This is my life now

This is the sequel to He didn't Know?!?! Angie and Ash are still together living next door to each other in LA. Thomas has grown so much in this year he started talking and walking a little. Thom has grown close to all the boys, he is closest with Aston and Beau. Kayla and Gina (brooks mum) went back to Australia


5. I can explain Mrs Hood

hey guys hope you guys have had a good day. btw sorry if this is long but i felt like i owe you guys.



Angie's pov

I woke up on the plane to the flight attendant. "If you can please return to your seats we will be landing shortly."  the lady said through the speaker. Thom was asleep in the middle of me and Alex, Thoms head resting on my shoulder and as light snores came out of his slightly parted lips. There was multiple clicks of the belts. 

"You may now unfasten your seat we have arrived." the lady said through the speaker. I waited for the majority of the plain to empty before  got up and grabbed my carry on. "here miss brooks i can take that so you can carry Thomas." Alex said taking the bag out of my hand. I picked up thom, he stayed asleep. 

All of us walk out of the plain and into the air port. i instantly heard chanting which woke Thom up. "BEST FRIEND, YOU ARE MY FUCKING BEST FRIEND" the fans yelled while holding signs and doing the dance moves. "We love you guys" jai said to all the girls. 

Thom was now awake singing the boys songs. We walk out side after grabbing are bags to see our parents standing there. "MUM" all the boys yell while running to the mum's. me and the guard just follow them. I walk to my mum with Thom in my hands. "Mum, i missed you" i said giving her a hug. "I missed you guys too" she says ruffling Thom's hair.

We said bye to the others and we all went separate ways. Skip and James went home, the guard and Ronnie went to the hotel and me an the bros went home.

i texted kayla. 

M: Hey im home but can you hang tomorrow  maybe even drive to Sydney stay that night than leave later the next day?

K: Omg Yay and yeah we can, we can even go to the beach.

M:Yeah sounds like a plan, just come over in the morning, 

K: okay i will 

M: anyways we just got home and im jet lagged so im going to sleep talk to you later. goodnight.

With that sent i got off the car and grabbed my bags. Thom was carried in by mum. we walked in the house and everything looked the same. "alright guys i am going to bed,goodnight" i said "alright honey goodnight" mum said walking to the kitchen to make dinner for the boys but i was to tired to eat. "Lets go to night night Thom" i say walking over to him and picking him up. "Goodnight ang" the boys said in a union,

I walked to my old room sheets where already on the bed along with a blanket. "come on lets get you ready for bed"  i look at the little boy in front of me who is rubbing his eyes. i get his pj's out of the bag an put the on him. Than i put him under the blanket before i walk away to change. 



"mummy wake up Kayla is here" i wake up to a little person shaking me. "Yeah mum Wake up" Kayla said.l open my eyes to see Thom sitting up and Kayla towering over me. "Come on get ready" "okay i am let me get some clothes. " i said walking  to my bag in the corner of the room. "No need i already put your outfit in the bathroom" Kayla said smiling. 

I got out of the shower and put on my skinny jeans n white tee that Kay picked out. As for my make up i do the normal, i decide to leave my hair natural. i open the bathroom door and walk straight to my room to see Kayla and Thomas taking pictures on my phone. "Finally you are ready, can we go now" Kayla says with a sigh "yeah, what time is it?" i asked " "Your phone says it is 8:30, now lets go" she said getting up from the bed. "Okay, baby are you ready?" i said looking at Thom who was still sitting on the bed. "Yeah" he half yelled.  grabbed my wallet and a bag that i had in m old closet. I put a swim suit for me and thom than i put in 2 towels also an overnight stuff an a set of clothes for both of us. i left a note telling mum and the boys.  

We walked to Kayla's car and i put my bag in while also strapping Thom in. "Do you want me to drive first?" i asked before me and her go in. "Yeah can you drive" she said while getting in the passenger seat. "Fine but lets go get food" i say "sounds like a plan"

i drove to the closest drive thru place and got us food. 

