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This is the sequel to He didn't Know?!?! Angie and Ash are still together living next door to each other in LA. Thomas has grown so much in this year he started talking and walking a little. Thom has grown close to all the boys, he is closest with Aston and Beau. Kayla and Gina (brooks mum) went back to Australia


1. filler

Hey guys ,If you still haven't read 'He didn't Know" than go check that out.  This is gonna be a filler chapter on the past year for them so enjoy. XD


~lysm Ann


 This past 2 year for them has been exciting and stressful. The 5sos boys have been working hard to produce a new album. Ashton and Angie are still together, Ashton loves seeing her and Thom every day. Calum and Lucy are still together. It was hard for Lucy to except that Calum had a son but she did. Angie doesn't hate Lucy that much but she still doesn't like her.Calum excepted that he cant play the Father role , he also found out that he wasn't on the birth certificate but got over it. 

The Janoskians are good. They all help aroud the house more and they help with Thom. Skip started calling Thom Dp for Dirty pig. He still tells Angie to change his name but she rejects every time with a laugh. All of them have gotten attached to having Thom around. 

Kayla and Gina went back to Melbourne. Angie flew a couple times to see them and they did the same.

Thomas hit a lot of first. His First word was Mum. He first laughed  when Angie tickled his belly in the morning when she went to his crib (she does that every morning). He has been walking but stumbles a lot. Thom is close to Ashton and the Janos. As for Calum he is some what close to him. Thomas started to say Cunt and when Angie heard it she got mad so he only uses it when the boys tell him to. His words don't come out clear though.Thomas as i little bit of an Australian accent . Thom sleeps in the guest bedroom that is now his room.

Luke and Michael got girlfriends. Luke is dating a nice girl named Haley and Michael is dating a girl named Leah. 

Haley is 5'5 dark brown hair and eyes. she is like a girl version of Luke. She has a silver lip ring, loves wearing her Vans with a flannel, skinny jeans and a band tee. Her make up is always done Natural and a pink lipstick. Her and Luke are Madly in love.She gets a long with everyone even Lucy. Angie and her are practically like best friends. She would rather hang with Angie than Lucy.

Leah is nice she has natural red hair and brown eyes, she is pale and 5'6. She is like Michael except she doesn't die her hair. She gets along best with Lucy. Haley  and her get along but she would rather hang with Lucy. Angie and her didn't hate each other they just couldn't connect on anything. Leah was girly , here favorite food was pizza, she sucked at video games and wasn't found of the Janoskians videos because she didn't like how they did pranks, dares and threw up. 

All the Janos had girlfriend but they ended so no long term. 

All the boys started getting along better. There isn't any arguments about small stuff in the 5sos household and all the boys try and get along with Lucy. As for the Janoskians Luke and Jai stopped fighting about who is the better twin

since you know what the guys look like here is the girls 







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