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah right."

"Come on. We could do pink. Or blue. Purple?"

Well, it wasn't a bad idea.

I always wanted cotton candy pink hair.

"I love pink though.." I smirked.

"So you'll let me?" He smiled wide.


"That's a yes."




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