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This is the sequel to He didn't Know?!?! Angie and Ash are still together living next door to each other in LA. Thomas has grown so much in this year he started talking and walking a little. Thom has grown close to all the boys, he is closest with Aston and Beau. Kayla and Gina (brooks mum) went back to Australia


3. Happy 2nd Birthday Thomas

Hey guys sorry it took long to update my computer shut off on me without saving half of the chapter so i had to re-write it. Hope you like it. 


~lysm Ann

Angie's pov

It is January 7th the day before Thomas Birthday. It is 8:30 am. I woke up to Aston sleeping peacefully beside me his lips parted.He slept over because we where planing Thoms B-day party. I got us tickets to fly to see mum and all the boys agreed. But sadly the 5sos boys cant come because they will be writing songs all day. So Im having his b-day tomorrow than we leave that nigh/morning at 3 to go to the airport. 

I decide to get up and go take a shower. I take a warm shower making sure to leave hot water for the guys. I got to the closet and pick out my Fall out boy shirt, black skinny jean and my converse. I wrapped my towel tighter and walk out of the bathroom to see a awake Ashton sitting on the bed. "Hey babe he said getting up. "Hey" i kissed him. I walked to the dresser and grabbed my dark blue bra and underwear. 

I go back to the bathroom and put on my clothes i then blow dry my hair and put it in a messy bun. i don't bother doing my make up and walk out. 

"hey im going to go wake up thom ." I say to Ash, going to the door. "Okay im gonna take a shower" he says walking to the bathroom. 
I walk To Thoms room and open the door it is now 9:30. I walk in to see a sleeping kid in the bed. "Baby it is time to wake up" i say sitting on the bed. He turns over to face me and opens his eyes. He rubbed his eyes. "Hi baby" I side picking him up. "hi mum" he said laying his head on my shoulder. I put him on my hip and go to his closet . I grab his joggers that the boys just got him and a plain black tee, i pick out black socks. I carry him to my door and he  knocks on the door for me. ashton opens the door fully clothed and wet hair (wow that was fast) " Hey little man" ashton says ruffling his hair> "hi ash" thom side with his head still down. I walk in and go to the bathroom. I turn on the water for the tub.

after giving Thom a bath i put on his clothes. I brushed his hair up. 

"Okay bud you wanna go down stairs." i said as he nodded and ran to the door i walked after him and Ashton was behind me. "Hey no running in the house." he stopped as i said that.

We walked down stairs Thom holding mine and ashes hand. We walked into the living room to see all the boys laying on the couch. "Uncles" thom yelled running to the couch they where on but his words sounded like untles which made all of them laugh. "Sup dp" skip said , in all honesty i dont know why i let him call thom that but he does so what am i gonna do. 

"okay im gonna make food what do you want?" i questioned to the 6 man children in font of me and the actual child. "Pantakes" Thom said looking at me "are you all okay with that?" i asked "Yeah" they all yelled. "Ash will you keep me company?" i said looking at him. "yes" he said back as we walked to the kitchen.

"hey you wanna know something?" ash says helping me get the ingredients " What's that." 

"this" he said as he put the stuff down. Got closer to me , leaned and kissed me. Chest to chest. I kissed him passionately both of are lips moving in sync , are tongue's fighting for dominates but he won. we pulled away breathless. 

"You are right i did wanna know that" i said smiling 

we made the chocolate chip pancakes and  bacon.I poured all of us a glass of milk. While at the table the boys talked about new jaoskians Videos and Ash helped them decide. Thom at one point threw his food at Daniel,so i got made at him and made him apologize but than had the boys tell him not to say sorry because he is a Janoskianator. So i  got mad at the boys. After that conversation every thing went back to normal. 

After Breakfast the day was spent watching movies and packing for our week trip back to our original home. Ashton left when it got late but he was gonna be over tomorrow with the guys and girls. (girlfriends)

I packed me a 3 pair skinny jeans, 2 shorts, my Vans,  2 tanks, 2 flannels, 1 black shirt, 1 white shirt, a dirty pig shirt and my undergarments. for night clothes i put 2 of Ashton's shirts and my pj shorts and a black bikini. 

For Thomas I put  3 grey shirts, 2 black ones and 4 pairs of jeans and his black joggers ( the boys like getting him those). I put his black vans and for night i put his ninja turtle pj's along with superman ones, I put 6  pairs of underwear and his swim suit just in case i wanna go swimming there. 

>>>>>>>>Next morning>>>>>

I woke up at 7:35. I do my daily routine.when i Finnish i walk own stairs letting Thomas sleep in. I was the only one awake so i go to the kitchen and start making him is birthday cake. As the chocolate cake is in the oven i decide to make my self Vegemite with toast.  

when the cake is ready i pull it out of the oven and let it cool. i decorate the house a little, i put streamers on the banister and balloons. 