The drive consisted of me driving for 4 hours than switching with Kayla. We sang in the car and laughed when Thom would sing but get lyrics wrong or said the word funny. we stopped fro bathroom brakes every so often. We finally made it to a hotel that we booked on the phone on the way there at 4:30pm. 

After checking in we walk to the room. "i call the bed by the window" Kayla said running to it "Nooo i wan it" thom said "No Thom we are going to sleep on this bed." i say putting my stuff down, he pouts but walks to the bed we have. "I am going to call Mrs. hood to see if we can come over."  tell Kayla and she nods

mrs.h: Hello?

M: Hey mrs.Hood it's Angie Brooks

mrs.h: oh, hi honey how are you? I haven't seen you in 2 or 2 1/2 years. 

M:I am good, i am actually in Sydney right now

mrs.h; oh well you should come over. David is not here but Liz is. 

M: that would be great but kalya is with me also. 

mrs.h:Bring her along we miss you girls. 

M:Okay well we will be there in 10 

mrs.h: great see you girls soon

With that said we hung up. Kayla and Thom are laying one her bed watching tv. "She said she would love to have us over and Liz is there" "Did you tell her about you know what" she said looking back and forth between me and Thomas. "No but go to the bathroom if you need to because we are leaving soon" 

After all of us went to the bathroom we headed to the car. "Thom we are going to go see Hemmings and Calums mum are you excited" i said smiling at him as i buckled him in. "Yay" he yelled. me and Kayla busted out laughing. 

"Okay we are here" i say turning around to see a sleeping kid. That's why he was so quiet. "I will get him can you just go knock on the door." i say unbuckling my seat belt and opening the door. "Yeah" 

I open the back seat car door and slowly unbuckle Thom so he wont wake up. "Hi joy" i heard Kayla say to miss Hood. "hello honey, whats Angie doing" "Oh she is getting Thomas." before Mrs.Hood could ask Kayla any questions i walked up to them., Thom asleep on my shoulder. "Hey Mrs.Hood" i said smiling. "here why don't you girls come inside" we nod then follow her inside. "Girls, oh is this Thom" Liz said. i was supersized she knew who he was considering Joy didn't but i am guessing Hemmo told her. "hi Liz and yes it is" i sad but they couldn't see his face because it was blocked by my neck. "here why dont we all go sit at the table. If you want you can lay him down on the couch" Joy said . they walked to the tabel and i walked to go put thom on the couch. I put Thom on the couch he opened hi eyes a little but than turned back over and fell back asleep.

I walked back to the table and sat next to Liz. "So that is your baby ang" Joy said. "Um yes" i said not sure what to say. "Whats his full name?" Liz asked. "It is Thomas Peter Brooks" Liz and Joy nodded while Kayla sat there awkwardly. "why didnt you use his fathers last name." Joy asked confused. That's when i remember she didn't see the little boy who looks like a spitting image of his father. "Well his father dumped me and i thought it was best" i said truthfully. "Awe honey i am sorry." Joy said. "so how old is the little guy" i didn't know how to respond to Joy. It is not like i can say 'oh well its your sons baby and he is 2' she would be mad but she is going to find out as soon as he wakes up. "He just turned 2" i said cautiously. Right as i said that there was i cry coming from the living room so i got up and ran to the couch. I got to the couch to see an awake 2 year old who is sitting up and looking around. "awe baby are you okay?" i asked him. he shook his head and put his hands out. " Come on lets go see everyone.Okay?" "Okay" I picked him up and walked over to them. "Thomas say hi to Mrs.Hood and Mrs.Hemmings" i said as i sat down and put him on my lap. I looked at Joy and Liz face and they where both shocked. "You said he is 2 so does that mean he is Cal's baby" Joy asked still in  shock her jaw mine as well have been on the floor. "yes" Kayla said for me. I gave Kayla a thankful look. "Does he know?" Joy asked. "he found out on my birthday 2 years ago" i say looking at the little boy who is playing with my hands."Hey Thomas lets go see whats on tv" Kayla said getting up and walking up to me and picking him up."yay" they walked away right after he said that. 

