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This phrase is thrown around a lot by people (mainly teenage girls) and the sad truth is we all know that you have a whole wardrobe rammed with every fashion accessory you could possibly need! What you really should be shouting is 'I don't know what to wear!' Because my young cherubs, that is the exact ting I can help you with!
First you need to take into account what kind of occasion it is. You don't wanna turn up at your nan's 80th wearing a bum-freezer skirt and stilettos! If it's just a get together with your friends it's casual, Friends Party? Party wear (duh?), Office Meeting? Smart.
Once you've sorted that out you need to take a good look at all your wardrobe and put in a section of it all the outfits you could possibly wear that go with the occasion.After doing this you could try every outfit on until you find one thats right for you or...
Decide which outfit you like the most, then which one you haven't worn recently. Then you could either merge the two together or if your lucky enough 1 outfit will fall into the same category!
Next step in accessories. You should choose either a necklace and bracelets/rings (try not to wear all 3 as you may look over the top) which match 1 colour from your outfit e.g black outfit with white belt -> white jewelry.
And onto shoes! It is well known that many women have an extensive amount of shoes so how on earth are you expected to pick just one pair!!! What you need to think about is how much you are moving (you do not want to go on a cross country hike wearing wedges, or turn up to a school dance in wellies!) Then you need to try and match your chosen accessory colour with your shoes (if this is not possibly try to match any other colour your wearing or, if your really desperate, you can go for a completely different colour e.g black an white outfit - pink shoes).
Now your all set to go, grab the right size (and colour) bag, fill it with only the essentials and off you go!
I hope this helps you in some way! Please check out my social link for more from me!

See ya!

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