As i was walking back out of the kitchen from icing the cake i walk to the living room to see Daniel holding a red faced Thomas "Dp was calling you" he says putting down Thom  "Thank you skip." i sad looking at him than looking down at Thom. "Happy Birthday baby boy" i said leaning down and giving him a hug. "Tanks" he said smiling "do you want eggs or Vegemite?" I asked the birthday boy  "VEGEMITE' He yelled running to the kitchen. i walk in behind him and made him toast than spread the Vegemite. We sat with skip and ate.

when we where done eating i went back up stairs to go give Thom a bath and put him in a black button up stirt, jeans and a beau tie,and i put his converse on. 

We walked back down stairs and all the boys where playing Fifa. They all play Fifa for a bit as i sit with Thom on the couch watching. than we watch Tv show for an hour. 

It is now 12:30 so i decide to order a pizza for the party cause people are getting here at 1. I order 6 pizzas just to be sure we have enough. they said it would be an hour.

I walk back in to the living room to see a passed out beau and Jai drawing a dick on his forehead and the other laughing, Thom sat there and laughed too. Beau woke up right as jai gut up. But Jai maid it look like he was stretching so beau didn't know. We all muffled are laughs while Jai put his finger to his lips so Thom wont say anything. 

It was now 12:56 beau stilll had no clue. There was a knock at the door so i got up along with telling Thom to come with me so picked him up. I opened the door to see Ashton and the other. "Hey little man, Happy birthday" ash said walking in with a gift. he gave me a kiss than said hi to the others. "Happy bithday" calum said walking in and patting Thoms head, Lucy said the same and walked in. "Hey Guys' i said giving Haley and Luke a hug they said hey and happy birthday. "Angie, Thom" Micky said gving us a hug. "Happy birthday little dude" Leah said walking in and saying hi. I never really talked to Leah she and i just dont click while i can talk to Haley for hour. After Thom said thanks to them he went and ran to ashton.

"Ashton" he said as ash picked him up. "Whats up mate?" ash said smiling. "mum said we are going on a trip r u coming" Thom said looking at ash with a serious face. "Sorry mate i cant i have to work.'' ashton said looking sad, thoms face fell into a pout. Calum looked at ash than looked away. "Why" thoms says still pouting. "well i have to work so i can make money and buy things and so i can produce new songs for the fans" Ashton said "Okay" 

I talked to Haley for a bit than the pizza got here so i payed and we all ate. we than went to the living room and all hung out i there. Thom played with james but than went with Micky. The Boys took turns playing Fifa. I talked to Haley, she is like a american version of Kayla. 

"So does his mum know about the baby." haley was asking me about calum mum."No i don't think so all she knew was that i moved here and me and him broke up." i said looking at her. "are  you gonna see her and tell her?" she asked as we looked at Calum play with Thom. "I might, i mean it isn't her fault and maybe she should know. I don't know what do you think." i asked as i sighed. "I would tell her but ask Kayla when you get there and see what she thinks also." i nodded at Haleys words "Lets cut the cake" Luke said while sitting on his twin. "Okay just get off of Jai, you only have one twin." he sighed at my words but got up and walked to the kitchen. 

We all walked to the kitchen. I had Thom sit in the chair on Beaus lap as i light his Candle. We sang happy birthday than i cut pieces of cake and handed them out. "Lucy do you want cake?" i asked while holding a slice out. "No" she said "you know 'Real girls Eat cake' " Skip said quoting their song. than all the Jano boys busted out in that song just to annoy  her. "fine i will take the cake" she yelled at us. "Excuse me mam dont yell at me on my kids b-day" i said giving her a smirk.She walked away to talk to Leah.  oh how much fun it is to mess with her. We all ate cake than i had Thom sitt in my lap as i helped him open his presents.

Beau and James a little red car he can get in. The twins got him a ninja turtles blanket and sheets. Daniel got him a custom made shirt that says 'Im a Dirty Pig' Skip said to expect that every year till he stops growing. 

Hemmo and Haley got him swim trunks and a Slip an Slide. Michael and Leah got a shirt that says love my uncles. Calum and Lucy got him a shirt that says 'Little dude' in white letters on a black shirt, they also got him a stuffed white dog with 5sos logo. the boys use to have a plastic blow up one called ketchup so they said to call him ketchup jr.

I got him big lego blocks and Ashton got him a red an black bandanna that had his name in the middle. 


"Thank you guys for all the gifts" i said as i got up from the couch. "Any thing for are little mate" Luke said. Everybody got up. "Well we better get going you have a plane to catch tomorrow." Ashton sad giving me a hug. we all said good bye as i walked them out. "Call me if you need help" Haley said walking out and giving me a hug. i nodded at her words. Ashton was the last out. "Bye babe Love you." i smiled at him. "Bye love you too." with that said he walked away to his house. 


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