Alex needs to start over. She gets beat by her boyfriend and if she leaves, he will try to find her and kill her. She makes it out of the house, but will he find her? She tries to start over but the pain still lingers. Can a new life and new boyfriend help her fight through it? Will she get a "Happily Ever After?" *Smosh Fanfiction* NSFW WARNING
~Cover by Me~


4. Mari!


We made it to the airport with about 20 minutes to spare before boarding call. Alex went into the gift shop to buy some memorabilia before we move to Sacramento, California. I sit saving a spot for her on some benches by our gate. I text Mari letting her know that we are going to be taking off in about 30 minutes and that I will call her when we land. Alex comes back five minutes later with some keychains, T-shirts, and magnets for the both of us. After putting the stuff in our bags, it is time to board the plane. I have both of our tickets and passports and show them to the attendant lady. Alex is so hyper right now that I have to sit her down, in her seat, next to the window when we are on the plane and make her do something besides telling everyone around us about our situation. Man, it’s like watching a five-year-old, I think to myself as I sit down next to my friend.



Oh my god, I can’t believe that this is actually happening! I am finally leaving Josh and this small town. I think to myself sitting in my seat. Even though we aren’t in first class, it feels so nice and fancy. At about 2:40pm, the plane finally takes off. It felt scary at first because, I’ve never been on a plane before, but after a few seconds, I felt fine. Victoria had her laptop with her and she started watching some YouTube videos. I brought out my phone and plugged in my headphones, put them in my ears, and started listening to my music. Since this was going to be a long flight, I decided it wouldn’t hurt getting some sleep in. Within ten minutes, I drifted off into an abyss of dreams of a new and wonderful life…


After a few hours of sleep, I wake up and notice Victoria fell asleep watching Joey Graceffa. I close her computer as a flight attendant walked by.
 “Excuse me,” I ask.
“Yes, how may I help you?” she says politely.
“Do you happen to know where we are? Like, which state right now?”
“Yes, we are in Utah right now, about to pass over into Nevada.”
“Thank you,” I say and she walks away.
Man we are almost there! I can hardly wait! I think to myself. I look to Victoria, still dead asleep, and take her laptop. I open it and log into my profile. I open up YouTube and type “Smosh” in the search bar. I click on their channel and speculate their new videos. I click on a video called “Netflix Rap.” I’ve loved their video’s ever since Mari told us she was working with them. The song immediately gets stuck in my head after listening to it, and I am humming it on the plane.


Victoria wakes up after a few minutes and turns to me,
“What the hell are you singing?” I laugh and turn the computer to her and hand her an earbud. After a minute into the song she is already nodding her head to the beat and is humming along too.
“Man I can’t wait to actually meet everyone. I mean to actually physically be in a Game Bang, Lunchtime, and so much other things,” I say excitedly.
“Woah, woah, woah, hold your horses, Alex. How do we even know if we can actually be in a video? I mean, yeah, we are staying with Mari, a YouTube gamer, and everything, but that doesn't mean we are going to be in a video. We just might be able to meet and hang out with everyone, but that’s about it.”
“Well, then, when we land, we should ask her. Just to be sure, you know.” I say sarcastically.
“Fine, we will.”


*Time Skip*



“Where is she?” I say looking down at my phone. It’s 3:32pm and the plane landed at 3pm. We had to get our luggage really fast, even though Alex had to go get Mack in another part of the airport. I texted Mari telling her pick us up, but she hasn’t arrived. Even if she did, we haven’t found her.
“I don’t know, I can’t see anything,” Alex said standing on a bench next to us outside the airport after coming back from getting Mack.
“I’m going to call her again. Hopefully she will answer this time.” I dial Mari’s number into the dial and press call. This was the fourth time calling her and every time she never picked up.


After what seemed like forever someone answered,
“Hello?” it was a man’s voice.
“Hello? Mari?” I ask.
“Uh no this is Sohinki. Who is this?”
“This is Victoria. Where is Mari?”
“Uh she is in my trunk.” Sohinki says sarcastically. I laugh and hear someone in the background yell shut up and a slap.
“Ow Mari that hurt.”
“Put her on the phone!” I yell. After a second Mari’s voice comes through the phone.
“Oh my god, finally, where are you?”
“I’m almost there I had to pick up Sohinki and he would not hurry up. Where do you wanna meet at?”
“In the front of the airport is good.”
“Okay see you in a bit.”
“Okay, bye.” I hang up.
“So what happened?” Alex asked getting down from the bench.
“She will be here in a minute with Sohinki in the front of the airport. Let’s go.” Alex nods and follows me toward the front doors.

We wait outside for about five minutes before Mari and Sohinki finally show up. Sohinki is in the passenger seat and Mari is driving. We smile, put our luggage in the trunk and hop in the back.
"OH MY GOD, HEY!!!!!!!” Mari shouts looking back at us.
“It’s been forever! How’ve you guys been?”
Alex starts talking first, “Hey! We’ve been great now that we are with you! What about you?”
“I’ve been doing great!” Mari smiles as she starts to drive out of the parking lot.
“That’s good. And what about you, Sohinki?” I ask, being polite.
“I’m doing great, thanks for asking,” Sohinki replies smiling, “and I just have to say, Alex, your dog is so cute! What’s his name?”
“Yeah, he is so freaking cute,” Mari adds.
“His name is Mack. And Mari don’t worry, he is house trained.” she adds. All of a sudden Sohinki’s favorite song comes on and he turns the radio up and jams out. I laugh.
Man this is going to be great! Nothing should go wrong, I thought to myself.

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