I told joy the hole story on me Calum and Thomas as for Liz she new most of the story. "Look Mrs.Hood i am really sorry that you didn't know but that is not my fault." i said "I know honey and i told you call me Joy." "so what did the Janoskians say about this" Liz asked. "Well the bros where not happy but they said that they would help out so i moved to the LA and then ended up living next to the 5sos boys." i say "So how are you and ashton?" Liz asked while moving her eyebrows up and down. "We are good and he loves Thomas" i say looking at the little boy who is laughing because Kayla is tickling him. "That's good,I am glad that you are happy." Joy said. i smiled at her words. "So do you like the boys girlfriends, i want to know because we still have yet to meat them." Liz says while giving me a daring look. "Honestly i love Haley Luke's girlfriend, she is awesome and she is like and american Kayla" i say because it is true and i know that Liz loves me and Kayla so i thought she would be happy with my response. "What about Lucy " Joy said. i didn't want to say i hate her because then they might think its an jealousy thing but she wants to know so oh well. "Her and Cal have been going out for like 2 1/2 year and you still haven't met her?" i asked. "wait i thought it was two years" Joy said confused. Did she not know that Calum broke up with me for Lucy. But i am not going to be a snitch. "Oh yeah it is, sorry i forgot that is how long he has known her. And she is okay i mean she is not a person that i would talk to or hang out with but she makes him happy so i tolerate her." Joy and Liz looked shocked at my words. "Oh well you are right as long as he is happy." Joy said 

After that Kayla and Thom came back to the table and we talked some more. by now it was 6:30.

"It was nice talking to you guys but we better get going"Kayla said looking at the time. "Yeah we really do, come on thom" "well it was nice seeing you Angie" Joy says walking to the door. "Bye see you girls soon" "bye Liz" me and Kay said in a union. I picked up thom and walked out of the door to the car."


We headed back to the hotel after we stopped to get food. when we got to the hotel it was 7 . When we got to the room kayla went to the bathroom to change into her bikini, i changer Thom than when Kayla got out we switched.I put on my Black bikini and put my hair in a pony tail, Kayla was wearing a red bikini and thom is wearing black trunks.

When we walked down to the Indoor pool there was a group of boys. they looked around our age, they where talking by the pool i will admit that they aren't ugly. we walked too the chairs and put the towels there. i could see some of the guys eyeing Kayla. "Thom do you wanna go in the water"i said than got a life jacket and put it on him. "Yeah" "okay lets go" i said picking him u and walking into the pool and leaving Kayla with them.

Kaylas pov. 

Angie walked away with Thom. i was about to walk away when someone cleared there throat behind me. "can i help you?" i asked to the Hott guy behind me. "Yeah you can, see i got this problem.." before he could finish cut him off "Um not that kind help" "oh well than no, my name is Brad" "Hi Brad my name is Kayla" i said giving him a flirty smile. "What brings Sydney" he said than bit his lip. Ugh this boy. "um i am here with my best friend and her son, what about you?" i ask " I am here because my friends and i are taking a trip away from the mum's and dad's. Where are from" "Um i don't want to say because i don't know you" "well i am from Melbourne" he said and at that moment i realized who he was we went to school together he was one of my good friends until he switched schools. "Wait i know you" "You do?" he said confused "Yeah we went to primary school together" "Oh yeah we did" "so what do you say we head out of here" i didn't know what to say.I looked over at Angie to see her laughing along with Thom. "maybe where will we go?" "Maybe my room" he said in a low rasp voice. Dam this boy "No i am okay , thanks for the offer" i said with a smirk. "why not?" he asked. "Because i came to swim" i said ad before he could even respond i jump in the deep end of the pool. i wasn't going to let it be easy for him. 

