This is my life now

This is the sequel to He didn't Know?!?! Angie and Ash are still together living next door to each other in LA. Thomas has grown so much in this year he started talking and walking a little. Thom has grown close to all the boys, he is closest with Aston and Beau. Kayla and Gina (brooks mum) went back to Australia


4. Air port crazz

Hey guys sorry that i haven't been posting , my brother broke his computer so he keeps taking mine.I have also been so busy with school work but i will try and get better at updating. 

~Lysm Ann


Angie pov

I woke up at 1, even with going to sleep early i am still tired but i will go to sleep on the plane. I get up and walk to my dresser. I grab my black bra and matching underwear, i also get my grey DP varsity joggers. I than walk to my closet and unhook my 5SOS shirt that says 'Derping since 2011'. I put my stuff on the bed than jump in the shower.

When i get out of the shower i put the towel around me and check the time walking back to my room. It is 1:25 so hurry and put on my clothes. I brush my hair and teeth, i leave my hair down so it can air dry. I don't bother putting on my make up but i put that in my carry on along with my phone charger. 

I walk to Thom's room down the hall next to James and skips. I open Thom's closet and grab the gray shirt Skip just got him, gray sweat pants and a black hoodie. i go to his dresser and get his underwear. (yes he is potty trained) I grab all of his stuff and go put it in my room than walk back and get him. "Thom time to wake up" i said slightly shaking him. "umh" he groaned. "Mum" he sat up and looked at me so i picked him up. "Come on baby lets go take a bath" i walked in the hall and yelled "BOYS GET UP" with that i heard a stumble than 3 boys open their door. It was Luke, James and Daniel. "Wake up Beau and Jai please it is already almost 2" they nodded and Skip walked to the bathroom. 

i give thom a bath and dress him by the time i am done it is 2:15. I walk back in the hall with Thom lying his head on my shoulder. "who still needs to take a shower" i asked Luke as he walked out of his room. "Umm Me,James, and Jai." I nodded at his words."Well you can use my bathroom if you want" i said walking towards the stairs. "Yeah thanks."

I walked down stairs and put Thom on the couch. I turned on the Tv to some kid tv show than walked to the kitchen i got out the bread. Nutella and Vegemite. I made Thom Vegemite and toast but for the rest of us i mad Nutella sandwiches. By the time i finished all the guys are down here except Jai who was getting dressed. It is 2:40. "Alright grab the bag that has your name on it. Thom come here and eat." i yelled at alll the people in the living room. Thomas came and i put him in his booster and gave him his toast. There was a knock at the door so i got up so the others could eat since i already ate mine. 

I opened the door to see the boys main manger Ronnie Diamond and 5 of the guys guards Zach, Jake, Alex. Rob and Dally. Ronnie is cool he is always around so i know him well.As for the Guards they where on tour with us. "Hey guys come in." i said moving so they could all come in, "Hey Angie nice to see you again." Ronnie said "Hello Angie" the body guards said. I  forgot to mention the only way we could go on this trip was if we had the bodyguards , Ronnie and the boys did a meat an great in Melbourne and Sydney since we will be going to both of those places.

"Well lets start loading the car" Ronnie said getting my bags. the guys got up and grabbed the rest. "Lets go Thom." i walked to him and picked him up. Thom was still really tired so he didnt say anything. "Jai lets go" Beau said up the stairs. "I am coming" Jai said walking down. "You take as long as a slut to get ready." As Beau said that Jai hit beaus shoulder. "Shut up cunt." Jai said back. "Hey i have a kid in my hands who like to repeat thing so shut the fuck up." i say looking at both of them than walking to one of the vans and buckling Thom in his car seat. 

We left the house at 3 and are plane doesn't leave till 4:05 so we have time. We took 3 vans Ronnie, Rob, Thom and Me in one. Than Zach, Dally, Luke, James and Jai. In the last one was Alex.Jake , Beau and Daniel. we all had our luggage with us. 

when we got to the air port there was a line of girls and few guys with signs that said 'I love the Janoskians' and other stuff like that. as we got closer the Janoskianators yelled song lyrics and chants. Thom started to cry so i picked him up as we walked past all of the fans. The boy stopped and took pictures as we got to  the door i heard my name so i turned to my right where i heard it."Angie can we have a picture with you and thom" i looked at a girl with Black hair and a boy with blond. i looked at them and smiled "Yes" i smiled at them "you are the best" he said and smiled. "Thom smile for the camera." i said and thom picked his head up and smilled. I took the picture than gave them the phone back. "i saw your old covers on You tube, you have a really good voice" the girl said. "You should start posting again" the boy said. i cant believe people saw that it has been 2 and a half year since i posted a video. "Thanks" with that said i walked in behind Alex and to the check in. 

After all of us checking in we go to the waiting area to wait for the plane to board.

"Flight 217 to Melbourne,Australia head to gate 217" the person said on the intercom. "Guys that's us" Zach said.

We all stood up and i grabbed my suitcase i picked up Thom and put him on my side as i tried to put my suitcase and his in the same hand. "Here Miss Brooks i can take one." Alex the Guard said  while taking Thom's bag handle out of my hand. "Thank you Alex" i said while walking. All the guys had gotten up and are walking towards the gate 217. 

When we got on the plain i put my bag in the over head compartment. we all sat with a guard. It was 3 in  a row.I sat next to the window than it was Thom and Alex. Beau, Daniel and Rob sat in the row in front of us. Luke. James and Dalley sat behind us. Ronnie , Zach and a stranger sat across. than Jai, Jake and a stranger stat in front of Ronnie. 

Thom fell asleep right as the plane took off so i did the same.

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