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This are some short entry's from my blog, I write alot more on there than I do on here so if you want to know what's going on in my life then check it out. Here is the webaddress:
I decided that as this had become so popular that I would write a story about blogging: please read and enjoy


2. Christmas Shopping

So yesterday I went shopping at Intu Lakeside, yes I know shopping on black friday weekend is never good but I mean come on, I had planned it pretty far in advance so didn't actually know about black friday. What is it anyway? I'll tell you what it is: an excuse for shops all over the world to take down a fraction of the price of there stock and big it up so much millions of people will shop with them and then they will run out just in time for christmas! Great eh? I'm joking really I mean I don't think I saved that much on my Christmas shop but it was still a good day. I ate in Mcdonalds and got it all for about £3 couse I used the back of my bus ticket from Arriva. Which, in my personal opinion is better than First buses any day; the drivers a friendlier, the offers on the back of the tickets, the comfy seats - ok I don't know if that ones true cause well I thing we take for granted the comfort our bottys are in sometimes. I mean come on people THINK OF THE BOOTY'S! Don's just sit down on any horrid surface and also apaarently we're meant to cleanse and moisturise them to prevent spots (I think that's taking it a bit far though!). Right back to christmas shopping. I brought my mum the new Olly Murs Album and I've got my Dad something aswell (not gonna lie, I've kinda forgot what it is and can't be bothered to walk all the way to my room) but I'm in a bit of a dilemma. What do I buy my brothers?!?!?!?! There 24 and 21 and are basically opposites; ones into film and works in a charity, the other one is the  smart one out of the 3 of us and is interested in History and works in sales. I was gonna bu them these little gifts I found online at Superdrug but I couldn't find them yesterday so... Im back to square 1. I know there's still 25 days to go but.... OH MY GOD - THERES ONLY 25 DAYS TO GO...
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