This is my life now

This is the sequel to He didn't Know?!?! Angie and Ash are still together living next door to each other in LA. Thomas has grown so much in this year he started talking and walking a little. Thom has grown close to all the boys, he is closest with Aston and Beau. Kayla and Gina (brooks mum) went back to Australia


6. Meet and Great

Omg guys i might meet the janoskians!!!!!!! I got my mom to say yes to me going. anyways sorry i haven't updated, i really don't have a excuse so i'm sorry. Also i heard about the knew of James leaving and it made me really sad, but i wish him the best. Alright bye!

~Lysm, Ann

Angie pov

Today was the first meet and great and i had to work the Merch Table because that is my job. Normally i will have Thom with me but Mum wanted to have one on one time with him so i said okay. 

I woke up , took a shower than put on my clothes. i am wearing a Dirty pig shirt and shorts with my vans. My hair is in loose curls with a Dirty pig Trucker hat that is Beaus but he told me to wear it. My make up is Natural with eye liner, and a plump pink lipstick. 

I am currently sitting in the van in the middle of Luke and Jai. "All i am saying is that I am a better twin" luke said reaching his hand over me and slapping our brother. "No i am" Jai said defending himself while pushing Luke's hand away. "Lets settle this argument between you two once and for all." James said from the back row. "Angie who is the better twin?" Daniel says. why must they put me in the middle. "Um Dylan Sprouse" i said  knowing that they would be confused. "Who?" James said confused. "You said who was the better twin i said Dylan Sprouse, he is an actor that i use to watch. And also you never said what set of twins!" i said stating the obvious. "Oh yeah I know who it is now" Daniel spoke. "Okay well let me rephrase that. Who is the better brother out of us" Jai said "Beau" i was trying not to laugh as i said that. "You know what i give up with you!" Luke sighed. we all busted out laughing but was soon interrupted by Jake the guard "Guys we are here" he drove the van around to the back entrance and few boys lined up along the wall, the line was huge. "are you guys ready" i asked all of them. "Yeah" they all responded. "Okay guys so the guards are going to get out and then they will come and let you guys out" Jake said looking in the review mirror at the rest of the guard s getting off the other van behind us. 

The other guards came and opened the doors. All of us got off the car.We walked into the venue, me and Alex walked to the table set up for merch. Alex is always with me because he is the guard assigned to me. I had 3 boxes with me. they had shirts, hoodies, bandannas and bracelets. I can here all the girls chanting, yelling, and talking. we have 10 more minuets before the Fans are let in, the boys are in the bathroom getting ready. "Hey Angie be ready for when the girls come in, also some of them might want to take pictures with you" Alex said looking at me like it was my first time. "I know Alex, i have done this before" i said while smiling " I know i am just  saying." 

"Alright guys 5 minuets before those girls are coming in so be ready"Ronnie said walking to the boys. the way everything is set up is , I am near the front entrance so they can walk in get merch and have the boys sign it: Than the boys are the back corner with a couch. The placed was a big room it is a place that holds parties so the booked it here since there is going to be a lot of people. There was ropes surrounding the boys so only a group or one person can go at a time. 

The doors opened and the girl came practically running towards me. "NO RUNNING" Alex yelled and the girls slowed down. 

Beau ;) 

Me and the boys sat on the couch looking at the Janoskiannators coming in through the doors and running to Ang. It was a little crazy but this wasn't our first time so we knew what to expect. It was also really loud on top of the girls freaking out we had our songs in the background.Me and the boys stood in a line it was me first the Skip,Luke. James, last it was Jai. 

"OMG, Beau i love you so much, you have no idea." a girl said walking up to me. "Awe thank you, i love you too." i said giving her a hug, I then took a picture with her before she left. "Hi Beau, my name is Jess. I brought this for you and the guys" "Thank you, would you like me to sign that." i said pointing to her bandanna."Yes please" 


Skip/Daniel <3

I was standing next to Beau and Luke and the meet and greet was going good. "Hi daniel, i wanted to know if i can have a picture and if you can sign my boob." I looked up to see a girl who looked like 18, she had brown hair, blue eyes, she also had a big bust. "Yeah sure no problem" i smiled. I signed her boobs the took a quick pic with her.

"Hi Skip, i brought you something" this girl about 14 "Hi, and what might that be." she held out a big stuffed Jelly Bean "Omg it a big jelly bean, thank you, this is one of the best gifts ever" I said soon giving her a big hug and taking a pic.

Luke XD

So far the meet and greet was going good except one girl called me Jai which made me mad but whatever. I nicely explain and laughed it off that i was Luke not Jai. Also one fan gave me a big bag of gummy bears. 


I was loving this meet and greet so far i have been asked to sign a girls butt, which made me laugh so hard but i had to decline. I also have gotten some posters and lil gifs which was really sweet. 

We have been here for about 45 minutes and the lines are dying down. Thank good, dont get me wrong i love the janoskianators but i am sleepy. 


So a fan told me that she thought Luke was me so i told her 'how could you get us mixed up i am way better looking, and im clearly Mexican' she was laughing non stop. 

"Hi Jai my name is Cali and i wanted to ask you a question" said a short blond girl, she looked around 15. "Yeah whats up?" i said signing her shirt " do you ever regret becoming famous?" "Honestly sometimes but then i remember i have loving fans " i said giving her a hug. I then took a picture with her and she went on her way so i could see the next fan. 

We had been here for almost 2 hours and we are finally able to go home, i would say that was a successful m&g!


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