I felt my legs touch the ground so i pushed my self up, soon feeling the water break and my face hit air. I turned around to see him gone. I then felt someone turn me around and i met his face once again. At this point our faces where inches apart. "Are you sure you don't want to go upstairs. "I looked at Ang to see her looking at me she wiggled her eyebrows so i took that as an i can leave. instead of saying anything i kissed him. the kiss was purely Lust but i am okay with that. He depend the kiss but  i pulled away quickly and got out of the pool. "What was that for" he said "Are we going or not"  he nodded and soon got out of the pool. I walked over to my chair and grabbed my towel, i saw his friends look at me so i turned to them and blew a kiss.Brad soon came and we started walking into the elevator to take us upstairs. I was about to press the 4th floor but soon remembered that we where going to his. He pressed 7. 


As soon as the elevator hit floor 7 we ran off i followed him to the room. when he opened the door there was a king size bed. I shut the door behind me. right as i did that i felt his lips crash onto mine. I kissed him deeply not removing my lips from his. "Jump" he said between breaths. i jumped, dropping the towel that was on my shoulders. I removed my lips which caused him to groan but i soon started kissing his neck. I kissed up and down. I soon started to suck on his jaw, which caused him to moan. He than lifted up my head i was confused until he started to kiss along my nick. I started to grind on him which caused moans out of both our mouths.

"lets go to the bed" i said between moans. he carried me to the bed and let me down gently. I pulled him down with me and we started kissing again. "oh you are so sexy" he said letting out a loud moan. That caused me to moan even more. "come on just fuck me already" i said desperately. he soon stopped and reached for the night stand drawer. he pulled out a condom. as he was doing that i got under the covers he soon came under with me. I started to kiss him again each time filled with lust. I felt him start to untie my bikini, i started to grind some more. "are you ready?" he asked looking at me. "Yes" i said my breath getting hitched. He placed himself at my entrance and slowly went in. A large moan escaping both of our mouths. "faster" i sad then soon started kissing his neck. He quickened his pace. each thrust just as strong as the one before. He started to slow down and we soon both reached our high. he roles over next to me. both of us breathing heavily. he took off the condom and threw it in the trash near the bed.

I role back on top of him and start kissing his jaw line again and grind on him. i go back to his mouth and he deepens this kiss. our tongs fighting for dominants and he won which caused him to smirk. "Oh you can do more" he said through moans. I new what he meant so i went all the way under the covers i grab his length and put it in my mouth whatever which cases him to moan loudly."Im about to cum if you don't want it stop" he says between moans. I pick my head up and get out from under the covers to put on my bikini that was on the floor. 

"why leaving so soon?" he said putting on his boxers. "Oh do you want me to go?" i asked not that i really cared. "No why don't you stay, after all i just gave you the time of your life" i laugh at his words but geti n bed next to him. "well that was some reunion" i said "yeah it really is." he said. after that was said he fell asleep so i grabbed his phone which was unlocked and went to contact, create new contact and put  Kayla ; )  an my number ,i then took a pic of me and put his phone back. It was already late so i went to bed.

I woke with Brads arm around me. I checked the time, it was 8:30 so i slowly moved his arm and got up. He groans but than roles over. i grab my towel than walk out closing the door quietly.

Angies pov

It was 8:30 and i was waiting for Kayla she walked off yesterday with that guy. I already took a shower and gave Thomas a bath so we are now sitting in bed watching tv. There was a knock at the door so i get up and answer it. I open the door to see a kayla that looks like shit and is in a bathing suit. "Omg Kay you look like Shit" i said while laughing. "Gee thanks now if you excuse me i need to wash up." Kayla said walking into the bathroom. 

When she got out we started to pack our stuff. We checked out of the hotel than went to go get some fast food.

The ride home was really long and I was mostly driving. We stopped every hour and a half  to go to the bathroom and stretch. 

We got back home around 6:00 , Kayla went home shortly after. 

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