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3. Songs Im Loving #1

Hello My Darlings, Oooh look at my starting my first ever series! This idea literally just came to my whilst i was spamming one of my friends some lovely song lyrics and I thought yarrrs, this is for me. I am obsessed with music and I can't go a day without singing and listening to all different types and genres. In this series I will be giving you my favourite song of that time. These could be new releases or massive throwbacks as its just whatever my little mind comes up with but are in no particular order. So with that Let us begin with SONGS I'M LOVING #1

Up first is the song I was spamming my friend with when this idea hit me which is THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG - NICKI MINAJ . I love the message this song gives and it is just an all round feel good song, perfect for when you're getting ready for a night out or at a party with your closest girls. May I also add that this is a sassy ass song, which i flipping love!


Next is from an artist which I discovered 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with. She may not be as well known as some but she's amazing and I will always stay a true fan, this song is great for when you are feeling a bit crazy about a certain someone and just want them to love you back (e.g. crush alert!) its a pretty girly song aswell which is a great boost now and again. Its OBSESSION - TICH


The next one has been one of my favourites for a while now, its my boy JASON DERULO with WANT TO WANT ME. I love this song as its so upbeat and catchy and I love singing it with all my friends. I love Jasons songs in general though so...


My next one is a proper cringey throwback as its only MORE THAN THIS - ONE DIRECTION. The boys are currently on a break *sad tear* and for some reason I found myself singing this exact song in a maths class this week and to my surprise my maths bud only went and joined in! Thats true friendship there. This song might not be the jolliest of songs but you can let yourself be transported to a more simpler world when Zayn actually wanted to be in the band...


If you want a more detailed description of what music im loving right now then feel free to check out my spotify "Natalie Coombs"

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